Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fun Weekend Festivities

Planted all my cotton seed, hmm I hope they'll grow here in Massachusetts? Only time will tell. I have horrible soil I think. Hard to even grow grass and last year all new loom was put down...
I picked up a couple fleeces today at Soule Homestead Sheep shearing time I couldn't resist. I got a greyish color shetland and a tunic cross maybe can't remember exactly.. Absolutely gorgeous, the crimp, sheen, 6-8" staple everything.. I had given one fleece away, am using part of another and the new one for a demo at my daughters class this coming week. Think we'll make little bracelets/necklace and felted balls. It's kindergarden not sure what else we can do but their working on farm theme thing, animals and making sheep things. It'll give them a hands on activity too. My daughter brought in some clean fleece for a project last week she was doing herself (but I gave her enough to share with the whole class, also as part of show & tell thing too) so when the teacher called me to see if she could use the donation I sent in for the projects, (I guess my daughter didn't rely the message properly.... Surprise surprise)and would like me to come in this week for a talk and project stuff with the class on sheep.. Was the only things that come to the top of my head at the moment.
Did a little spinning, a short nature walk, some craft activites, felting, picked up a couple plants one's a neat variegated hosta(I have them all along the back yard, we had to split them up and put some out front lastyear they were so big they just so hardy I cna't kill them!), watched Andy ( from Hogget Hill Farm, Bratleboro, VT)sheer the sheeps(he actually comes from Vermont to quite a few festivals around here, such a sweet man, I do see him at a few places myself we've exchanged email addresses so he can be on the look out for more specific fleeces for me....heehee), sheep dog demo, helped with a booth or two. Lots of answering people questions which I got stuck for most of the day doing which I didn't mind at all, so hard to really concentrate on spinning thoughout the day, just so busy but fun busy. I think I'm actually talked out. I know some of you may find that hard to believe... Yes, it's possible!!
Oh the kiddos were running around bails of hay maze too.. Good & tired tonight! YEAH!

then getting home for a late dinner, pizza delivery! Shortly afterwards my mail shows up finally but to my surprise look what I found instead of bills today!! A very generous gift from a special lady who've I've never metbryghtrose How'd she know I 've really taken a liken to Lorna Laces lately?? She sent me these two very colorful skeins in 'Sweetie' Awesome shades of purple, pink, yellow and maybe blue... Reminds me of sweet tarts candy colors. What a perfect name for sure. I can't wait to see what this looks like knitted up..I'm horrible at picking out colors for myself so I always tend to purchase natural colors. Not that I'm afraid of colors, I love colors. I just don't know whats going to look good or not. I opened up a skein and it's very pretty indeed!I LOVE them! Thank you very muchbryghrose!! I'm going to have some happy feet!

After what my crazy life's been like lately, this was really a most enjoyable day!
(honestly much needed)
Now to sit curled up with my kitty on the couch with a glass of Pinot Grigio and some sock knitting relax & unwind!

whats up with the clock setting. I've tried all the EST and there all off. I posted this exactly midnight on my PC but the datestamp shows 10:50pm instead of 12:00am. Anyone know how to set the correct US - EST time?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Airport Field Trip w/FO

It's been a long crazy week but we had a field trip with the school yesterday. Just to a local small airport. The kids had lots of fun. A pilot took all the kids and let them have turns pretending they were flying a plane. Just like JJ the Jet Plane... Chris wanted to fly his sister, Katie around. Can't imagine what was going though his mind after he jumped in the drivers seat?? hmmm Katie's going right for her seatbelt thats for sure....

well now what does he do?? no clue??? To many things to choose No one they can get this plane off the ground....

the pilot who was our handsome tour guide took us for a ride around the flight lines, runways and hangers. the kids are amazed heres one landing not to far from us in the cart ride.....If only you could see their faces!

Yes, the airport has ducks?? They aren't even sure why either! They are cute hungry little buggers

This plane is for sale for the mere little price of $475,000! Holds 25gals of fuel on each wing and you can go from MA-TX in only 9 hours with stopping twice for avaiation gas at around $4.00+ per gallon.... Hey you can even take another couple, lots of leg room, better then a commercial flight....I think the kids are trying to figure out why were taking pictures of them by the shinney thing.....This particular plane does have J.J. on the side too...

Back to my regular schedule FOs
Yes, socks! Sixth Sense Apr/May sock pattern from the SixSoxKnitALong

Used just under 2 skeins Koigu KPPM yarn in Orange Sherbet lovely spring shade I recieved from a lovely swapper on the coffeeshop boards. Cast on 66sts, US DPN 1s I really like them but am going to RAK them to someone.....I'll just have to get more Koigu won't I??

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Surf & Turf with Dessert!

I surprised my DH with a Surf & Turf dinner for our anniversary.. he asked me to go ut but I had already picked up the fish and was in the mists of cooking when he called to ask.. (hmm men thats what they get for waiting until the last minute right?) To his surprise he really enjoyed the meal.. He couldn't believe it was my own creation. Looks like I'll be making it more often. He can be so fussy about his Surf & Turf!! I've joined the Tea Chef a couple months ago and coming up with new recipes and summiting them to Adagio Tea Chef It's been lots of fun trying new things each month, the last week of the month everyones gets to vote for the best recipe or yoru favorite. I hope you like mine enough to vote for me

To cast your votes click HERE.....
As always ~ Thank you for you continued support. Knitters are GREAT~!

Come back again will post each month and keep my recipes up too. Please spread the word....;o))

I did link this post to my recipe....Just click on the post title


Hmmmmmm I recieved these over the weekend from a very sweet blogger who remembered how I just LOVE Kethcup Chips.. Dani sent me a box full of the individual bags 8 bags to be exact!.. One a day for an entire week.. I was so surprised and I haven't had them in so long either! Perfect timing! Thank you soooo much! sending you some HUGE {{HUGs}} Now I bet that crushed ketchup chips would be wonderful on any fish dish.....;o)) Sure why not I think I'll try that, people do use crushed corn flakes at least this won't be as bland, it'l have a little flavor to it....;o)) Thank you!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

RIP! Lime Light help

Will I was working on a GG for gift in the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Lime Light. The sleeves are off.I got my gauge without any issues. I brought the top over to my cousin that I'm knitting it for her birthday present. She loves the color and the design but the sad part is, it's 2 sizes to small. This pattern is written well but the sizes are so much smaller then then stated.....I measured her and She's definately, a XS for sure, she's flat........Anyway two sizes 2 small! This size will fit my 6 y/o....YIKES! I'm greatly disappointed that since I'm an average body & waist but HUGE breasts. I would have to actually rewrite the entire pattern to make myself one... I'd need like a size 48-50! I guess I'd have to knit myself a tent..... Anyway, my cousin's who I'm working on this for the 34 I now have to rip it all out and try to find more lime light CF because I have to go up I'm short 1 1/2 sks.. Any chance anyone has any? Seconds will be fine with me Color CW-840 Dyelot 012 would be great but not neccesary. Pretty Please! I need to finish before the last week of May for her birthday....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Completed Soleil & Gift

Finally after putting it in the bottom of a bag somewhere for the winter months. I took it out last week and finished it! Here's Soleil.
I used some sort of yarn from Denmark, Hjerte Diamant cotton/viscose gauge was good in a beautiful shade of blue. Knitted size 42-44
I like the top but a little disappointed with it. Sorry I didn't get a photo wearing it. Dh said it's to short....I even knitted it an inch or two longer then the pattern called for. It's sorta like a belly type top, should be ok during those dog days of summer and kicking back around the house or maybe I should gift it to someone.
I did get a little gift from DH last night for our Anniversary. A very nice card that says:

"Sometimes we let affection
go unspoken,
Sometimes we let our thanks
go unexpressed,
Sometimes we can't words
to tell our feelings,
Espeically towards those
we love the best."

I leave too many compliments unspoken,
too many of my thank-yous go unsaid,
Too many times the right words just escape me,
and I tend to hope you'll read my mind instead,
And I'm not sure I'll ever get much better
at saying all I ought to say to you,
But please believe, I always, always notice
how wonderful you are the whole year through.

I Love You

and a pair of gold hoop type earrings. They aren't as heavy as they look

Monday, April 17, 2006

Desparate Search for UFO (Our Anniversary)

My DD has been waiting so paitently well over a year or more for her sweater I started, the pattern called for 600 yards (less then what I'm using) I had started with 4 skeins @ 185 yds per skein which was 740 yds I shoud've had plenty. As you can see how far I got. It's a Rowan pattern.I think it's a typo issue. Moss stitch, is why I'm thinking it's using so much yardage. Gauge is correct too. I have the cutest little button that are a differnt shade of pink so it'll contrast nicely I think or maybe an off white. Can't remember where I put either at the moment. I did put them away for safe keeping for htis project. Anyway I'm in desparate need of a skein or little more to finish sleeves & 1 front panel for her cardi in Sirdar Pure Cotton DK yarn #040 if possible dye lot #118361 would be great but at this point not neccesary I just want to finish it for her.....before it won't fit her. Good thing I went up a size for her...I was hoping she'd get a couple years of use out of it. Not to mention this project has been sitting for so long I almost forgot I had those addis....Been looking for them thought I lost them.. Phew! There safely collecting dust getting older.....
Here I found it but can't seem to find anyone carrying it to purchase myself but looks like it's available? Hopefully someone around will have some in their stash they don't need or leftover from a project? Maybe?

here's the shade card

thank you! thank you! thank you! I appreciate you all checking for us!

Oh and it's our 7th Anniversary today too! I can't belive it's been that long already...Hubby had to work today..Bummed! I got up with him at 5:30am this morning for coffee and cards, have a nice day.... Now what to do? Wednesday my DD turns the big 18!!! WOOHOOO She's an adult.. (she continues to remind me) All she has is the right to sign papers herself and vote!! Kids these days are so different then we were thats for sure.

Have a great Patriots Day!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pastel Colors

What to do with left over Easter Egg Dyes.... Pastel colors work I wonder how they'll look spun together but of course my bobbins are busy but will have to clear at least one up soon to give these a spin. They need to dry a litle bit more anyway

I didn't dye all the fiber wanted little specks of some natural whites in it too.
true test will be when it's all spun up.. It's some very soft romney/rambo cross with great sheen to it to.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Small Crisis & New KAL

Well this may look like an ordinary matchbox SUV right? My kids have been collecting and playing with them for years we must have 100s

take a little closer look the spare tire and accessary part that hooks on the tire there is missing.

Well my little sweet angel DD shoved it so far up her nose this morning that after several attempts to blow, sneeze, tweeze it out just wasn't going so well. Called the DRs office. Off to see the DR at the office we went, no they can get it either to far up sent to hospital #1 ER nope off to hospital #2 which they called ahead to let them know about a forgein object lodged up into her sinis now and may need sugical procedure to remove it! Lovely! 4 y/o in tow, whiny as can be of course. Now at this point she can't eat or drink because of possible sugery with general anesteshia need having a hard time breathing, starting to not be able to speak because she can't open her jaw far enough because the darn thing is really wedge and not on it's side it's the wide way now like flat and can't grip with instruments to get it out. On the way to hospital #2 sitting in weekend tourist traffic of course. Kids whining hungry, hurting, nose swelled like the size of a grape now. moms starting to panic. calling anyone local that I had numbers in my cell phone to help me with the little guy, bring food snacks anything. Left messages for DH on cell and at work. Of course just my luck everyone is totally unreachable! Perfect timing! Cell phone batteries dead whatever! DH probably out on a boat & unreachable reception! Hospital #2 took her in right away as soon as we arrived.. Phewww! Little man came in with us. Dr #1 has no luck. Dr #2 not much help and phone the OR and called a surgeon down to the ER.. OH GREAT! Back on the phone, want to start history and pre op.. Wonderful nurses helping with the two of them scared out of there witts!. DR #3 looks again and uses some fancy smancy gadget hmmm , leaves the room gets onthe phone has another DR #4 from the OR come down to meet him in the hall. mind you my kids are feaking out! then all these DRs and nurses come in with small small thingy, looked like a cath.. Held her down she kept fighting my DS trying to stick up for his sister screaming and kicking them around the bed, that was totally pricelesss. (Wheres the camera when you need it...) The DR #4 was so sweet, kind, understanding and explained everything to my DD. He showed her this cath looking thing. Looked like a plastic sewing needle with no eye had this tiny button on the end that popped a tiny little moist balloon. he shoved that up the sides of her nostrils around the edge of the lining plunged it a few times trying to nudge the wheel aorund so it could be pulled down. the gadget was like what they use inside veins or arteries for ballooning blockages.. last resort before carring her upstairs for surgical procedure for removal of forgien object. A couple attempts and it wasn't working very well. It was really stuck at the top of the nasal passage where it curves to come out in the throat or somthing from the sinis of how ever it works in there, they were explaining but hard to hear with screaming kids! Anyone we all took a quick break to re-adjust and hold her down a little tighter and a couple more nurses too. Shes a fighter! WOW! I never knew she had it in her. So DRs #3 & #4 are over her with these instruments tools things, I'm laying across her chest and holding her arms and hands trying to comfort her. DS jumped up on the stretcher but everyone was trying to keep him away from er face, he was so worried & scared for her. He cried sreamed trying to shove his way in to see what they were doing to her. He wanted his wheel back for his truck!!! LOL They tried one more time and I think she was getting tired of fighting us they finally got it spun after a few more twists it was out! PHEW! They said they see alot of forgien items like, beads, legos, foods, etc but this thing was such a good size they were a bit a worried.. All worked out. No surgery Crisis over! Thank God! Why on earth do kids do these things I'll never know?! The nurses were so nice, my son was just devastated over it and wanted his wheel back the nurses took it and got rid of it! He wanted them to glue it for him and give it back. NO WAY!! She may have some minor bloddy noses and should come out. If any clots of any size come out then back to the ER we have to go of has trouble breathing over the next day or two.
Then DH comes home with a couple bags of Jelly Belly Jelly beans.. OH NO WAY!! I swipped them right into the kitchen cabinet those go...

Now for my recent finer related adventures
I signed up for a New Knit-A-Long, purchased the pattern a couple days ago and my plan was to finished my Soliel get off the needles & cast on for GG heres the pattern GG this morning but didn't happen

I went through some stash yarns and am planning on making a couple but first the small size which calls for 2 sks of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I have these two shades to choose from and it's a tough decison. I'm still baffled about the whole day

Friday, April 14, 2006

Nantasket Baskets

So I got a little side tracked from all my other projects but I just had to make a couple before Easter. They knitted up very quickly. Used all Brown Sheep Lambs Pride. The pattern is very well written and love the sturdy base, rims & handles. Susan really did an AWESOME job with this! I LOVE it! I will be making more too.....(I linked the pattern here.)
So my little girl has the purple/pink one wich I just adore..

my little boy has the black/red one. they both are requesting that the Easter bunny come fill & hide all these eggs, I still have another bag full! There just so many places you can hide eggs so they can reach them. Praying it nice outside for our yearly egg hunt

Thank yous {{hugs}}

My new EMERGENCY STR Keychain arrived!! WOOHOOO Thank you Kaci and all from Blue Moon for saving the day and enjoying a good laugh on me....It certianly won't be going into any grocery stores anymore!

A wonderful Thank you to a very sweet thoughtful kind special lady over in the U.K. Carolyn you had my floored! I was in shock when I recieved this package. It was so generous & thoughtful of you! I LOVE it! This yarn she had on Ebay and I tried and tried to the last hours to get a bag full of it. It's baby alpaca & silk.. so Yummy! (feels alot like Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk. I wanted to make a nice cuddly sweater for myself. Now before the bidding got to crazy, I thought I better ask about shipping costs to my end of the world We were surprised of how the shipping cost calculated out to be about $50 USD or so like {28 or 29 in pounds It was nuts.. So I stopped bidding on it of course, it was under 10 50gr skeins.. Anyway a long story short look what she sent me! She felt so badly about the shipping and didn't blame me for not bidding any further. She was also so kind recently to send me some of her baby's first shearing locks... Absolutely gorgeous fiber!
I just can't stop fondling my new yarn pressie...I can't thank you enough! I'm going to plan something very special for you, surprise surprise! I'm looking around to see if I can find more of this so I can still make my sweater, so far no luck at this point dye lots I don't even care. I just love this stuff! Thank you again! Sending HUGE {{{HUGS}}

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

AWESOME Swap Gifties - Just had to share!

All pretty wraped with tisue paper! As well as a nice note card. I forgot one the last package I'm sorry

Some yummy pretty pink lip jelly which sure is sticky on the lips I bet thats why it's called jelly. I'm sure it'd be AWESOME for dry, a bag of Pumphrey's Earl Grey loose tea, YUMMY mini chocolate flake bars..Gone now.. Good thing I took the picture first...heehee A neat little book 'In Celebration of Woman' it has really neat painting by Helen Exley and words of wisdom! Beautiful Art work!

some Neat sock yarns!! This one's from Curious Yarns in Gothic colorway, Nice deep shades of blue & purple

then a couple mini skeins from Natural Dye Studio It feels like a blend of merino & kid mohair, so soft. Yes it's kitty approved, she has to check these out of all of them. maybe her favorite she didn't
last but not least a ball of EWAs Sockenwolle Rotes Cyklam it's seems to be one strand of a ragg yarn (black & white tweedy) with 2 strand of red thread and one strand of pink thread together.. It's neat!
last but not least a ball of EWAs Sockenwolle Rotes Cyklam it's seems to be one strand of a ragg yarn (black & white tweedy) with 2 strand of red thread and one strand of pink thread together.. It's neat! heres the translated pages 'hope these links work now'

Here's close up view

All sent by the famous PurlPower I just love her how could she ever go wrong.. It's all lovely lovely yarns. Never touched or laid eyes on until now.. Thank you so much for introducing me to the variety of UK yarns to knit socks with. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Super Quick shipping too! WooHOO! Now I hope you'll be enjoying your STR and KP as much as I will these!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dyeing Skeins

Just for fun playing with some colors
using a heathered yarn oatmeal like then dribbled and dabbled some crimson red (jaquard acid dye)little pink & purple (wilton cake dye) to the bowl and got this actually a couple skeins concentrated more on the reds here

and here

then concentrated more with purples, blue & little red (lightly)
for this

Monday, April 10, 2006

Beautiful Spring Day Clearing Out! & WEE Little Tiff!

Well it was a beautiful day this afternoon especially at our house today.
This is one of the largest trees on our steet thats for sure.

I certainly won't miss the back breaking job of racking at least 10 LARGE LAWN BAGS per week of annoying oak leaves & acorns. It's very close to the house and each year we use DH pick up truck with ladders on the bed and jump from the top to cut back branches.. Not a pretty site thats for sure... fun but scary...Dh would make my nervous when I was on the ladder, he'd jump and do weird stuff....

her he goes in the bucket thing

it sure is pretty loud and my house has been doing some rattling....ekkks!

isn't the sky soo bright and blue today!

What a mess I hope there going to clean it all up! Not I! (hope not anyway)

about 45 minutes to an hour later here's where they are now

this is what it looks like now

The company sent the tallest bucket truck today, we have about 3 more coming down (scrub pines)next but the biggy was first because they needed so many guys to help. I was told before hand to keep away from the windows and that end of the house becuase they though it may break something coming down... I'm going to miss all the shade this summer in the yard but it could be a good thing right?

Now back to some yarn story... Very bummed! I was at the grocery store the other day and those stupid belts you put your groceries on well lets just say I had a little tiff with one the it WON! Yep it did!
Look!! This is all thats left of my STR emergency yarn keychain! VERY VERY UPSET about it...

You know the store manager wouldn't even take that thing apart for me either ;o() I offered to do it and put it back the way it was too....Guess you could say that I'm a little obsessed you'd say! I was attached to was STR yarn!! Dont' they understand??

Sunday, April 09, 2006


working on a project with some gals locally and were using any fiber, any color, any gauge, novelty really any type of yarns at all for it.. If you have any unwants, throw aways stuff you'll never use or just don't want.. contact me we'll be happy to use them.. most need about enough to cast on 150-170 of anything and it just keeps getting passed around until it can be an item to be auctioned or donated. Most likely to nursing homes or something like that

Let me know what you'd like for your scraps, paritals or whatever.

Thank you


Thursday, April 06, 2006

DD Birthday last night

I know on a week night, but it couldn't of worked our better...8 kids were invited besides family members and 7 showed one was sick... took me 2 days to make this cake, it's filled with Oreo cookie ice cream too..Uncle D wanted to know why she had such large breasts?? hmm Well it was either frost them and there looked big or be topless?? Which would you prefer??? Forget it I don't want to know the answer......

Front shot

back view

close up of necklace made of frosting

didn't think how in the world do you put candles into it... Interesting watching them try to blow them out...(Opps! my fault) Was more worried that the dolls hair would catch on fire....

we had to save the best for last of course.. She's been telling EVERYONE and ANYONE who'll listen to her that Santa brought her the wrong car for Christmas he only brought one for the barbie dolls and not her? Hey it had a remote control and working lights.... (we couldn't find one before the holidays any where) It was so heart breaking and disappointing that we searched all over creatation high & low to find this Jeep!

This Jeep has a radio!! So neat! They had lots of fun.. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire neighborhood hear her SCREETCH at the top of her LUNGS with excitement when we had her go out back to see what else she had to open.....If there was ever a kodak moment that was defiantely it, BAD mommy didn't make it in-time...
Everyone was gone by 7-7:30pm and kiddos showered, changed in bed asleep before 9pm and house back in order!! YIPPEE!! Still I was up until almost 2AM... I lost soooo much knitting time!
Last but not least I NEVER put pictures of me up so here you go, now you can all see what I look like to put a name with the face...(I really really hate my picture taken but DH snuk this in somehow when I was speaking to another parent, which I found out is a fellow spinner & knitter) Good thing for me he doesn't take good pictures right? I'm on the left hiding......COLD too!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1st~ Stash your Flash day!

Heres to flashing a little peak of some stash for zibbos play date today! I did plan on taking some yarn outside, but the weather had a different plan in mind sorry. I don't mind getting wet but my yarn

here's a box that'll I'll be adding more to of course but will be shipped out later in the week to someone who'll give it some love and attention that it deserves..

yarn reserved for particular projects waiting to be cast on

tote of some unknowns

boxes of fiber to spin!! YIKESS!! I need to spin more don't I???

some more yarn with no specific projects in mind yet, always though runnning through my head but nothing definate

laundry bag of some cool yarns with projects in mind

sock yarn not to much just a little hmm guessing here 18x18 wicker cube

felting project in the works

basket of some recently spun skeins, mostly merino, alpaca, & llama

soon to be projects

fibers just awaiting patiently on the fireplace in their little basket wanting to be spun. calling me to spin them!

WIP yarn a sweater

STR hiding with some more handspun skeins but is screaming to be put on needles!!

another WIP