Friday, November 16, 2007

Yarn Porn & Brief updates & Fos

Update of Sock Wars is that I've sent off my socks and killed and have received mine afterwards. Will upload photos over the weekend of the ones I've received.

Here's some photos of the ones I sent out.... with my little baby gnome I made as well....

I use a gorgeous very soft luxury Alpaca yarn for a little luxury for my targets feet!

Worked out a swap for some Fleece Artist Wool/silk & sea silk sock yarns

since there was no labels I'm sure sure which is which exactly but some lovely colorways thats for sure

quick update on my son is we still have no answers the DRs haven't figured it out exactly and don't' know whats wrong they do recognize something but want a different opinion from other DRs at a different Boston Area Hospital besides Children's Hospital... Errrr! So very frustrating in the meantime we've been weaning him off Meds and dealing....