Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Son's Upcoming Surgery!

this new insurance company isn't such a great plan but we're working hard with the DRs to make some stuff work for him.
He's having some minor surgery in the morning but with the risk of the anesthesia and the neurological apnea theres a high risk that he may NOT wake up. Since it's minor surgery to clip his very bad tongue tie we can't put it off any longer.. he hasn't had any signs of a seizure in the past couple weeks which is good news! The anesthesiologist is going to give him a very short acting type of general that he should only be out for 6-8 minutes before starting to wake up so hope the ENT & the vascular surgeons both do plan on working very quickly and can coordinate it so they can do their magic in the allotted time!
I told them that at 6 minutes I'll be pacing the floor outside the OR door and at 8 minutes if they don't call me back to be there for him when he starts coming too I'll be a raven lunatic!
After hearing about Senator Ted Kennedy which our family has known , met and lived by them as a kid has had 1 seizure and has a cancerous brain tumor, and my son has dyplasia of the brain which they can't get to for a biopsy because of the length amount of time being under anesthesia and a strong possible he'd never wake up though the procedure they won't attempt a biopsy at this point. People wonder why I'm such a basket case, hovering and babying my little man....
I can't help but be worried out of my mind!!
We recently created a carepage for him that your welcome to visit, post to the message board and send virtual gifts
here's the link and it's free.
I have one for my illnesses too but have to update and will post the link another time...

My husband is starting to realize the severity of whats going on......
He's actually being nice now.......
Will post as soon as possible afterwards.....

So now I have a house full of kids, he has 5 friends over right now, I want to make sure he has a good day! YIKES! (I think I'm going to need some motrin!!)
Also have to prepare for our annual Memorial BBQ this weekend too..
If anyone knows of a way to have extra time in a day please let me know!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tonight is the Extreme Makeover Home Edition with my family!

Sorry I didn't post a reminder recently..
Hope some of you caught it if not theres a version online at

if your interested in viewing it. The Giunta Family!

very sad story , you made need some tissue.


On the home front Dh is realizing it's not possible to support us and himself somewhere else.....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Life Changes!!

well alot has been going on I'll be brief right now.
My husband and his work decided on changing insurance and over the past month we've learned alot of the treatments aren't' covered for my son (nor myself). Been denied for alot of other services, he was off his meds for a short time but the drs are working on other, alternatives to get by until they can figure out another way and herbals have been added in the meantime....
Both of us were scheduled for upcoming surgeries his minor but I've had to cancel mine and my DRS aren't sure of how to proceed with me before I become critical ill they have to do something or wait until then.
My husband has informed me out of the blue that he is moving out and has decided on a quick divorce...Thanks for the support and will try to keep updating the best I can.

Anyone interested in buying Celion Dion tickets? I paid $240 for 2 of them