Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whats new

Well I have to have surgery again on my nose, they need to repair & reconstruct the septum.. The DR will only do this type of surgery if I quit smoking at least 30 days prior and after.. Which I'd like to have in the past then restarted.

I found this new program and ways to re-learn life to help quit which seem to have helped alot of people
Call Ex!

here's my web page

I have quit yet, theres other steps first, tacking when trying to separate the urge and wait 5-10 minutes longer then you normally would before lighting up and recognizing what your doing and why then within a week or two they say your ready to pick an actual real quit date. Also realizing that after your done with a cigarette, the stress, worries, and whatever is still there.. Also learned that nicotine does NOT cause cancer! Who knew!

I just joined and hoping this will be more successful, my kids are totally motivated and remind me everyday of what the DR said....besides them being a great motivation so is breathing through my nose again not waking up gaging and stuff!
I've quit so 3 years then started again quit for months then started again, so I'm trying to be positive about this I know I can!

come on over if you have a chance, all the encouragement will and does help!

Hopefully I'll be doing more knitting......;o))

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad News! Good News! New Sock Design Coming!

Bad news my computer & camera has been giving me troubles for weeks but all is looking good now!
A fun knit tea swap from the sockathon list photos should work now that everything has been fixed. Will be up in the next day or so

Son's surgery went OK, they had to incubate him and took longer then expected but good news he's healed nicely the DR said last week and he can now stick his tongue out!! Wooohooo!!! He also did in fact get promoted to the 1st grade!! YEAH!! Sept. 2nd back to school and all day!! What will I do??!!

Introducing Twists & Turns!

I designed a new sock and pattern is almost ready to be tested, am looking for someone who'd like to test knit it for me, must have knowledge of sock knitting in the round and cables, give me feedback, you'll be receiving the pattern for free in PDF format for your personal use only, no copying.