Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just when you think things CAN'T get any worse!

Seriously they DO!

My baby (he's actually 5) has pneumonia, acute duress with his asthma, & conjunctivitis.... He has been
having seizures, we had no idea there some type of silent ones with no convulsions. Which we've been clueless........ the other
day he did it again while I was at the DRs office with the DR. I was getting his coat on and we were ready to leave when it happen in front of the DR, this time was bad, in my arms he became blue, he stopped breathing (coded or something the DR was saying) my little girl & myself were freaking, he was uncautious for quite sometime......the episode was 2 minutes then 10 before he woke briefly...in and out of cautiousness for a few hours groggy not knowing who we were. Once he was able to sit up and be himself again several hours later it was like it never happened, he don't' remember anything at all....
that it's been happening for quite some time, starring episodes they call
them. I've been having to wake him every 2 hours around the clock for the
past 72 hours hours. He also does this thing of ignoring people?? Age appropriate I thought he is 5 1/2 y/o.....his eyes get a little glassy (kinda like he's about to cry but doesn't teary thing going on) and he doesn't respond right away to you but snaps out of it quickly type of thing.. We had no idea anything was wrong, sometimes he'd get time outs because we've been thinking it's a behavior issue and we just haven't been able to nip it in the butt yet...tried everything reward charts too...A couple weeks ago he started pre-school part time 3 mornings a week and not once when I picked him up have I got a good repost?? Just several time outs and destruction of property?? All because of he's day dreaming or spacing out, not listening and or ignoring the teachers? and when I called to let them know he'd be out and what happened.. They said they will continue to discipline my son for these behaviors..which the DR had told me that he may not be aware of these behaviors let alone have the memory of them.. I asked for that in writing from the DR yesterday!! They don't believe thats this is the case and my son is basically just a rotten child?! I have to let that one go for the moment since my immediate concern is my son and his well-being and getting the appropriate care ASAP! EEGs, one awake and another sleep deprived, I'm suppose to keep him up all night....hmm that's be fun!
We have several appointments, consultations with 2 and possible a third special pediatric neurologist's in Boston. I've heard from 3 different one the past couple days who 'd like to see him...From my understanding this is a rare type or epileptic form of seizures in less then 4% if that I've been told.

What would anyone think?? Someone trying to get their own way? Who would've thought. The DRs has been checking in every day several times through the days since. I think he had a couple tiny episodes since..... The DR suspects this has been going on for sometime well over a year possible 2 thinking back....I feel like the worlds worst mom!! Very depressing.. Should I have noticed sooner and stopped downplaying it?

on another note

a few weeks back I was teaching a woman how to knit socks, I even RAK'd her a ton of stuff, a Debbie Bliss book with a tote full of different yarns, some needles, etc to help a new knitter get started...I've even been helping her knit trying to get her to do socks....Whats up with rumor of good things for those who give and give and give help & time to others.... Isn't it time for us to have some good things happen to us or at the very least some good karma around us... Why me?? Since it's been one horrifying thing after another
I'd even settle for some boring life time right now.

I've got a couple rubber stamps that arrived from someones home party I went to last month.. Now I think I need to sit and make some cards with my kids or maybe some me time... sounds better I think...I'm suppose to be collecting some orders from a friend... Anyone want to purchase some rubberstamps or scrapbboking stuff you can here but don't order online email me me your order

A couple weeks ago I did finish a special hat for my daughter, she told me what she wanted and we did it.. She LOVEs her new hat and even wears it too! so that in itself makes me feel better

Hard to see by the pictures but it's a purple with speckles and pink around the face opening. I sort of changed this pattern to suit my 6 y/o little girl and some stretch to last sometime for her.....

Ok back to resting before the round of medicines.. he's taking 8 at the moment. None for the seizures yet.