Monday, January 19, 2009

WOW! Another Year!

Seriously been so busy the past few months, i barely have had time to get to my computer let alone blog, heres a quick run down
Hooray for my small cheerleader they took 2nd place this season!
with all the snow, their friends like to migrate here for some karaoke.....Amazing my son tried up... him and his friend are just learning to read....The hum, yell and scream when they try to sing.. DH goes for the beer & wine that night.... It's fun! Great R & R perfect stress relief, just lots of laughs.

Another scarf got completed in time for holidays! My cousin loved it! Others wanted to make sure they get one. I used 4 skein of Plymouth very soft. Need to find that pattern again, totally forgot where I found it... Will post to ravelry
The kids surprised me and had their pictures taken for me.. I figured something was up when my older daughter happily volunteered to babysit and overnight!
she did a great job and they all look fantastic!

Last month I decided to get back to work, I haven't in so long and with all the stress in my life just needed something else to help. So I'm working in Senior Health Services doing private duty nursing aide. Only PT but can feel like a glorified babysitter to some.......Nice to get out of the house to do something other then the usual