Monday, July 31, 2006

Barnstable County Fair is Over & very Nice Packages!

Spent the weekend at the Country Fair on Cape Cod It was a little hot but had lots of fun listen to Grass Roots they where big in the 70s. Can you believe this singer can't remember his name but he's 62 years old and nice looking man for his age too, has so much energy on the stage and with the crowds!

I missed the spinning bee on Thursday but heard it was a success!
First time since I started spinning that I entered anything to the fair and it was on a whim.. Totally unprepared and had no book with info enter 9 items I had no anyway I came home with 8 ribbons/prizes..which I never expected to place any ribbons in any catagory knowing the competition too!

here's some of my spun items from different categories

here's some commercially yarn knitted things

and the fair if sending a check in the mail too..YEAH!!

I'll have to prepare myself and get all the info for next year, some judges left comments which were nice.. Like tie skein with same color ties...opps! Who knew...LOL
I still placed a my suprise too! Never expected anything let alone some in the top 3!!
2 1st place
2 2nd place
2 3rd place
1 5th place
1 6th place

so 8 out of 9 I was not only shocked but proud anyway! lol Had no clue what I was doing or what to do, someone helped by picking up some of my things and running quickly. Very spur of the moment on a whim.........The kids are very happy to have there items back too... ;o)

After getting home very late last night I found a couple small packages waiting for me a bottle angel from the bottle swap I signed up for a couple months back, my partner flaked out on me then whoever was reassigned flaked out and a very sweet lady stepped up from the group and sent me a GREAT package that looked like this, Great things come in small package too.. Just looksie here!

she sent a DPNS case holder for shorter needles (I needed something like this too,very cleaver!) post it note pads type thing, a couple skeins of self patterned sock yarn & a sample size of Avons hand cream in peach scent

here's a close up of the yarn.....definately my colors too!

Thank you very much Kim it was sweet of you!

and these lovely goodies too!

Also another sweet lady had to step in to replace another flaker from the candy swap. Ming sent me some Japanese candies. Thank you Ming! Also a lovely note!

Those Bake (non melting) chocolate candy goes great with wine! heehee

In the end everything was worked out and in a timely manner.
Thank you ladies!!! Great packages and so much fun!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Blue Moon Happens!

How often is a Blue Moon!?? hmmm thinking about it myself it's not very often or next to none you may think...Pretty much next to none right?!

It was a hot muggy summer night last night so I was mixing up some wine, sierra mist, sliced oranges with ice. I needed something after a long week....

when suddenly the UPS man come to my door with a very mysterious package in a USPS priority box? Odd after 7:30PM for UPS but not the regular mail (normally we get our mail usually about dinner time on some days even later) no return address but UPS store address? What did I order something and forgot about it did I? That has been known to happen once in a blue moon! lol Did I win a contest? Naaa I couldn't be so lucky! I would know right?

to my surprise I found this inside thinking only very few people a wrap orders in... So this was from someone who wanted that extra special touch

3 wrapped gifts with a card with gold stars.. (looks to be handmade too) & tea...hmmmm I had to open the card first just to curious as to who this mystery package is from ..
It's from my OSSP! Who warns me she's a blog stalker!

A neat clear knitting bag from The Studio! This must be a clue as to who she is, either it's her LYS or she works there.... Either way it looks like a great place to visit if your ever in or around the Kansas City, MO, area. Well it's obvious she could be from MO or was visiting. Still a mystery

The Blue Moon Fair Isling book!
honestly I think she's more then just your ordinary blog stalker,I say this for a couple reasons too.. First I've been eyeing this book before it became available then I was went to BMFA website just a few days ago put the book into my shopping cart then was distracted can't remember if I hit pay summit order or not kids totally distracted me. Fighting over nothing of course.... So I was going to go back and check my payments out this weekend. Boom days later this arrives!!! How strange is this?? Told you she can't be no ordinary blog stalker... hmmm A mind reader or physic too!

Last but not least a skein of STR mediumweight in Dutch Canyon which is great and just in time to start thinking of fall/winter socks too.. 4 more weeks the kids go back to school!! ;o) More knitting time for me (hopefully).. YEAH!

closer view of the front

closer view of the back side

all these gorgeous colors into one beautiful skein!

Thank you so much OSSP!! Big {{hugs}} defiantly a start of a beautiful weekend! You've been so wonderful with your spoiling me with your generosity the OSSP I hate to see it coming to and end so soon!! The summer sure has been fying by. I hope your getting spoiled from your OSSP as much as you've been spoiling me! It's been so much fun looking forward to find you out next month.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Yes More Shoes FSOT

Yes I have more shoes, I forgot I have a few bags full in the basement here's one bag but over the last few years my feet have gone wacky these are either US size 7 1/2 or 8 I was going to put them up on ebay but thought since the girls at knitty were having a shoe fettish I'd post them here first up for sale or swap.. no reasonable offers refused, some wore once in new conditon or very good conditon. Lots of milege left on them all. Always in search of some good solid hardwood DPNs in smaller sizes 0-1 non knitting stuff welcome too

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Voting Poll Begun!

Only 5 days to vote!
Stop by, make yourself a pitcher of some tea wine spritzer and have a drink with me! It's HOT & Humid you desearve a nice cool summer drink for a hot summer day or evening!
Please VOTE here

you can use a non alcoholic wine or white grape juice even, top with some shetbet for a cool refreshing drink!

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Arrivals

First up these where given to me so e now have some neat 4" bolts of fabric with patterns for a fabric hanger, heart basket and rug.

Next up the NEW STR lightweight yarn sock kit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts...Hippy Crunchy Socks in a new colorway called Peaceblossom

here's s closer view of the beautiful colors
last but not least some yummy Cherry Tree Hill Yarn in a solid color called Nantucket Red

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not to much

Not to much going on, did manage a little spinning time, some pink rayon....Has some great sheen to it. Have a few more ounces to go

Saturday, July 22, 2006

WIP Cooling In the Freezer

well here we are again.. This is for the knitty folk freezer shots weekend! WIPs staying cool it's to darn hot to knit sometimes!

on the door we have some ice cream sandwiches that I made, with some pops from the ice cream truck, ice packs and pedilyte pops and boo boo bags for when the kiddos aren't feeling well.
Some linguica & ground turkery

come on insde to see lots of packaged meats I separate them into bags or use my vacumm sealer especially for the fish, ice, popcycles, rolls, opal peddicaot chilling on the bottom and wildfoote on the top, french fries & puffs along with some veggies

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Look what I found

re-organizing you can really find stuff, you didn't know you had

first up 2 cotton chenille for washcloths different shades of purple not sure if you can tell from the photo or not.

next up a sk of the ever so beauiful sock yarn from Shaffer 'Anne' in different greens/blues of course will be a great pair of socks.....

Had to make a wash cloth right away the Flower Washcloth pattern in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. You know with this pattern that you have to weave in 7 ends.. Urgh!!! I hate that!

Oh a sk of this Meilenweit "Mega Boots Stretch' Can't wait to see this knitted up....Need to find that perfect pattern

Then in my mailbox was my New Sock Book arrived Friendly Socks,A Compilation of Designs Vol.1, over 27 patterns, lots of sock replated articles and so much more. Designs by Laura Anderson (editor), Debra Barker, Debra Chinn, Bonnie Franz, Susan Pierce Lawrence, Judy Rice, Nancy Wild & Becky Yoder. I recieved a book plate with each designers signature and a signed numbered copy #13 of 100!! WOOHOO Lucky number #13!!

here's the back cover (sneak peak to what inside)so many different gorgeous designs I don't know where to start and what to cast on first! Beaded Design, Cables, Entrelac, Fair Isle, Handspun, Holiday stocking, Tabi Sick, Twining and so many more It's a really tough decision... I can't wait to cast some on. If you haven't gotten ytour own copy hurry! It's a must have and a great dddition to anyones collection from beginner to experience it's a must have and makes a great gift for all knitters of any age.
Not in stores that I know of online ordering only. (No I'm not affiliated just love it, any sock knitter would)
Hey where can you find such great patterns from such wonderful designers with lots of experience for less then $1 per pattern? The book is very reasonably priced.. So well written & worth it! You won't regret it! Designed for socknitters by socknitters. What more could anyone want. It's all in here! I better stop I think I'm beginning to sound like an AD or something which I'm not I just really LOVE this book!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shoes & Under the Bed! OH NO!!

the lovely ladies especially zibibboisgood came up with this photo shoots challange for us over here at the knittyboards
well some are dark but here goes nothing, you can always click on the photos to see your own risk of

ok first up the back yard crocs

front door more frequent daily wears for this time of year, the black hanna clogs I wear all year round but mostly spring/fall/winter, alternating with the 2 pairs of birkenstocks. (Yes in the spring/fall I wear my socks with them)

inside/over the closet door

slippers, ohh ohhh those suposedly spa ones to the right are being tossed out RIGHT NOW!! bye-Bye dont' buy them I certainly don't recommend them as any spa slippers thats for sure..ick! I think the timberlands will be or should be, probably will be going shortly too. I love them and there so comfortable but on their last days I'm afraid... I think I'm going to cry...I'm going to miss them they've had so many good times and will surely be missed, probably should have a proper burial. Curious any get attached to their shoes?

some wedding shoes my own, & others, the purple went with the bridesmaid dress in my girlfriends wedding I was 1 of 22 and preg in June, she wouldn't let me gracefully back out and those came off real quick I'll tell you!!

I bet no one knew about me wearing there these, and they will not be seen again for a long while, but I do need to find my toes & ballet shoes curiousity's killing, there around here somewhere.... it's bugging me they missed out on the photo shoot opportunity to be seen again. Oh Well! my 5 y/o want me to teach her ballet....and tap of course she likes the noisey

Oh so here goes under the bed:

here yous go ready for this!! heehe

ah ha!! Not mine you no one said whos bed!!!
ok here

heeheee nope not mine either

but it's under the bed under the bed?

ok a quick peak wee little one (pictures really dark with the flash) YIKES)

but you can see a little yarn stashed under there

really nothing exciting here's another shot the rest were worse so nothing exciting, a couple CDs, a glass tray of pictures from my dad and obituary, the kitty usually hides under it alot, DH keeps a box of shoes, pictures and clothes under his side.

What do you think the black hole!

Coming weekend freezer shots due!! Pretty boring here, but come on by and play! Have some fun!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My SP8 is Sooo Spoiling Me!!!

First such pretty wrapped paper!

first up we have a very nice postcard from Munich taped to this tin

but wait a crochet Hawaiian Lei kit, looks like it'll be so much fun!

it has everything inside! even includes the hook needed too! Pretty ribbon, flowers and so much more

Here's the top of the tin, very kwel!

inside.....hmm everything is wrapped in tissue paper. So much fun!
Count them 10 skeins!!! Woooohooooo! at least 5 pairs with with leftover can get another pair or two or something! Boy Oh Boy I'm sooo spoiled for sure!
WOW!!! All these sock yarns check em out

All Regina!! 4ply, 6 ply, nation (Germany's Flag colors), silk & jacquard

HUGE THANK YOU SP8!!! I'm LOVE It ALL! Your simply the bestest!! {{hugs}}

Today were suppose to be going to the National Nascar races in Laconia, NH! DH received 6pitt passes from Interstate through work!! (tips) had to fax over each name of each person coming.. Guess What?? I can't go babysitter backed out!!! Man, I need to find another sitter!! He just left to meet the others, is going to be the designated driver....I hope he remembers to get some pictures and autographs at breakfast with the drivers Dinner or while he's changing tires on pitt row..They have so many things include with these tickets, I couldn't say oh you can't go! They include so many fun things to do with these passes, they were given to us from the company who sponsers them.. (boating biz can have its perks sometimes).. He felt a little guilty with me not going, thanking me and everything for letting him go, like I had a choice right? You think he really feels all that bad~ YEAH Right! It's such a once in a lifetime opportunity! After last mintue disppointment your package couldn't arrived at a more perfect time! Having all these goodies makes up for it!!

THANK YOU SP!! Our SURPERB!!! Totally spoling me isn't she!

I should probably go back to bed now...but I was up having coffee with DH! Errrr! To tired to knit.. Sun will be rising soon!