Thursday, August 31, 2006

NO one noticed? Some updates

hmmmm no one noticed? I was in a hurry the to get to the bus stop for the first day of school I put one sock on inside out....heeheee Didn't even realize it myself until I took the picture of our feet!

Trying to get back into the swing of things, getting up before the kids to shower have coffee read a few emails wake them up get them breakfast washed and dressed and off to school. Still have my little boy at home for 1 more year, DH informed us tonight that he wants to put him into pre-school.. but what would I do all day?..Maybe 1/2 day but my last baby.. OH NO!

At the bus stop it wasn't much fun for me and my nose... Ewe the kids all jumping and the dirt dust kicking around of course right up my nose, very irritating and my nose bled a little bit but of course the burning more so continues and gives me these massive headaches. Still healing and taking it easy this week.. I think I'll be getting lots of rest over the weekend.. Suppose to be cloudy, rainy dreary anyway... So maybe some movies and lots of rest is an order! Ohhhh one more day!

On the knitting scene very slow going same with the spinning and thinking of reformulating my basic soap recipes to some cheaper oils.. (still good quality oils but not such a high percentage of olive is all or maybe replace it with a comparable oil) Olive oil has sky rocketed there prices!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Weekly Blogstalking Assignment

This weeks assignment is feet
so here we go some feet, anyone see whats wrong with the blue feet?

opps 5 feet? where'd the extra one come from......

Spinning wheel foot

another wheels foot

The kitty didn't wait to show her feet, she'd trying to hide them....Cookie is sleepy today. It's a very rainy dreary lazy day.

Monday, August 28, 2006

State Fair Spinning Bee!

Our State Fair Spinning Bee can you believe it, I took home 2nd prize for the most yardage spun in 45 minutes a Whooping 94 yards! Monica (blogless) took 1st for 98 yards

and not all 1st place on spindling for 15 minutes for the most yardage too. Didn't get the yardage on this but we tie onto a poll and walk backwards until yarn breaks to see who has the longest.. I haven't done much spindling in the past couple years let alone spindling in public either! It was alot of fun and I got a little better when the fiddler played fast least the momento not the Monica took 2nd prize

my 6 y/o daughter Katie came with me this year and did some spindling, these are a couple photos the newpapers photographer took she emailed them to me this morning..That'd be me sitting behind her, you can see the heel of my birks with my prized socks...

she's so excited that she'll be in the papers. can wait for the edition to come put to pick up a few copies....

She won some fiber too for her attempt..I didn't register her to participate not yet... A couple years I think. She loves the Babe Wheels I'm thinking of getting her one within a couple years who knows maybe sooner. the Pinkie is cute

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lucy is Home!

So exciting it's arrived! I couldn't believe the new colorway from BMFA when I seen it on Wendy's blog I knew it was meant to be that I had to have it! A match made in Wish there was more blue like Wendys but still a gorgeous color indeed!

heres a closer view of her

the other side

Socks for me in my future!! WOOHOOOO!

Friday, August 25, 2006

FOs and Prizes

I was able to do a couple quick knits.

First I love the Fetching fingerless gloves by Cheryl Niamath
these are with Knit Picks in Andean Treasure Alpaca.. so soft in Summer Sky

another pair in the works with Noro Silk/Cotton very nice! I know that I have plans to make a few more pair for gifts and a couple for myself is a must. These will be gifted soon as well.

Then I knit a pair of socks not sure how I did them so quickly, the pain meds laying down resting and NOT sleeping well had to atribute to them getting done so quickly. The KAL has started for Debra Chinn's new pattern California Hikers published in Laura's New book Friendly Socks. Theres a new group for the book and KAL sock from it too! This was the first KAL! Have the Book join us if not get the book and join us for lots of fun & theres prizes too!! Come on over with me! I hope to see some familar names join!

Cpurl sent me a package for her blog contest questionaire about herself. I've done some swaps with her in the past and have followed her both on knitty & her blog for sometime now so I got to know her a little...Some questions I took a wild guess at.. 1 wrong!! WOOOHOOO! Stariel won first 100% Way to go!! A sock kit she made up with beautiful things all wrapped in pretty tissue paper and ribbon.

First up the lovely note card and set of Brittany Needles 5" DPNs size 2 in a cute hello kitty baggy...So cute..

A nice Lantern Moon Silk Taffeta Bag a shimmering in jewel tone green. Just beautiful!

and 2 gorgeous skeins of Lorna Laces Shepard Sport in Bold Red

Thank you so much for the Great prizes!!! I LOVE them all!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Look what I found

When I got home from the hospital last night this large package was waiting for me. I was stumped I never heard of this company before I know I didn't place an order hmm or did I and I don't remember....

hmmm Now I know I haven't ordered this stuff because I've been looking forever for these. Clip & Dry Hangers!! A set of 6 of them!!! TOTALLY UNBELEIVABLE!! Thank you so much my SP8. Found 2 invoices with a message.. "I know there not round but thought they might do. Keep up the knitting and get well soon! Kris"

The sweetest best SP from Germany that anyone could ask for had asked me in the beginnning of SP8 if there was anything special I'd like from Germany. hmm now besides socks yarns chocolate what elee could I think of? This is the same SP who sent me lots of Regia Sock yarns last month....;o() and of course all those truffles and kinder eggs eariler this summer.
Well the thing that really stuck in my mind was this really cool hanger dyer thingy that Maggie introduced me too one that she picked up one time while visiting Germany. I thought it was the BEST thing for hand knitted socks. Don't you think it's a must have for every sock knitter...picture a bit blurry because they want to spin

Thank you for such a wonderful summer of toal spoilage!! You've been TERRIFIC! SO Lucky to have a new blog friend from SP8! Lots of HUGS.. It was such a nice suprise to come home to after such a terrible painful day only 7 bruises here's a few that are very tender.
the side of my cheek

and my arms & hands.
I think the pictures make it look worse so I'm not taking anymore
Hopefully they won't last to long
Getting lots of rest today. My older DD took her sister to a fair for the day and my DS is very happy staying with mom playing videos games and being me klennex, gauze, tape and saline

Monday, August 21, 2006

My Family is Back

they brought me back this......

It's cool purple red and yellow inside... Alot of my mugs get stained inside hard to scrub them out too! I hate it even though they are really clean they don't look it inside. SO a new one is good ;o{}

and my MIL sent this for me which I alreay have 2 on the fireplace she gave me for Christmas last year. (the one on the right) hmmmm

Could this be some sort of a sign or what?

My kids have a wrapped present for me to for my upcoming birthday in Sept. but it's yarn, I asked her to pick up some CTH at her LYS because I wasn't coming out this time. Why wrap it for my birthday? I even told her to grab the cash from DH? Odd but since I'm not in dire need of it I;ll wait to open I told the kids to hide it so no picture right now.. sorry. ;o(

DR called me again this afternoon to check on me, how sweet, yeah right he's going to scrap me nose again in the morning, suggest that I may want to take a couple pain pills before coming in. Isn't that nice of him... oh and he'll numb it ALOT too! (then I'll beheading to my regular infusion treatment of remicade which I'm a couple weeks late because of this surgery. So ought to be fun! NOT! He did say that this is a very slow healing process and that I should start to slowly feel better this week, So I guess I should be sort of happ to report that I'm slowly feeling better? OK A little better but not to much so don't jump for joy just yet... Tomorrow will set me back a couple days again! I certianly will enjoy today and tonight sleeping a little better then the next few days.
Back to laying down knitting, have learned that I can only do mindless type of kniting while laying down..Don't suggest anything fancy thats for sure..

Saturday, August 19, 2006

FO, Yarn, Goodies and more

I've taught myself to knit laying down! thats how the second sock here got down the past 2 days.. It's been tough not knitting all week....I had to find a way and I without further ado......

Introducing Let's Twist Again Socks, The May sock kit month on the Whenever list It was offer in 3 colors. This was the Chickadee colorway with solid coral on the cuff and twinned in the heel. Its with Louet Sales Gems Opal sport & sport fine merino yarns

I like the yarn so much that I had to order the other colorways. (Yes I guess I went off the summer yarn diet!) opps!

Parrot with solid in willow for cuff

next up Bluebird with Carribean for cuffs

now isn't this Cherry Red in pearl absolutly a gorgeous red!

A contest I won from Laura a few months back she totally got me off guard here she sent me a couple skeins of some nice wool for felted slippers this fall/winter.... Tahki Donegal Tweed in a couple shades of greens... Hmm I think this maybe was the prize for closest guess for a date or something on the list not the blog contest. (still taking the pain meds but not so much during the daytime can you tell....heeheee)In any case I can't remember doesn't matter look.....

some extra goodness
a skein of Nepal spun silk in denium

a book I've never heard of The Urban Knitter by Lily Chin
very unique book, interesting, I love it! Has lots of neat things to make

then all these teas, tea tins, mints, hard candies, potpourri and a very neat wooden box for tea I guess..All to help cheer me up during the worst surgery recovery period for anyone! Sinus's can be such a pain!

It's been so miserable this past week and all this wonderful stuff packed into a box to cheer me up! THANK YOU SO MUCH Laura! I really do love everything... I sure perked up when it arrived! Just wish I could smell the potpourri & teas! The DR says another week or so I hsould be up & around more.. Probably by the end of this coming week. Well I kinda have to be kids back to school a week from Wednesday. One mroe week to keep my head down, so miserable to sit up for a long time.

Ok back to the bed of pillows & TV to veg, whine and breathe with my jaw I just had to take the time (which took hours to walk around take photos then sit at the computer, trust me HOURS) to post about this awesome package with my order and all the extra goodness & goodies!!
Thanks again Laura I'm so looking forward to having a cuppa tea or two or three tomororw....and a very nice sock pattern to.. Do I make the other colorways the same pattern or should I come up with something else for them.. I know I'll be using them come the cold weather for sure! I can't decide but then again I'm in no shape to try to make any decisons right now not the right frame of mind, whatever they same whoever they are.. Anyway would love ideas for them..anyone?
Anyone out there anymore?

Oh went ahead and joined another KAL for the California Hiker sock in the Friendly's Sock book, it not to late to order yourself a copy and join the KALon the Friendly Socks List!

OH My DH & kids are on their way home haven't seen them all week since they took me home after surgery..They about 45 mintues or so away and the highway is closed down and they re-routed some detour and DH has no clue but they'll be here soon!! asked me for directions.....heehee Hope I sent him the right way on those back roads.... They should all be tired...heehee I hope anyway since my head hurts, teeth cheeks, everything and a massive type of headache I've never had like this...So different can't compare to a migrane at all.. Kinda wish it was then I'd know what to expect..Lots of pressure pain especially from getting up & down walking around...Very strange how you feel after this! Been feverish too had to call the DR again.. 100-101 holding steady 3 days now.....he wants to see me again.... ;o(( I did finish all the antibiotic he gave me!?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Marco Photos Reveiled

You know no one guessed them at all... Kinda bummed about that! Too bad I surely would've sent out suprises......So I guess they were good ones then heehee

#1 My Sheep Skin rug I keep by my bedside

#2 Irish Breakfast Tea from Adagio

#3 Tub of Sheads Spread butter

#4 My New Teapot from my SP7 (which was recntly blogged)

I guess no one really follows my blog ;o( or at least doesn't remember anyway......Wonder if I should be offended no pays much attention to me.....I suppose you just get used to it after a
the rug & teapot both have been photographed and the tea too but not a close up of the actual tea itself......

Next weeks assignment Does it float? hmmm will think hard on this one...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Join with Me

come on over and join the Sock-Ret Pal with me.. Looks like it'll be LOTs of fun!! Yippie Socks!!! heeheee Hope to see LOTS of familar faces. Dani is one of our hotesses with the mostess!

Hey Zonda I found a swap before you this time...LOL You better be signing up!!!

Next up
Sock Wars
too here I go....

Of course to add some mystery theres Mystery Sock KAL

So how many of you are up for the challenges? Come on out and play...Lots of time!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Since I can't seem to sit up and knit. I haven't been doing much of anything it's been a very tough week for me, it seems like it took me forever to try to spin this stuff...phewwwww!
This is some very nice roving from Ashland Bay.. It's sooo soft merino/silk top!!

So luciously soft and nice sheen to it too

but this is 3 plied 2 sks

and heres a close up

now is there some secret I don't know about to wind up this HipKnit cashmere with my swift and ball winder? It keeps breaking and doesn't wind off .. HELP!! I'm so frustrated tried several times and I need to use it!! It's for a test knit pattern

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Marco Assignment Photos

The DR made me cry he hurt me so bad so it's not a very good day to be taking pictures holding my head in certain postions, but I did manage to take some marco pictures for our weekly assignment, over at the Knitty. Took me most of the day to accomplish them.. Good Luck





so my and my kitty are just hanging out the past couple days, she took a little break from me to play..I guess I'm being boring so she wanted to entertain herself