Monday, July 28, 2008

Staying Cool Today (it's a bit humid)

22 days of being smoke free. I rewarded myself at 2 weeks and ordered some neat cups.
My new cups arrived today from Northwest Glass

enjoying some oolong tea in my new really cool cup! (very surprisingly lightweight too) in between my Monday ritual of cleaning laundry and reorganizing stuff, we're still trying to clear room in the basement to start framing and putting up sheet rock (progress of that another day)

this morning had to return library books with the kids, they checked out more, I checked out a movie Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts, DH is working late tonight. Will possible work on this long very boring sock. st st with EOP heel

did I mention is very long!! and boring! lol well after 3 pairs you could see someone getting a bit bored right?
here is a closer view of the heel and my oolong. 2nd infusion already this afternoon
will definitely continue to infuse these leaves over and over again, each cup has a slightly different flavor (very flavorful) with each infusion you don't see beautiful coloring like this with tea bags
going to prepare some type of dinner to go with this wonderful sweet delicate lite flavor! A champagne of oolongs....
WOW! Amazing my taste buds and the flavors I can taste!!

I do think I may order some more for my upcoming birthday, why not is going to be a BIG one!!! I'm not a HUGE drinker but I think this year I want to get DRUNK and FORGET THE WHOLE THING!!
The best part of these glasses is that your not suppose to need to use a coaster they don't sweat and works for both hot and cold.. Now if I find there not breakable they'd be perfect! however they don't seem to be that fragile at all. I would feel comfortable giving my children one to use on the tile table.....seriously this will be a true test!! I only order s et of 2 for now to try....they come in 3, 6 & 12 oz...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Please Vote for Me!

well actually my recipe
that is....very Yummy!

A Lemon Sonata Dessert!

Voting polls are now open from today until the end of the month!

Thanks again for all your support!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hanging out Keeping Cool!

Just been hanging out keeping cool! Beach & pool.. Pool and Beach!! The humidity is awful! Have plenty of freshly made Iced Tea! enjoy some a/c.... drink some iced tea, make more.....

exhaustion!! Absolutely! The sun and even humidity does kick butt!!!

The kids sure keep you busy during the summer months...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodbye days 6&7 Hell week! Good morning to week 2

Yikes! I can't believe I made it through the day 6 let alone 7!
Had to go back to the DRs office on Saturday morning to follow up from Thursday!
Got up when my husband was listening to the news (6am) about a gas truck that tipped over on hwy 128 early in the morning. So up coffee shower, get the kids up lets go!! Told them they could eat a cereal bar in the car and go back to sleep if they wanted too but we needed to leave asap!
They were surprising well behaved on the way up in the car, went by the accident the hwy southbound (heading home) was closed for several miles! about a good 30 minute stretch as I could tell. Which pretty much looked like all day to me!! Plenty of trucks digging up the road, the side, dirt, trees etc. Flat beds taking away fried cars!! Literly TOTALLY FRIED NOTHING BUT THE BOTTOM FRAME TOTALLY TORCHED LEFT!! It was a site. All I could think of if how I was going to get home, another ways I could take would take me a long outta the way routes but at least 2 hours out of the way!! Lucky me!!
Get to the DRs, the kids were great! The DR kinda said your screwed you can go this way or that way but either way your screwed!! Thanks!! ALT: we could stay their at his office for the day! NOT!!

All this just to read a stupid TB test which was negative but they didn't' believe me and my DR was on call and would meet me at the office on Saturday!! not to mention he wants to repeat it in case it's a false reading? Are they for real?!!! I lived up that way most of my life and can't seem to find a DR around where I live to be my PCP!! So I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to them for the most ridiculous things sometimes that are so unnecessary! I think they just like to see me...
The cape to me is like rural America!
I barely made it back to get my daughter to cousins birthday party, a little late, almost 2pm so thought I'd take my son out for some fun to an arcade which he's addicted to video games at 6 I think!! He turned me down to that miniature golf, bowling.. He wanted to go to Blockbuster picked out a game to play at home and a couple movies for his sister... How sweet! He really wanted that game! A Spongebob game that he thinks is funny!
Back to get my daughter first... We got there in time for cake & presents.. the kids played in the pool and bouncy thing.. My son pouted out front because he picked the wrong game it was for an Xbox and we have PS. Would even come out to the backyard! Finally they hung up a pinata thing !!! Ohhh a weapon, even though it was a bunch of little girls I asked my son if he wanted to hit it!! He couldn't run out back fast enough!!after all the party kids left my cousins and I decided to BBQ it was getting late and we were hungry! My son wanted to go in the big pool not the little pool! I wont let my kids in without an adult because they don't know how to swim. It's one of those bigger type ones with the deck built around it, stairs inside the shallow end, volley ball near deep end...
Called my husband to bring some food and bathing suit over...
about 7 or so we cooked ate cleaned up! We all had leftover fireworks so went to the pond at the end of the road to finished lighting them off and get rid of the evidence!! (illegal in this state)
needless to say with all these people and a bunch of smokers between neighbors, friends and family showing up and 1/2 of them smoke! It was a extreme tough day (day 6)
yesterday day 7 not so bad, I tried to sleep late which is hard for me, but so exhausted I did rest and watch movies. My DH exchanged the game for my son so he played and daddy and our little girl hung outside swimming the pool and lots of yard work! Pheww! I don't need to do it today! YIPPIE!!
Day 8 Errands & LOts of laundry! mostly towels!! ope this week will get a little easier!

I've been playing around with different teas and made some really good blends everyone seems to enjoy! Been making them hot but pouring over pitcher of ice with a little splendor the perfect ice tea!

here's the link

and a $5 gift certificate for those who would like to try themselves! Enjoy! just enter your email in the space
and the gift certificate will be emailed right to your inbox with code to use right away or save for another day