Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Annual Scallop Festival

I know haven't been home long enough this week to get to the computer. Been very busy
Saturday finished up the Sock Wars socks and off to kill.......

But did get by the annual scallop festival on Sunday..But we never actually made it into the tent for the scallops because of the rain we started with the rides and crafts sections first. Since I didn't get my scallops this year, for the first time in like my whole enitre life I didn't have the scallops!! I had to settle for this yummy treat instead.

It's a fresh waffle rolled with caramel in the center then dipped in chocolate and rolled in mini M&Ms and the creamy smooth fudge (chocolate mint) never made it in time for the photo shot...opppps!

and a quick Merry Go Round stay dry of course, with the wind my DD & I was on the Ferris Wheel! NOT so much fun in the wind along side the Cape Cod Canal thats for sure!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yarn Porn

Some dyed wool sock yarns

Noro Kureyon Club yarn this month #157 from yarniverse $8.95 and receive not only a skein of yarn but a free pattern too every 5-6 weeks! This time was a ribbed hat pattern. Great way to start stocking up on the Kureyon...Great way to get started on the Lizard Ridge It's justifible isn't it? See purty colors

#128 just because...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another FO!

Whatcha think it was something else

Opal Magic color #1062
Size 1 DPN
Pattern: my own, if interested will be available through Sirius Knitting pattern book
which will be available this winter.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's Hump Day!

Well after the past few days I really thought I'd wake up this morning and it'd be Friday! I 'm sure a few other know that feeling and to wake up to Hump Day(the mid week hump or the week whatever some refer to it as)
After all our excitment of lobster/clam boils, BBQ, birthday parites, boating, mommmies DRs appointment and labs (7 stitck to get 2 tubes of blood), lost beannie baby dobey dog in a toilet...opps! (Mom's silently cheering to herself, another bites the dust, and another one gone another one gone YEAH another one bites the dust!!!!! I mean pick one from the other 300 or so at home?) Forgot to mention Monday a 3 hours audit from the electric company to tell us that we need over $2500 of work for the attic to help our home cut back of usage.. They did change alot of light bulbs for me for no charge 12 of them....
What does one do when told they can't go home right now.. well look to find the mail carrier whose hiding somewhere...heehee Not sure yesterday can be topped then
Look what I find when I do find the mail carrier!
a prize gift from the Lace Race for cheering them on

Julia stalked my blog to find out I knit lots of socks so thought the sock yarn I'd find some use for.. whatcha think?? hmm well of course!! 2 sks of Regia 4ply!

check out the beautiful colors.. Thank you Julia!

and STR club yarn not one pattern but 2 this time!!! Yippie! and another cute mini keychain too

close up of the new colorway Titania!

teas!!! My SBS tea order arrived!! earl grey tea bags, my favorite the fruity russian caravan tea, twigs orange pekoe, kona coconut cream, french vanilla, chocolate raspberry mint, chocolate mint chocolate truffle mint cocoa, french vanilla cocoa, fine english breakfast, a couple 4 oz purple tins and they also included a free birthday candle....Great customer service easy ordering and fast delivery.

I'd definaitely order from SBS tea again.. I love them and all their program offers are great too! Theres so much to choose from, really I think theres someone for everyone there.
If you send me an email I can send you a discount code for $5 off a $40 order.. You could even order with a friend to reach $40 for the discount. Why not split it.....honestly it's so very easy to go over $40 it isn't funny!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beautiful Day sat Sea!

All weekend the Cape Cod waters were so calm for and for busy times at sea,. LOTS of people out enjoying the weekend! A few bumpy waves...

bye bye to the canal the large ship is the Mass Maritime Academy

my little girl got brave and stuck her head out of the bedroom sky light window but didn't care to much for the wind....

edited on Wednesday morning to update:
Well yesterday I had to go to town for a DR appointment after kids left on the bus.. When I was on my way home about 1/2 mile from the house I drove by a police car thinking nothing of it, Opps he was attempting well suppose to be blocking the road and not letting traffic by, he flagged me to stop...Asked me where I was going? Duh home? He asked where I lived then said everyone is Saying they live off that road.. I sitting there saying no I really really do, here's my license.. He wouldn't even look at it and told me to turn around I couldn't go home and didn't say why said to go down to rotary 5 miles down the road around the rotary and down another road another 5 miles and ask the fire dept police on that end?? Can't they just use there little walkie talkie thing they have??
Well I have to drive around down the other way to find they blocked off with 2 towns firetrucks hoses, policemen and 2 gas companies..and telephone company.. I found out what was going on though.

the telephone company tried to replace a telelphone poll and while digging hit a mail gas line from company #1 then continued and hit gas line #2 of another gas companies line.. Ohhh joy!! I didn't realize it I couldn't smell to much.. My nose burns ALOT though so I knew something smelled the closer I was to home.
Parked and my and my DH walked through a little woods to the next street over to go home...heehee and be nosy too... Found another police officer whose a neighbor of ours and asked him if we could go home, he said if you really want to.. Well we don't' have gas I didn't understand so his buddy from the fire dept and some man from one of the gas companies said we could as long as we kept the doors & windows opened and if we started to feel ill, dizzy, lightheaded, sick or anything we'd have to leave.. So we went back and got the car and he moved barrels & cones to let us though.. YEAH! My son was very happy, he was sick of driving around.
after we were in the house a very short time, I could taste the gas.. So I knew it had to be bad and were less then 50 yards from the leaky pipes so we went for walk around and watched all the excitement, one of the neighbors we seen told us that eariler they seen flames shooting straight up in the air from the leaking pipe in the ground and how scary it was!! Also there was a very LOUD explosion! Good thing we weren't' here..
Gas makes me so nervous, that's why we still haven't converted out heating system yet!
Scare was over after dark at some point and they were there letting traffic though around 8-9pm but one lane so you were stopped for a good 10-15 minutes before the other side could go though.. I had to go out grocery shopping took DH a long time to get in and home from work about an hour and a half long.. So by the time I left they still had traffic stopped but they were finishing up about 10pm last night..

Friday, September 15, 2006

Final Package OSSP

Well it's been fun with the Interweave Press One Skin Secret Pal over the summer. Sad to see it come to an end.. I had so much fun with my downline SP Leslie (whose blogless) and my upline Jane(also blogless) whose been so much fun. I love her packages! She lives in KS and works at a LYS too! She's been so thoughtful and spoiling me all summer, first with the skein of Plymouth Yarn Posh, ohh so soft and I've never seen or heard of it, great introduction and even an awesome suggestion of using it to make a cowl, along with her small felted box which has been getting lots of use. Then her second package that not only included a skein of STR yarn but also their sock book too!!! Truly very generous & amazing and she seems to know me so well, when her package arrived at my door I was actually checking out with BMFA shopping cart for the book,she must be a mind reader or something. Everything all individually wrapped in different color tissue paper.. So much fun opening her packages...
Now she's finally reveals herself with this large sized box of goodies from KS!

this is everything, sock yarn, cable footies, KS BBQ sauce regular & spicy, honey roasted sunflower nuts, stick notes, book mark on the back "Common Sunflower This handy annual can reach 12-25 feet in height, crowned with a flower up to 18 inches across. The state flower of Kansas, the common sunflower is native to the western prairies of North America. The sunflower blooms from June to September and it's flowers track the sun from east to west daily." beautifully made stitch markers in tin, handmade soap, lemon tea cookies and sunflower nut shaped chocolate pieces.

here's goodies from Kansas

Really neat stitch markers and not heavy at all.

the cable footies from the One Skein Book love the shade but not sure the yarn? Maybe LL?

ohhh the Austermann Step sock yarn with aloe/jojoba oil, great colorway too I just signed up for Greys KAL yesterday before her package arrived..

How bizarre was wondering what I was going to make for the KAL and in grey too..I hoep this will work for a grey.. I think so.. Perfectly!
and she kid the lavender soap in-betweenthe label & yarn..
Wish I could smell....
had another check up this morning with the DR and my nose is till full of scabs, crust, blood, etc. Slowly healing and he could see some clearing...YEAH

GREAT PACKAGE JANE! Lovely items Thank you you've been so much fun! Hope your SP has been as good to you! Keep in touch!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What was in the Dora Package? And More!

First up check this out Fiber Trends Lace Moebius Scarf Pattern. I've tried to get this pattern for a while and she found it for me! YEAH! She's an awesome Mil isn't she

and some KSH color #596 to make one or possibly two of them. Its like a rust burnt orange type color, very nice warm autumn color, its such a pretty shade. I don't' think the picture does it any justice at all...

wait there's more too!

not only that she also included not one but two skeins of CTH supersock yarns in Fall Foliage & Country Garden colorways! Yes socks for me!! She gets tired of seeing me in dark colors she always tells me....Great choices I love them!

then my present to myself showed up yesterday too.
my wools grab bag from CTH on sale for $30 I couldn't resist for that price and loved not knowing until it arrived and on my birthday even better. A GREAT surprise
which included
1 skein of Twister in blues/purples

1 skein of Potluck worsted in blues/greens

1 skein Superwash Possum worsted in bluestone

and 2 skeins Superwash Possum worsted in teal

they also included a free pattern for Grab Bag Vest Design by CTH by Donna Durchunas

then my loving 18 year old being such a wise guy gave me a $20 gift card for Dunkin Donuts, she knows I love their coffee....(she asked me what I wanted, I told her nothing but for her to be happy so this was a total surprise)

In case your wondering NO I'M NOT 40 y/o NOT yet! She was being a wise guy and this was her way of pay back because I'm always saying I'm 29 again... That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Teenagers they always think your over the hill and don't understand anything, but I'm a fairly young mother of grown teens I think...I guess she'll just always think of me as old

Then DH thought these candles were neat. He found them at a fair in Ohio last month while he was there. He thought it was neat to stand in the middle of a ton of honey bees while this man poured beeswax candles I guess. so he picked these up for me.... (shhh I'm also a soap maker and have several pounds of beeswax and molds)....

then my cousins surprised me with a very heavy package~this set of dishes....Yep more lighthouses!

then this was delivered to my door too no return address just my own from who?? Delivered by DHL I think there called.. Anyone want to fess up?? Thank you!

I think I must've had a delivery from every delivery truck around!
and a box of tea with Chinese food for dinner! Nice tea, actually just brewed a cup and tastes just like in the restaurant!! Yum!!

and my younger kids gave me Tweety to hang in my car.

so sweet, I like to watch Tweety & Taz with them and they always leave stuffed tweetys in the back window of the car and they always seem to get them from carnivals, fairs, festivals, etc. You know the ones.

Still waiting patiently for another suprise package of goodies but the other night I went out shopping and picked up some clothes, jeans & some cotton type long sleeve shirts and one sweather, a turtle neck I've been so cold lately it's been between 60s-70s. Next week suppose to be up into the 80s again.. Crazy! Only New England weather from one extreme to another....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feels like Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, all the beautiful colors around just gives you that warm comfort feeling. Doesn't officially start until September 23rd this year. I just couldn't wait I took the kids apple picking the first day they opened to kick off the season early.
Got some beautiful apples, a little small but sweet & juicy

and picked peach pie too....DHs favorite but not like grandma use to make....

oh and today is my birthday and my mil sent me this small package wrapped in Dora paper, my DD has been hiding it...It's yarn I just know it is. (the kids told me, but they can't read well and don't know what kind or color, mil tried to hide it from them while they where out west visiting her when I had my surgery, of course they called me that day and told me too, what good kids!) I can't open it yet, have to wait until DD comes home from school... I better put the package back right where she hid it so I can be surprised....

I did make a cake, but had to cut a piece so I could take a picture...heehee Hope the kids don't want to use candles 29 AGAIN!! After knowing DH for about 10 years daaa ya think he's buy me a cake or know to go to an Italian bakery for a Italian Rum Cake(but I don't ask either)...Just because he doesn't like cake, I usually buy him either a pie and write on it with frosting or carrot cake the only things he really likes. I do get to go for Chinese food for dinner though!
Now the cake was suppose to be checkerboard like but not perfect only my 2nd time trying to do this type...Chocolate & French vanilla flavored...

Will have to post pressies either later tonight or tomorrow.......Yeah yarn porn! ;o)

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11/01 Anniversary, we'll Never forget!

Remembering our horrible tragedy today 5 years ago! A good friend survived some awful smoke inhalation while at a coffee shop across the street as she and friends watched! and all those who lost loved ones.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Interesting Sock

Yes another tease of a new knotty design coming out soon.....
If you like the way this is looking in black/white watch in the upcoming weeks on how to get this one and see better views and close ups soon.

Not your typical sock.....
this one shows bumps yes it's suppose to. Who does that to sock design? I do! In case your wondering it's very comfortable and fits like a glove with or without shoes...

I will post pre-ordering information as soon as it becomes available

Monday, September 04, 2006

Long Weekend!

I've done absolutely nothing all weekend, went to the store once for a couple things and some movies, been on the couch watching movies with DH & the kids relaxing.. I didn't pick up not one WIP. DH isn't home much and had the whole weekend off except for a couple alram calls because of the wind/rain setting them off or something, he just have to run down and reset the alarms
However I did manage to do this
just a basic stst sock in an Opal

Ok Now why I'm up early too 5-6am (everyday)?? Why? Getting to much rest of what? but I still drag throughout the day and need lots of caffine!