Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beautiful Day sat Sea!

All weekend the Cape Cod waters were so calm for and for busy times at sea,. LOTS of people out enjoying the weekend! A few bumpy waves...

bye bye to the canal the large ship is the Mass Maritime Academy

my little girl got brave and stuck her head out of the bedroom sky light window but didn't care to much for the wind....

edited on Wednesday morning to update:
Well yesterday I had to go to town for a DR appointment after kids left on the bus.. When I was on my way home about 1/2 mile from the house I drove by a police car thinking nothing of it, Opps he was attempting well suppose to be blocking the road and not letting traffic by, he flagged me to stop...Asked me where I was going? Duh home? He asked where I lived then said everyone is Saying they live off that road.. I sitting there saying no I really really do, here's my license.. He wouldn't even look at it and told me to turn around I couldn't go home and didn't say why said to go down to rotary 5 miles down the road around the rotary and down another road another 5 miles and ask the fire dept police on that end?? Can't they just use there little walkie talkie thing they have??
Well I have to drive around down the other way to find they blocked off with 2 towns firetrucks hoses, policemen and 2 gas companies..and telephone company.. I found out what was going on though.

the telephone company tried to replace a telelphone poll and while digging hit a mail gas line from company #1 then continued and hit gas line #2 of another gas companies line.. Ohhh joy!! I didn't realize it I couldn't smell to much.. My nose burns ALOT though so I knew something smelled the closer I was to home.
Parked and my and my DH walked through a little woods to the next street over to go home...heehee and be nosy too... Found another police officer whose a neighbor of ours and asked him if we could go home, he said if you really want to.. Well we don't' have gas I didn't understand so his buddy from the fire dept and some man from one of the gas companies said we could as long as we kept the doors & windows opened and if we started to feel ill, dizzy, lightheaded, sick or anything we'd have to leave.. So we went back and got the car and he moved barrels & cones to let us though.. YEAH! My son was very happy, he was sick of driving around.
after we were in the house a very short time, I could taste the gas.. So I knew it had to be bad and were less then 50 yards from the leaky pipes so we went for walk around and watched all the excitement, one of the neighbors we seen told us that eariler they seen flames shooting straight up in the air from the leaking pipe in the ground and how scary it was!! Also there was a very LOUD explosion! Good thing we weren't' here..
Gas makes me so nervous, that's why we still haven't converted out heating system yet!
Scare was over after dark at some point and they were there letting traffic though around 8-9pm but one lane so you were stopped for a good 10-15 minutes before the other side could go though.. I had to go out grocery shopping took DH a long time to get in and home from work about an hour and a half long.. So by the time I left they still had traffic stopped but they were finishing up about 10pm last night..


Rain said...

Hope they fix it quickly.

cpurl17 said...

Scary!! Hope everything's ok!!

drlaura said...

what about your trip to boston?
how are you today??

love the blog pics. i really want to knit a moebius myself!
you are very spoiled girl.
lots of goodies!

blessings, :L

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I hope everything turns out ok about the gas leak!

aija said...

Hope you get back in soon (without the smell!) :)

wendy g said...

Hope everything is ok.

Annie said...

Ack! Is everything ok? Looks like a canal cruise, maybe??

Hope all is well!

Karen said...

That's scary. I hope everything is back to normal soon.