Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday & FO & crisis's

Inbetween small crisis's my little one had his 6th birthday
He also insisted on a 3D baseball cake!
That he got I managed to jungle that in somehow, don't' ask I have no idea.
I don't' even remember doing it really..

2 days after his party he had a very lengthy type of generalized type of seizure, once I realized what was going on and had 2 drs on the phone, yelled for a neighbor to help and had to get rid of all the kids that were in my backyard, call 911 and stay with the DR s on the phone telling me what to do and not do... while waiting for 911 response to show up. When the fire Dept & ENT showed up he was just coming out of it and becoming semi cautious, thank God it was well into 10-15 minutes by then at least! It seemed like ALOT longer....
the DR also sent him home with an EEG attached to him for the entire week...He's had way to much seizure activity and the machines battery packs kept running out within hours.. I guess apparently he's been having clusters of them 50-100 per day which we have no way of catching.. How could anyone.. (still beating myself about that one)\
I did managed to get these socks done for him, which HE LOVES! He wants to wear them all the time. Pattern from Vintage Socks Child's French Sock, I used Trekking XXL size 0 needles.
Now he cant' wear socks without shoes on at all because it can create static electricity and give his brain shocks...

The DRs don't' understand and seem to think it's another form of epilepsy then originally diagnosed with back in March of this year.. It's definitely not an easy one to deal with and also effecting his entire brain now not just partial as I was told in the past.
Not sure how to treat yet eitehr.. I'm so frustrated and have had to deal with the school NOT meeting his needs and saying he shouldn't be in school, even though the DR wants him to be.. So The superintendent has allowed me to be his shadow in school because they don't want the responsibility or liability of him while in school, so now I have no time in my life for anything else...

EDITED TO ADD:on top of this on Friday late morning I had to leave the school for another emergency with my niece She went in for a routine surgery like I had last year on sinus's and deviations of her nose.. well after they brought her to the OR her mom left for a while, the DR said about 4 hours or so.. We never expected after she was put under for anything to go wrong..Well after about 1/2hour to an hour into getting her asleep and preped in the OR,etc. They tried several times to incubate her but totally unsuccessfully. Then did an immediate pedi scope etc.. (she's 24 y/o) and still unsuccessful so they DR couldn't go forward with her surgery as planned and called immediately.. Well they believe that her tracheal is smaller then the inside of a straw..Normally it should be about the size of your thumb... Extremely narrow and very serious., She was moved to the ICU unit which I seen her between leaving the OR recovery room and before getting up to the ICU.. I walked with her, she tried to talk to ask about my son... She's so sweet but I was more concerned about her at the moment..
I'm helping her mom to get her up to the Boston area hospitals and the appropriate care and treatment plan. Possible totally reconstructible surgery with prosthetic trachea..or whatever they recommend but most likely not a good candidate for any stents ..All her life the DR keeps getting on her about her breathing that it's Asthma.. Now the hosptial is convinced that she probably doesn't have asthma yes on allergies ...
Also that anyone in the family that has been diagnosed with Asthma, premature at birth, underdeveloped lungs at birth, hmm oh and RSV an an infant as well would all be reason for this problem or even a cogentital birth defect.

Hmm yep my son will get reevaluated as soon as we get through the next few weeks with the seizures again and back to a normal dull roar around here. He was a premie, RSV, immature lungs at 40% at birth, has moderate to sever asthma...

She's out of ICU and home now on all liquid medications, including antibiotics pending further treatment plan until then she get afford to get ill.. Tough time of year with that one...

All and all Today has been a better day for all of the family.. Now to educate ourselves before all the appointments & meetings start up this week.

Monday, October 08, 2007

WIPs & TIPs (thoughts in progress)

I went to start or swatch if you will with the pink yarn for the Campanula socks and this yarn just isn't going to work out.. So back to dive into stash to find something or maybe a totally different color who knows.. hibernating now....

So I proceeded to work on a sleeve for the Everyday Cardigan using Lane Cervinia Londra (alpaca/wool/acrylic blend)This one will most likely be a gift because I have a different yarn in mind for one for myself....

Friday, October 05, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Join the KAL

Of course most of you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Stop by and Join the KAL/Cause for Campanula for the Cure if you haven't already

I have't been diagnosed with breast cancer but was 18 years ago with cervical cancer,a few surgeries, a hysterectomy and minor set backs, very lumpy & fast growing breasts these last 5 years which had a large recent reduction (14lbs!) but am finally totally cured and finally cancer free for 5 YEARS next month!! WoooHoo!! Definitely a reason to celebrate for sure!!

I found this beautiful pink yarn, the perfect pink shade too I thought

what do you think?/ 500 yards and ohhh so very soft!
I need to cast on very soon!! Sock Wars and Tea Swap 4 is coming soon!

Hope to see some familiar faces over at Campanula for the Cure!!

Happy Knitting and Have a Enjoy the LONG weekend!