Monday, March 31, 2008

WIP Progress on Sock Yarn Blanket

actually yes seeing progress.....60" wide and just a out 12" length so far.....starting to use some yarns for the 2nd time around.....WOW! Sure is making progress but very very slowly....lots of stitches time and not to mention loads of sock yarns!

so far I've only done larger square which you can see here in the purple/gray
still needs lots of sock yarn but have some to keep me busy for a little while anyway

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Dish/Wash Cloths

Hey better late then never! I know they don't' take no time but I've been so busy
(the link for the monthly KAL is above click on the lighthouse for direct link to join)


Here's my bunny cloth, knitted with a dark purple & white KOS yarn

and football cloth knitted with a Lily sugar & cream ombre yarn

getting ready to upload progress on my sock blanket this weekend too so come back to see those too...Actually really got some progress...;o))

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yummy Braids!

this beautifully dyed domestic top roving from A Little Quacky! Very bouncy! Looking forward to getting on my wheel again very soon!here's a little closer view of its beauty! Very springy.. This girl here has severe spring fever and allergies in full swing!! This will make some beautiful yarn!
I just couldn't seem to resist this stitch marker... Just too cute!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Updates to my Etsy Shop and more!

We've all been home with the flu, only 1 trip to the hospital....of course with my son....
He has and still is running VERY HIGH TEMPS!! Needless to say I haven't been sleeping to much or all that well, sore achy body, my bones are cold! I feel a sore throat coming. croupy cough...ewww!

With all the sicknesses I've had some quiet time to make some mini sock earrings.

Very addicting habit with those small leftover pieces that can't work for a square on my blanket....of course to match my socks too..;o))

there a few pairs up for sale now $20 each pair included with FREE plastic easy grip stoppers

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Sock Blanket WIP

as you can tell some progress since the last update......It sure is a Great little take along anywhere anytime type or project knitting the squares....

hard to tell and to get the whole width/length into one photo

so here's some closer views and the first larger square

I haven't actually taken any measurements just yet but it fits on top of queen bed widthwise only and doesn't hang off at all....after I get more length I may add more width, haven't decided yet, so may squares!
Will be a WIP for quite a while I think!

I will never refuse anyones leftover sock yarns thats for sure!