Friday, March 07, 2008

Sock Blanket WIP

as you can tell some progress since the last update......It sure is a Great little take along anywhere anytime type or project knitting the squares....

hard to tell and to get the whole width/length into one photo

so here's some closer views and the first larger square

I haven't actually taken any measurements just yet but it fits on top of queen bed widthwise only and doesn't hang off at all....after I get more length I may add more width, haven't decided yet, so may squares!
Will be a WIP for quite a while I think!

I will never refuse anyones leftover sock yarns thats for sure!


drabiner said...

A while ago I saw your post about the LARA sweater, Debbie Bliss Pattern...was wondering how it turned out and if you were happy with it. I am thinking about starting it. Did the CASCADE 220 work out many skeins did you use?


soapy said...

I tried to respond to you but you didn't leave your email address
email me

drabiner said...

Batty said...

Happy and colorful... it's going to be gorgeous!

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