Saturday, March 15, 2008

Updates to my Etsy Shop and more!

We've all been home with the flu, only 1 trip to the hospital....of course with my son....
He has and still is running VERY HIGH TEMPS!! Needless to say I haven't been sleeping to much or all that well, sore achy body, my bones are cold! I feel a sore throat coming. croupy cough...ewww!

With all the sicknesses I've had some quiet time to make some mini sock earrings.

Very addicting habit with those small leftover pieces that can't work for a square on my blanket....of course to match my socks too..;o))

there a few pairs up for sale now $20 each pair included with FREE plastic easy grip stoppers

also my husband & I had to re-evaluate on how where going to keep up and pay for the continued treatments and stuff regarding my son's medical care! So we started on on line business thats great, flexible and will work into me continuing to stay home to care for the kids and take care of all my sons medical expenses while he continues to work 2 full time jobs.....

We were invited to take at close look at this opportunity and it works! We enjoy sharing the business with people and showing them how it works too.
I understand it's not for everyone and so many can really benefit form it without even knowing of doing anything.

Our goals is for him not have to work all the hours and have the extra income at the same time within our first year.

Of course we also invite everyone to help us advertise our online website


Please do keep in mind
you don't have to purchase travel, not everyone travels, but click on the extras and check out so much more
Ever purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle?? Please feel free to ask away and get a free code to print out and take to your dealership with you for extra savings, concert tickets, your local attractions, spa visits, car rentals, sport events, plays, musicals, golfing, skiing, send flowers though the site too, and so much more!

If you'd like to see how this program works and how you can benefit too leave me your email address and I can send you more info and a short video to watch. You would also get a ton of tax savings even the join fee too is tax deductible! Fully accredited and lots of perks too!

100% of ALL our profits from both my etsy shop and our business site all go to help benefit our son!


Batty said...

The sock earrings are adorable!

Dkswife said...

Those earrings are so darn cute!!!

((Hugs for your family!))


wishing you and hubster all the best with your new business ventures!