Thursday, June 29, 2006

Voting will end soon

Stop by and take a look at the lateest recipes

theres lots of great recipes from people, but feel free to vote for mine....LOL
using chamomile & spearmint teas....

voting is almost over Friday June 30th before midnight...

not much else to report except WIPS

heres some socks in the works

Lets Twist Again onthe top left side is completed already (previous post)
the others have long over due some attention.. Severe S.S.S.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Busy Week but with Goodies!

Been a busy busy week and it's only Wednesday! Monday night had CT and seen the DR again had a scope though my nose while in the office last minute thing.. Wasn't very pleasent back again today with CT films in hand, surgery is scheduled for end of July
Mon & Wed have pre ops stuff and concent forms paper work, etc. Treatment week of remicade too. Another CT scan next week and the week after. After the surgery about the 5th day and there after for a couple weeks will have to have the DR replace bandages, remove splints and mini ice packs that will be inpacked in my nose. Won't be able to breathe through my nose for the first week because of this, no sneezing or blowing... YIKES!! After the sinus surgery, rebreaking of the nose and strightened of the deviated septum and clearing up all the blockages and whatever else tey need to do.... I maybe able to breathe again without having cronic sinus infections.. I will have a bad one from surgery they expect that and a couple procedures will need to be done afterwards.. Kinda shot my whole summer plans out! Will be going away Aug.for a week or so before school starts again Aug. 30th. my DD started summer reading camp this week at school last day July 20th (I think thats the day of my surgery too)

Need to find out the dates of the State fair I was planning on doing a spinning demo with the guild ladies... depends on the timing.

Some were asking about this TENS unit machine thingy I have now attached to the hip
heres a picture and link to a site with a little more info. The unit cost my insurance company $725.00. This is the link to the model I have pictured here. and a little cheaper. If nothing else works GREAT for those knitters painful wrists, arms tendons, elbows, hands...not sure about everything else yet still too new to me to know.

last night I finished my first sock from the whenever sock kit group list. Still waiting for my bottle swap to arrive from that list too. The list is great you don't have to order every month whenever, participate as much or as little as you like.. Come on over! Laura did a wonderful job with this pattern and choose AWESOME yarn. Louet Gems Opal 100% merino superwash... Her new book Friendly Socks will also be out soon to!! I pre-ordered a signed bookplate number copy lucky #13~
lots of sneak peaks on her blog

It was so much fun knitting this design and will be a nice cushioned heel too...I'm awaiting some more of the cuff yarn as soon as it arrives the mate will be done in a jiffy for sure!

Another swap arrived which I don't usually post all my swaps unless there from SPs..... but I had to I feel so privedged and spoiled I had to show a couple off. I was only expecting the yarns and they were stuffed in this lovely felted bag for me.. Suprise I had to show it off.. Nice thick fabic and very roomy. Thank you so much rmturtle from the knitty boards It's GREAT!

not only that I sure am feeling spoiled looksie what the kitty found in the mail today!! She must inspect!

another swap from Sadie j from the knitty boards My new spinning toy a Navajo Spindle and look at all the churro wool roving in chocolate brown on the right not sure what type of wool on the left, which I wasn't expecting all that and she included an extra surprise to she knows me so well.. Sock yarn! A skein of Sockotta... so I will think of her everytime I wear my new socks.. I LOVE this color too.

I sure feel like I'm being such sweet & generous ladies! Aren't other knitters just the BESTest people in the WORLD!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flashing Future Socks

Reenie from the knitty boards has requested a flash peak of future socks, and yes about 98% of these have plans and patterns picked out...
I'm only posting offical sock yarns not other yarns I use for socks....I'd be here all Please keep in mind that this is 98% of my complete stash! ;o)) Some are spoken for and recented purchased for SPs but included anyway.. Enough here for 100+ pairs of socks!! I really didn't know how much I had until I started taking these pictures.. I have it stored well!!

Ready here we go! starting with my cube of sock yarns is 14" x 14" then of course my WIPs which is separate

here's whats inside


moving onto Lorna Laces

then a couple trekking XXL (which I really wnat to get more but I never see them), 1 Strumf, 2 magic stripes, 1 step, 1 scheepjes & 1 swizzle

3 silja (which is DS spiderman socks so only counts as 1 pari....heehee), 2mod dea, 2 fortissima, 2 Dgg, 2 skecel, 2 cascade sassy strips, 2 interlacements,

for knit picks 4 sock garden, 5 landscape, 2 parade, 1 dancing, 2 espirt, 2 puzzle, 10 fixation

2 bonkers, 1 vesper, 2 Cherry Tree Hill, 1 curious yarns, 1 mountain colors, 3 STR

3 sockotta, 5 kogiu, 2 natural dye studio,, 1 NZ, 2 schachenmayr crazy cotton (up for swap), 4 BS Wildfoote, 2 jawool Cotton, 4 Jawool wool, 4 regina, 4 fortissima

3 KP dye your own fingering, 2 briggs & little, 2 regina silk and 1 curious kitty

2 and 1 more opal in 2 center pull balls.

1 bag of leftovers from a swap I just recieved

Ok I'm done with picture taking for now but I did forget a few full skeins.. ekkks~!! I'm TOTALLY embarrassed enough...
I won't say how many on the needles or ready to be cast on or take off and some others I just can't upload more this post alone may take some forever to open as it is...Dont' want to make any longer....
I have completed more then 20 pairs since Jan 1st. (that I've posted about anyway) heehee
I have a couple parital cones too..1 1/2 skeins Louet Gems Opal, 2 skeins German socka, 2 skeins Apple Laine, One Louet Sales Merino (enough for 1 pair of socks left) and some mohair, cascade indulgence and handspun hasn't made it to photos either..
and Guess what???


Monday, June 26, 2006

Blue Fixation

Have a fixation for more summer socks with cascade fixation fit like the peds use too. Used size 3 and 36 sts fits ok but next pair will use size 2 and 40 sts...Curious to see the difference in fabric....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Herb Chicken & No Frizz Conditioner...;o)

The Polls are open now for my Herb Chicken recipe...feel free to stop by and vote anytime from now until Friday.....Thank you for your continued support...

Also made a big batch of conditioner for the summer..Apple Mint scent is what I'm calling it.. I love the texture feel silky soft. leave in or rinse out.. Great for the ends and we enjoying diluting it 1:8 or so for a anytime spritz and detangular. Use on wet/dry hair, never leaves a sticky feeling but acts better than anything I ever bought and the best part No FRIZZ!!! Now I like my trying to grow out that acquard stage

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Socks, Sockies and Soxies

Taa Daaa~! thir weekend debut! Matching soxs... for me, keys & ears....all the same colorway Opal Silk.... all knitted with DPNs sizes 0, 1 & 0000
Patterns by
Sue Morgan
Debbie Jennings
Carol Sockery
click on photo to enlarge

Friday, June 23, 2006

Calculate YYP and more Great Tips!

You can calculate yards per pound easily by winding a single bobbin of yarn
to a skein
with a known diameter - say 2 yards.
Then weight that skein carefully.
Count the number of strands (rounds) in the skein and multiply by
diameter of the skein. You now have xxx yards of yarn that weighs x ounces. Divide the
yards by ounces and multiply by 16. You have yards per pound of yarn, assuming that you spin pretty
To know how many yards for your blanket, then compare your ypp with
commercial yarn, knit a test swatch, and spin a bit extra to allow
for it.

Approx. estimates for projects

Remember There is never too much Fiber! LOL

Alway's purchase more than you think you will need for a project..Just like yarn fiber does have a dye lot.

These amounts are estimates. Design, thickness of yarn, size will effect amounts.

To spin for a pair of socks 4 oz.

Average size adult vest 16 oz.

Average size adult sweater 24-32 oz.

For other styles, check your commercial pattern for yarn weight requirements and add 20%.

First when choosing a particular yarn for a garment or accessory keep in mind the way it will be used once finished and the effect you want either color or texture as well.

Yarns for Baby's - are treated to be softer and to be and to withhold frequent washing & drying. Best yarns are baby or fingering weights in 100% wool for white lacy heirloom shawls, sport weights nylon/acrylic blends worsted weights with pearlized threads nylon/acrylic blends and 100% wool in the softer colors for cozy type of sweaters and booties

Crisp Cool yarns - 100% cotton, cotton blends, silks and linen are also great for summer but can be used all year round as well.Hardwearing of course a plus.Also used for throws and cushions too. Worsted weights, denim yarn fades and ages like jeans, tweed yarns with a touch of silk are great for holiday wear. worsted DK cotton great for crisp ribbed sweaters, worstedDK linen with or without viscose has great draping quality, sport weight mercerized cottons have great sheen, and also a cotton slinky ribbon yarn is great for summer evening wear

Yarns with Texture - knit these in a simple stockinette stitch for their beauty. velvety, soft, chunky chenille and fun furs, too.
Mohair makes great huggable sweaters.

Aran medium weights sport weights, kids mohair creates a more delicate look.

Tweeds are suitable for city wearing.

Boucle yarns are great for summer tops.

For a fun look you can knit in funky yarns variegated or bold colors,

fleeces are great for outdoor garment.

Yarns with Sparkle - lurex & viscose blend are perfect for evening wear and great to add to fair isle knits as well for a wonderful accent.

Metallic embroidery threads add sparkle when combined with plain yarns

A couple things for Edging on garmets, afghans, even socks....

Cable Edging

once worked up you can pick up and knit onto your item from where you want to edging or finishing

cast on 8 sts
row 1 (RS) ps,k4 p1
row 2 k1, p4, k3
row 3 p3,C4F, p1
row 4 k1,p4 k3

repeat these rows to desired length

Picot Point Edging

These can be worked in any size or different sizes, alternating for a wave type effect. You can sew tassels to the points if desired or add beads to the points.

cast on 2 sts
row 1 K2
row 2 yo, k2
row 3 yo, k3
row 4 yo, k4

continue until desired point is reached working in even amounts of increases countiue from beg of patt with another needle until desired length is achieved. knit across all the points continue to garter stich to your item and cast off.

Have Fun!
Enjoy the Weekend!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

235932 Stitches!

What does one do when giving yourself a time out break? hmmmm

Yes your looking at 235932 stitches for these babies. Used size 1 2.25mm Britney DPNs
using Opal Silk #1121 yarn pattern designed by Sue Morgan (includes a gift pouch which I haven't made yet)cast on 60 sts. Fit medium adult...Fits me perfectly !!!
I counted each and every last stitch including the grafting stitches in the toes....117966 stitches each sock.. I have #1120 to do too....another 235932 stitches to go! I just love this yarn and they soften up with each washing too..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some Fibers Info

yarns are spun from natural or synethic fibres.

Natural Fibres:

Alpaca - hair from the alpaca (llama)
Angora - hair from the angora rabbit
Cashmere - hair from the cashmere goat
Cotton - plant fibre from the boil of the cotton plant
Lambswool - sheeps first sheering usually the softest
Linen - plant fibre fromt he stem of the flax plant
Merino wool - from the fleece of merino sheep
Mohair - from the angora goat, the softer and finer kid mohair is from the kid goat
Shetland wool - traadionally from the shetland sheep
Silk - continuous filament secreted by the silkworm larva
Wool - from the fleece of a sheep

Synthetic Fibres

Acetate, rayon and viscose - chemical treatment of cellulose fibres from wood pulp

Acrylic, polyester & nylon - made from petro-checmicals, nylon is the strongest textile fibre, elastane is an elastic fibre

Fiber Characteristics

Fiber Where it comes from Fiber characteristics

Alpaca Hair of an alpaca Comes in many natural colors
Lustrous, strong fibers
Angora Hair of an angora rabbit Silky, soft fiber
Can be dyed
Extremely warm for its weight
Camel Down from a Bactrian camel (two humps) Available in "camel" color only
does not accept dye
Very warm
Cashmere Undercoat hair from a cashmere goat Expensive
Very soft
Fragile and delicate
Cotton Inside the pod of a cotton plant Heavy
Accepts dye well
Stronger wet than dry
Machine washable
Linen Inside stalk of a flax plant Extremely strong
Takes dye well, but is often left
Becomes smoother and softer with age
Stronger wet than dry
Mohair Hair from an angora goat Accepts dye well
Durable, strong, resilient
Very warm for its weight
Long, lustrous staple
Qiviut Down of a musk ox Extremely soft
Accepts dye well
Very expensive
Ramie Nettle plant
Similar to linen -- often used as a
substitute for linen
Accepts dye well
Rayon Manufactured from cellulose in wood pulp or cotton Absorbent
Accepts dye well
Stretches, but will
recover in dryer
Weak fiber
Most common type of
rayon is viscose
May shrink if not
laundered properly
Silk Filament unreeled from the cocoon of a silkworm (tussah silk comes from the wild silkworm)

Smooth, shiny, strong fiber
Thinnest of all the natural
Accepts dye well
Resists pilling
Drapes well
Stronger dry than wet
Wool Fleece (hair) of a sheep

Comes in natural colors: gray, brown, white
Accepts dye well
Contains lanolin, a natural oil that is
Breathable -- keeps the wearer warm and dry
Water- and soil-resistant
Good insulator -- lots of warmth for its
Will felt if subjected to heat and friction
Naturally flame retardant
Staple lengths and properties vary with
different breeds of sheep

There are a few others I purposly left out.. Way to expensive to use for anything maybe a knitted ring.....these are the most used anyway.

More info tomorrow

Monday, June 19, 2006

Shetland Top

Busy week ahead but I have been getting some fiber fun in too! This is some single Shetland Top being spun on my Ashford Traveller Wheel 357 yards of singles

then navajo plied (3 ply) into a skein for approx 120 yards... as soon as it's set I'll have 2 skeins with nothing in mind to do with...

hmm what to do with approx. 240 yards of luscious fine Shetland....dye, socks, leave white for lacey socks, hat mittens? probbaly will go into a basket with some other skeins for now waiting patiently for me to play with them again
next up on the spinning wheel will be some absolute beautiful black alpaca fleece compliments of my dear friend fromfiberfabricsoapaholicgave me some gorgeous fleece last year...
Thank you!! My bobbins is screaming, whining and empty give me A-L-P-A-C-A B-A-B-Y!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some Weekend Updates!

Besides, cleaning the car inside/out, laundry, shopping, yard work, counting stitches on a sock I'm knitting and pluging away at some WIPs....all the normal weekend chores and things (since it's not raining)
Looksey what my Lovely DS had done instead of coloring and cutting his pictures like he was supose to be doing, he took it upon himself to destroy his blanket that I made 7 years ago

here's a close up, not sure I can even attempt to fix it or match up the yarn....;o((
Gotta love him! You should've seen his socks that he was wearing....

Now he insists on me making him another blankie.... I told him when I get a chance I'm working on one now for the living room with alpaca which he can NOT have, but I will make him a fish blanket since it's been on my to do list anyway and I've made a couple fishies already just haven't been in any rush....

We did finish all the German treats this past week.. Here's all the toys from inside the chocolate eggs that my lovely SP8 sent me a couple weeks ago...I know very surprising they weren't all gone the first couple days.....heehee I've been really good and stretching the treats out

Hope everyone enjoys Father's day!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monkey Yixing Teapot?

I picked this tea pot but I was hoping someone has more info on it then I have.. there's no imprint on the bottom but it does have a tag on it that says

'This teapot is made from purple clay, a substance found only in Yixing, China, prized for it's fine texture and porosity. Purple clay absorbs the flavor and aroma of brewed tea, a desirable quality that increases over time. beautifully handmade with a red-brown color attained after firing, the highly collectible teapot will be a cherished treasure in your home for many years to come.'

I'ts a small one I'd say one cuppa
there was a small sticker on the bottom that said for decorative purposes only? this is where I'm totally confused? Is it really or isn't it? It probably is a fake knock off since it's not stamp but then again I'm not sure.. It's my first one hoping that someone may know more info and will let me know.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

STR Rock `N` Weave

New STR fairgrounds colorway from Blue Moon
Needle Us Sizes 4 on Cuffs, 2 Gussets to Toes & 1 Heels DPNS
I'm going to have to rip and redo one of them.. Do you see my dilema?? Look closely to the cuff direction....urghhH!

I can't decide on buttons I narrowed it down to 4 different ones
close up of 2 here

the other 2 buttons here, still not sure which to use once that decison is made I think I'll knit them on instead of sewing them on

I really have some pooling effect going on, even with all the colors too.. I was very surprised oh well I still like them It's a great mixture of the pooling and stiping going on....

A quick update my knitty friend who recieved the STR Xmas Rock socks says there a perfect fit. She posted to her blog here Yeah!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Well I've been thinking so just a thought I've been with blogger for over a year now and have learned alot curious if I can or should move my blog soemwhere else....or stay with blogger??

Any suggestions?

Should I stay with blogger or should I try to move it somewhere else

kinda like the format blogspirit has and a couple others

stay with blogger
blog spirit
blog easy
please share details, experience tips advice, etc.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Quick Updates

I finished James Frey second book last night My Friend Leonard defiantely another page turner.. Wish theres was another one, I always hate ending a book and wondering after getting to know all the characters.

On with some knitting news I'm 3/4 way done with my STR fairgrounds Rock & Weave socks which I think I'll have to frog one and redo it....;o((( errrr! Thats what I get for knitting while I'm sleeping I guess.....otehr then that I really
haven't done to much latley been so busy offline but.......

Look what I found in my Opal Silk?? a couple knots@! I must have the worst luck with my yarn purchases...

here's a little tease a sneak peak of some texture of my new sock pattern will post as soon as it's available with details of where and when

picot cuff & round toe patterned heal is optional

Elmo tried them on, he was bummed they didn't fit!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My First Baby Graduated!


3 generations My mother, daughter and me in one picture!! No One has seen this all of us together let alone in one picture no fighting arguments in almost 20 years!!

Then one with her step mother- Yes my ex was there too we actually got a picture of us with her to...

her we are....haven't had any pictures in a long time with my ex....ekkks! My daughter will have this one for a long time... I hope....

Both my girls, my little girl was soo very proud of her big sister, too! Yes, I had to get a picture with her diploma.. Sentimental thing...

I'm so proud of her after all the BS and crap over the past few years I'm so glad she made it, by the skin of her teeth too! She Aced all her finals! Amazing for someone who likes to go out for breakfast and doesn't think she needs to be at all her classes that they should wait for her to show up late, doesn't do homework, assignments, etc..... Teenagers!

I'm glad it's over and were all in one piece and moving on.. She was hunched over the entire ceremony in pain.. The DR wanted her at the hospital to check her for kidney stones but I wouldn't let her miss graduation so we had to drug her up and go to the hospital afterwards but at least she didn't miss her big day!
She's feeling a little better still unclear about the stones urine looks like theres blood & calcium but the blood works it's low and not scene on CT and other tests.. DRs say it's very odd but want to keep on eye on her. Both her father, myself and mother and my little one has all had kidney problems, stones, etc.. She's doomed I think! Plus her back is still hurting from last weeks bike accident. I'm sure she'll be fine soon... All she does is whine & cry in pain! I'm just so glad she done with high school! It's been one nightmare after another...
Oh can you believe she wouldn't let me wear my socks with my birks as I usually do! Some nerve ay?! So I carried them in my purse....heehee

Friday, June 02, 2006

STR Socks!

Just a simple sock but really neat... The cuffs, heels & toes are worked in garter stitch and the rest in St. Stitch. I made them for a very sweet lady for a little gift to show how much I appreciate her friendship and gifts. I've had lots of fun making these and not much pooling for the first time I I hope she enjoys them and being introduced to STR yarn It was so hard to part with them too I liked the way they came out alot! (I'm not usually a bright color type either, so very unusal for me)
Used US size 1 needles 2.25mm and can't remember for sure but I think it's Xmas rock colorway.
I can't say the size because then she might know there for her and she hasn't recieved them just yet, they in the mail on they way to her now. I can't wait until she gets them so exciting! I sure hope they fit too makes me nervous not seeing the foot myself or doing proper measurements. (yes I know she blog stalks me)
A few more days she should have them.....YEAH!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Knitty SP7 & Gift day I Guess...... P@RN!

First thing this morning my sweet cousin gives me a box of Godiva!! She's she sweet & thoughtful she got them as a gift from her boss at work for Secretary's Day! She doesn't like Dark Chocolate can you imgine!?!

I immediately dug right in can you tell.....BREAKFAST!! with my morning coffee.. YUM!

Then to my suprise again! Second day in a row I was suprised and it's June 1st?
My SP& starts off with this package of goodies dont' you just love that paper confetti! How fun!

She wrapped everything too in tissue paper so the digging was fun too!

Inside I find 2 skeins of DGB self striping sock yarn in chocolate/gray/white, circular needles ID tags for both small and large needles.. WOOHOO Those annoying Addis imprints rub off the cords so easily after the first use and after a while the packages get in rough shape, I keep meaning to order then from Knit Picks but always forget..then a package of write on tabs, maybe I can get my binders of patterns organized I really am thankful for my SP in helping me organize my things now I have to admit I procrastinate a little bit it's knitting time you know.......then a tin with Kermit the Frog on it of mints and a bag of Lindt truffles!!

Doesn't the ID tag look perfect on my addis! ;o)

Here's a close up of the yarn, almost good enough to on the photos for closer views
THANK YOU SP! I see that you've been leaving me LOTS of comments and Pms it's been fun! hmm Now who are you?? heehee Your address looks very familar.....:o? lol
{{hugs}} I Think you know me pretty well too. Thank you again! I LOVE everything! This next couple months will be interesting I'm sure.. ;o))) YOUR GREAT!!

Then this tea company Sarah Woods Traditions sent me a few samples of some teas they carry, single bags but they have both bags, loose & lots of accesories, European coffees, cookies, spices, honey & chocolates!...

then last but not least Toni from The Fold sent me a sample card of their New STR by Blue Moon variety of weights top is lightweight needles size 0-2, middle is medium weight needles size 1-3 and bottom heavy weight needles zie 3-4

With all this excitment this week and with my daughter's Graduation coming up Saturday morning early.. Looks like it may rain too! YUK!! I can't find anything to wear yet.. Runnning out of time and haven't had much of it to knit either.. Still plugging away at some socks trying to get a couple pairs finished up at the same time... couple more rows until I reach toes then I can post pictures and cast on more or maybe work on other projects. Hands have been kinda sore the past couple weeks so I've been taking WIPS pretty slow...

I'm trying to follow along with Summer of Stash not sure I can do it but I'm going to try my hardest!

Heres the rules:

1. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, no yarn purchases allowed. You must knit only from stash.
2. Each SoS team member may have up to two exceptions to their rule this summer. For example, if you find us after Memorial Day, you are welcome to join later, and simply designate a later start date as your exception.
3. Challenge yourself to reduce your stash in creative or generous ways. Share your projects and ideas with other SoS-ers.
4. Rules apply only to yarn purchases. Books, patterns, and needles/notions needed to complete projects are allowed and encouraged if it gets you through the summer.
5. Plan and post about special Post-Labor Day Reward.
HURRY sign ups end Monday June 5th!

Have a great Summer of Stash! (I'm scared! I do have to shop for my Sps though not me.....It's going to be sooo tempting!)