Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monkey Yixing Teapot?

I picked this tea pot but I was hoping someone has more info on it then I have.. there's no imprint on the bottom but it does have a tag on it that says

'This teapot is made from purple clay, a substance found only in Yixing, China, prized for it's fine texture and porosity. Purple clay absorbs the flavor and aroma of brewed tea, a desirable quality that increases over time. beautifully handmade with a red-brown color attained after firing, the highly collectible teapot will be a cherished treasure in your home for many years to come.'

I'ts a small one I'd say one cuppa
there was a small sticker on the bottom that said for decorative purposes only? this is where I'm totally confused? Is it really or isn't it? It probably is a fake knock off since it's not stamp but then again I'm not sure.. It's my first one hoping that someone may know more info and will let me know.



crazycatladymel said...

It's adorable, but I wouldn't drink from it. Who knows what they used in the glaze? Too bad, though. Looks like it's time for a shelf of adorable, collectible tea pots.

BTW - since I usually read from Bloglines, I haven't seen your new theme. Too cool! My fave colors, and love the banner.

:L, Laura said...

it looks like it's made out of chocolate.
surely you can write to where you bought it from?

those stickers may be std like the ones that say dry clean onlyh

aurora said...

Very cute! I agree, it looks sort of like it's made of chocolate.

Fake or not, it's gorgeous!