Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some Weekend Updates!

Besides, cleaning the car inside/out, laundry, shopping, yard work, counting stitches on a sock I'm knitting and pluging away at some WIPs....all the normal weekend chores and things (since it's not raining)
Looksey what my Lovely DS had done instead of coloring and cutting his pictures like he was supose to be doing, he took it upon himself to destroy his blanket that I made 7 years ago

here's a close up, not sure I can even attempt to fix it or match up the yarn....;o((
Gotta love him! You should've seen his socks that he was wearing....

Now he insists on me making him another blankie.... I told him when I get a chance I'm working on one now for the living room with alpaca which he can NOT have, but I will make him a fish blanket since it's been on my to do list anyway and I've made a couple fishies already just haven't been in any rush....

We did finish all the German treats this past week.. Here's all the toys from inside the chocolate eggs that my lovely SP8 sent me a couple weeks ago...I know very surprising they weren't all gone the first couple days.....heehee I've been really good and stretching the treats out

Hope everyone enjoys Father's day!


Anonymous said...

Too cool! Thanks for posting a pic of the toys inside, I'm always curious to see new ones. I don't think I've ever seen 1/2 of the ones you got! I admit, some of them are so weird, but I think that's why I like em! I'm always amazed that I hardly ever get a duplicate!

-- Your SP8

Fiberbliss said...

Kinder Egg toys!! My daughter's favorite candy. She and her best friend still look forward to them when her friend's dad sends them. It brings back fond memories of their younger days. Too bad they do not sell them here.