Saturday, June 10, 2006

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Well I've been thinking so just a thought I've been with blogger for over a year now and have learned alot curious if I can or should move my blog soemwhere else....or stay with blogger??

Any suggestions?

Should I stay with blogger or should I try to move it somewhere else

kinda like the format blogspirit has and a couple others

stay with blogger
blog spirit
blog easy
please share details, experience tips advice, etc.



dr laura said...

since you asked ...
if it were me, i'd stay with blogger, AND start another elsewhere.
that way you've got continuity and security while making the move.
my biggest professional lessons have always been about ole Murphy - aka murphy's law.
these are the unexpected things that happen.
so you NEVER redo your entire computer or use a new program when you have a deadline... too risky.

:L, Laura said...

2nd thought
wipe this one, or cut some stuff?

SpiderWomanKnits said...

I use Blogspiritand it is great but you have file limitations which will eventually force you into a fee. Also, they don't offer their free subscription anymore so you will have to pay monthly.

Blogger is great because you just don't have any limitations as to how many pictures you can upload and blogs you can have. You know you can change your template too if you want a new look.

That being said if you are feeling like you are outgrowing Blogger I would suggest you look into TypePad and Blogspirit which offer more options but charge for it. Hope that helps :-)

Sandra said...

Stay with yout man, I mean blogger!

Martita said...

Blogger has been kind of sucky lately, and I've thought the same thing. I'm just not sure my blog is worth $60 a year to me (the sites I've looked at have $5/month as the cheapest.)

the kitchener bitch said...

Blogger is the suckiest. think about your own server space/domain name (it costs me $8/month) and WordPress. I'm very happy with the results of having switched over - WordPress is free and very powerful, and more importantly it looks great and is easy to use. I'm much happier having ditched blogger for my own site.