Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry I've been offline a while......

LONG HORRIBLE STORY which I don't care to relive some short highlights...Was like one thing after all at once...
my 8yo son was hospitalized for a while.. then myself been in/out too. Did manage to finish some classes.. Medical ~ DONE!! Phlebotomy! Done!
Finished up some projects around the house.. Working part time right now. Cant do anymore.. My son has been a FULL time job...Some days very difficult!
Finally he has been diagnosed with Autism!! HUGE issues with the hubby!!! Wasn't expecting that! The most recent were dealing with is pituitary gland... Endocrinology/polyendocrinolgy issues. New med made him gain 20lbs in a very short time! He is now finishing 2 double mixed antibiotics for cellulitis...Terrible!!

On a happy note my oldest daughter had a baby boy

Bodin born 5-22-10

Having some issues being a young
Life is challenging and still trying to get some normalcy...What is normal anyways!? I don't even know...