Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ohh Got these in time

Going to surprise my DH this week for our anniversary with these

he has no idea and really likes Celion Dion... We got together and always played her CDs dancing around the living room, you know way back when before
$100 + each kinda crappy seats but well be these in August!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mail Deliveries!

First up
this AWESOME tea Kettle from Adagio
with my own personal Signature Blend that I personally created! It's surprising very good too!
It's very smooth soothing comforting and enjoyable while I sit relax watch TV knit or at my desk..... You can order yourself a can for $10 direct link also on my side bar as well as help yourself to a $5 Gift Certificate too!

the post is a bit pricey but well worth it!

some may not realize that you don't' always want to make teas with boiling water, temperature actually really does play a role in a great tasting cup of tea

My favorite feature on this is this neat dial green for green, white & light oolong teas and the brown for black herbal and darker oolongs....
Since I've really seriously noticed a difference in my tea! I HIGHLY recommend this kettle!

also look the pretty label on the tin with the tea name & my name! I also uploaded the photo
it's a nice blend (shh can't tell you my secret percentages....LOL) but I will tell you it's the perfect blend of a black (cream tea), chamomile and peppermint (and not over powering)
As soon as I created this there were 2 orders...As some of you know this is just one avenue of earning points , also your own orders, referrals and gift certificate redemptions.. It's like getting back 10% of your own personal orders too.....You can trade in the points for teas or anything else they sell...I've been ordering from them for about 6-7 years now and is one of my favorite tea companies......right up there to #1

I also received my new scale this week.. I needed a new one. my other one is mainly for my soap making measurements but doesn't go to these smaller amounts like this one.
It's a My Weigh Palmscale 6.0the appropriate amount for a cup of tea is 2.5g of course each variety of tea doesn't all weigh the same as a teaspoon. Some volumes are much larger than others depending on the eight of the leaves/herbs......Also this is approx. the weight on a tea bag. Example: his is mine tea from above
Here's the tea brewed after 4-5 minutes, yes this is also one of there teaware cups

their a current promotion for spending over $50 besides free shipping they connected with another great tea company called Zarafina
so with the order from Adagio they are offering FREE just pay them Shipping $5.95) through the link provided from Adagio at checkout (it is optional) a $40 value

They arrived separately in this reusable or storage tin. Packed very very well

Very cool saucer savings on the circle where the cup sits each piece is signed and numbered.
even included lids. I'm looking forward to trying them....

These really are so much prettier in person

I also use alot of my teas for cooking replace water or liquids with stronger brewed tea for marinades and give lots of flavor to other food.... I have another blog where I've posted some of them.. I've also won a couple times with my recipes though Adagio on the Tea Chef site.
Also they have a forum (teachat) similar to knitty......(where I'm also 'Soapy')

Hope to see some of you over there

Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

It's April and between all our birthdays & our anniversary this month not sure how much knitting time I'll be doing. Went on a mission to find the guitar pan and all the stuff I needed
my daughter changed her mind a few times last week of what kind of cake she wanted...errrr!

So it was settled and mom stayed up until wee hours to get this done Friday night for Saturday afternoon for our first BBQ party for the season! ;o))
I was very tired and just couldn't get those strings straight.....
she was excited, a couple of friends had mixed reactions ... both those girls also have invited my daughter to their parties next week..... mines the goofy one in the middle......also the tinniest of the 8 y/o

I swear that 1 candle was NOT a trick candle but she had a tough time blowing it out, took about 3 or 4 times.....