Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

It's April and between all our birthdays & our anniversary this month not sure how much knitting time I'll be doing. Went on a mission to find the guitar pan and all the stuff I needed
my daughter changed her mind a few times last week of what kind of cake she wanted...errrr!

So it was settled and mom stayed up until wee hours to get this done Friday night for Saturday afternoon for our first BBQ party for the season! ;o))
I was very tired and just couldn't get those strings straight.....
she was excited, a couple of friends had mixed reactions ... both those girls also have invited my daughter to their parties next week..... mines the goofy one in the middle......also the tinniest of the 8 y/o

I swear that 1 candle was NOT a trick candle but she had a tough time blowing it out, took about 3 or 4 times.....


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like she had a great time!!

Batty said...

Happy Birthday!

That's a very nice cake. Love the strings and the details. Yum, guitar cake!