Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can't wait for this year to be over!!

Last week our fridge kept shutting off/on and defrosted lots of stuff, tossed it out, had to order a new one from Sears. It was delivered Thursday then that evening my washer started grinding! YIKES! Waiting a couple weeks on that one so the laundrymat has been my new hang out now. Dh is on vacation this week and it hasn't been such a vacation. This year has thown us some very trying times hard times, sad you name it anything else that could go wrong has, anything else that could possible happen just wouldn't faze us at this point... Just when you think things are bad they get worse so nothing at this point can hurt us I don't think! So can't wait for this year to be gone and hoping for a New year real soon that hopefully will start off better then this ones ending...
Trees down put away, decorations done with that, rake the frozen leaves and branches, hoping the tree will not fall on the house this winter we cut it back as much as we could for now until we can get the two that could be dangerous taken down in the spring.
So we ready BRING IT ON!!!! lol
Have 4 appointments with DRs the first week of January then a few more after that then more tests with the caridolgists for the kids, retests on myself my blood has been low and possible need a transfusion which so far I've refused treatment at this point to much going on. Already spent way to much time with several DRs last week in the mists of things. Had 3 opinions and I really just can't deal with anymore at hte moment so going with what I need to do in order of prioirty and I'm putting myself last right now I feel OK why make it worse. Then one DR suggested B12 injections which put me in caridolgy floor for telomentry (sp) for 8 days the last time so I said no way to that too! Been living with a thalesemia which isn't sickle cell anemia but very close in describing it. So theres no point in a transfusion or anything else unless there willing to do a stem cell transplant I'm not interested nor have the time to waste to have a temp bandaid for the moment, so I re~did my proxy and they have to listen now.....Who knows maybe I feel differently in a couple months. Right now I need some rest & relaxation I think it'll be the best medicine in the world for now!
Enough of my boring pathetic life ramblings same ole crap different day.
I'm a horrible mom I didn't get my DD snow white sweater completed yet still working on the front but all the other pieces are done. see........

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mr & Mrs Gifts were a hit! FUNNY!

I found his pattern in a few places but ended up using this one from Queer Joe's Blog and her's from Knitty They were definately the most talked about gift on Christmas Eve at our family party! They were hung from the tree with love that evening and there children woke to ask their parents what they were? hmmmmm Glad I was home.....heeeheeeeheee
Ok back to spinning & knitting orders to finish and DD gifts to finish & start the gloves for my DD too...

Friday, December 23, 2005

My Presents! ;o))

I recived my present to myself to issure that I had something that I really wanted......heeeheee It's sooo soft and I can't wait to spin it up. It's 100% superfine 80s combed top merino wool, dyed beautifully I have to add.. I have sandstone & abalone
colorways... Susan provides the BEST service is sooo patient as I had such a hard to choosing the colorway and couldn't make up my mind
She has them on special right now at 15% off here the link to her website Susan's Spinning Bunny Super fast shipping to, she also included a fresh piece of lavender herb in each package. If you never ordered from her before, don't hesitate you wont' be sorry for sure!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tree Sweater Cozy

tree sweater
Originally uploaded by Dabbler.
Still trying to figure out how they got this on the tree and each branch? Can you imagine? Kinda neat isn't it......A tree cozy

Click here

Monday, December 19, 2005

Knitty SP5 Secrets out!

She mosty certainly didn't forget about me and all the thought and kindness from her has been soooo much appreciated too!! I most definately have the sweetest SP5 on knitty! Danielle (nonokitty).
She has definately spoiled me over the past few months. UGE {{{HUGS}}} and Thank yous go out to her for sure.
Check out her last package, she sent a very nice note, knitted a cute felted bag for me, 2 skeins of wildfoote brown sheep company sock yarn coklor is master grey like a green/black/grey/white tweedy color very nice, 2 skeins of cascade fixation in lt green solid, beautiful 2 oz merino combed top hand-dyed roving by herself which I can't wait to spin up & set of US#4 Comfort zone DPN from Knitting On The GO These needles are a set of 6 too! All comfort colors and what a lovely surprise this week for sure!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yankee Swap Gift!

We had a good time at our guild meeting the other night, great food, company and lots of great gifts! This is what I brought home. it' a cast iron ram sheepy.. heavy!

Then I got this in the mail that I'm spinning for someone and she bought me some to... Quiviut! Luxury fiber for sure, needs a bit washing first then will be ready to spin...Not much to pick only very few guard hairs, whoever did this did a pretty good job... I'm just picky...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tea Cozy

I know ot a very good picture but it's a felted teapot cozy in holiday colors red/green.
Were having a grab at our guild party tonight so I hope the lucky receiptant enjoys it, now I need to make myself one or two after the holidays at some point when I get around to it.
Back to some unfinished projects

Friday, December 09, 2005

Found it!

YEAH! We found DDs hat this morning. The morning bus driver found it yesterday afternoon and couldn't find the owner so figured it was a kindergardener.. She happy again for now..

Other WIP have been the front design of her Snow White Princess sweater! (sleeves & back are complete)
11 bobbins oif yarn hang off it and getting all tangled up every other row! It's fun to knit though after this only a couple more to do..Cinderella & Ariel! Yikes! Whaat did I get myself into this time.... heeeheee I'll get them done in a timely manner anyway since she asked so nice damanding sweet kinda way....LOL
Last night my 17 y/o asked me to knit her a pair if long fingerless type of gloves since it's snowing of course wants them right away in a sparlkly type of thin yarn with beads and desgin... I told her not that quick and the beads will freeze and fall off she's not buying that and wants them anyway! (I really don't enjoying knitting with beads!) She doesn't mind waiting until after Christmas for them, hmmmm how thoughtful of her???
Hourglass is shaping up nicely and still plugging away at some other projects. Haven't spun anything lately or soaped anything new yet ;o((
Still need to cast on my DS spiderman socks. Joke gifts are on the way started the uterus the other night at our local stitch-n-bitch at Borders the other night. What a fun topic and lots of laughs was only three of us Martha, Ben & myself. Yes I had the uterus pattern out in public and working on it! LOL Now almost ready to cast on the willie warmer. Maybe I'll wait for the next meet up to do that one......heeheeehee

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Warm Mittens

My kids are constantly losing mittens & hats my DD already lost a new cupcake hat working on more but she got her warm red mittens!