Friday, December 09, 2005

Found it!

YEAH! We found DDs hat this morning. The morning bus driver found it yesterday afternoon and couldn't find the owner so figured it was a kindergardener.. She happy again for now..

Other WIP have been the front design of her Snow White Princess sweater! (sleeves & back are complete)
11 bobbins oif yarn hang off it and getting all tangled up every other row! It's fun to knit though after this only a couple more to do..Cinderella & Ariel! Yikes! Whaat did I get myself into this time.... heeeheee I'll get them done in a timely manner anyway since she asked so nice damanding sweet kinda way....LOL
Last night my 17 y/o asked me to knit her a pair if long fingerless type of gloves since it's snowing of course wants them right away in a sparlkly type of thin yarn with beads and desgin... I told her not that quick and the beads will freeze and fall off she's not buying that and wants them anyway! (I really don't enjoying knitting with beads!) She doesn't mind waiting until after Christmas for them, hmmmm how thoughtful of her???
Hourglass is shaping up nicely and still plugging away at some other projects. Haven't spun anything lately or soaped anything new yet ;o((
Still need to cast on my DS spiderman socks. Joke gifts are on the way started the uterus the other night at our local stitch-n-bitch at Borders the other night. What a fun topic and lots of laughs was only three of us Martha, Ben & myself. Yes I had the uterus pattern out in public and working on it! LOL Now almost ready to cast on the willie warmer. Maybe I'll wait for the next meet up to do that one......heeheeehee


fickleknitter said...

11 Bobbins! You are the Knit Master!

Mandy said...

I love it! What a cute hat!