Monday, August 29, 2005

Look what arrived today! I'm Being spoiled now!!

Geez! I thought we weren't going to see mail today since it was way past 5:00pm! Anyway purlpower package! I sure was surprised as ever!! wasn't expecting any package from the UK today thats for sure. Besides my ink cartridges and bills looksie what arrived all wrapped it was like Christmas! (my birthday isn't for a couple weeks)    It sure was an early present for me! and SUPER DUPER FAST SHIPPING TOO!! Your card should be going to to you shortly I had to sign it
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OT OH!! Yes it's chocolate 2 bars too!! YUMMY!! Box of Darjeeling Tea (the champagne of teas) wonderful soft mystery wool that drafts very easily, such a dream on my wheel, which is calling out to me now... Help! where are you this stuff is hanging waiting for some attention! Sure is very soft, I'm spinning so very smooth, thin & even too. Wait to you see, I don't want to jinks and show it off until I ply this one Then a skein plus maybe another one wounded of Point 5 by Colinette, I'm guessing maybe fruit coulis Its gourgeous wool thats for sure thick/thin now to figure out what to make with clues as to what would be worthy of such nice yarn.. Although I could buy more to make a sweater jacket. It's wonderful wool thats for sure. I'm soooo spoiled this stuff sell for $22-23+ per skein around the US. I'm trying to bid on a couple skeins on Ebay now! I haven't seen such nice yarn like this since my very first  couple skeins of my own handspun and I don't think I can spin like that anymore, people did warn me too, I knitted up a pair of socks with my yarn I made and there the best warmest pair of socks that I own!
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I think I have a good friend over there in the UK!!?? I have to figure out something special so she won't forget me and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.....Now I need to teach myself how to spin like that again...Speaking of which my wheel is yelling at me to come back now.......;o)))))))

Looking forward to tea & chocolate tomorrow for sure.. What a treat!! WOOOOHOOO!

thank you so much now are you sure your not my SP too?? Love ya!! Lots of purl power!!

You've got to be one of the sweetest people on knitty....

This was great after I long week - weekend and day! I missed hte fair yesterday I'm soo bummed it was the last day,too! I haven't done very much but go back and forth to the chiropractor everyday I've been hurting so bad, this is a new experience well see giving it time as they say.. I'll try anything once maybe twice if it's good. thats my favorite last saying/quote....but I think Mae West had it first, well my time it's me!! ;o))


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another Fair & WIP

Well, today heading back to the Marshfield fair for a spinning demo/bee!!It's my wheel and I first anniversary! Boy have it been a LONG educating year for sure.. I jumped right in with both feet and research & learned so much more then some.  Who would've thought! 2 wheels later and thrid be scooped out. Althrough I started spinning before the wheel with spindles I don't dare pick up a spindle right now, maybae in the future....

A defiante work in progress the Ample British Gansey socks, it's been slow going but almost there need to cast on that second sock right away . I joined 2 sock swaps one Sheep Thrills and the other at Towsend sock group in my side bar, the pattern is from the Six Sock A Long. and one of my lucky partners will be receiving these...
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Had to clear off my bobbins and get ready so last night I finished my gifted roving

all and all I ended up with approximately 109 yards.. hmm what to make?? fingerless gloves's soft and very neat colorway all the way from the Wool Fest in the UK!  WOOHOOOO PurlPower! Now she needs to get spinning soon too!! Thanks again ;o)
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Friday, August 26, 2005

SP5 Reveils & Strikes Again

Here's my final package from my (blogger) SP5

YEP! More chocolate! I sure have been spoiled with chocolate lately....hmmm

Schoeller Stahl socka yarn, my first set of size 2 Brittany needles..can't wait to cast on, dark chocolate bar and chocolate dipped biscuit sticks... looks like I'll be snacking and casting on tonight

Thank you Reina! You've been wonderful!  and check this out..........
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 the sock yarn matches my new car!! I traded in my green minivan for this last week!! Great color isn't it!!  lol Too weird I had  the same color Ford Explorer about 3/4 years ago traded it in for a green minivan then traded the van (which btw I hated!) for this......Must be the awesome color! Who knows. You've been wonderful, thoughtful, sincere and dedicted SP.. I had lots of fun sending mine off and receiving yours.
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~ {{{HUGS}}}

also what lovely cards, too!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Back from the Island Fair!

Had a Great weekend! The weather was awesome we had alots of fun over at Marthas Vineyard. I Island was totally packed with people I think the count was up to 81000 people visited the fair. we had  a blast spinning all day wish we stayed to the end but we had to catch a ride from locals to the ferry and stand in line for the boat to take us back to the mainland..Half the fun was getting there and we were all very tired by the end of the day. I made lots of new friends, fibery friends. Everyone was great! Looking forward to going over more often to spin with the people on the island every montht hey get together I hope to make it as much as possible..They were just so much fun & pleasant to be around. Relaxing, non-stressful. Who could ask for a better weekend then that and even the fiber gifts.. WOOHOOO!! Gotta love fibery friend.....I was so busy that I forgot to take my camera out of my bag, I did bring it......LOL As much talking The only downside of the day was the dog show spooking the alpacas in our tent.They did eventually calm done oh the Llamas went home because of the dogs, bummer but left some fiber gift behind.. WONDERFUL FIBER!  Yes, we had a huge tent with alpacas, sheep & goats to keep us company along with lots of spinners, weavers & knitters. Very nice, sharing, caring and helpful folks! (and in MA??)

as I did I still managed to get alot done. Heres a pair of LynnH socks that I did over the weekend. I used US 4 DPN needles using a wonderful cotton blend yarn Bertagna Filati fashion. Love the pattern for these type of socks the sole is purls so you have a better fit & feeling on the inside when wearing with a shoe/clog or hanging around. A very well written pattern and can be done with any type of yarn or gauge..Wonderful! Did I mention it's a free pattern too. Six pages but nice to use again and again.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

One Skein Wonder - Complete!

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All done!! phewwww! Thought I wouldn't have enough yarn then someone said oh no you have to rip out 6 rows it'll be huge! I did finished it off. Got it on but needed DH to drag it off me with my arms bent in back!  I tried her's on and she said it fit perfect so I was the same size.. hmm I think it's because her's was in cotton and mine's in merino which the cotton has more stretch then wool for sure.  My 5 y/o Katie really likes it and wants one in pink same size arms are a bit big but it's like a short sweater on her.... should I frog it and make it fingerless gloves or what to do...... I wonder wonder wonder what why?

FYI:  One skein wonder takes more then a skein of snobbie yarn this was 2 of Debbie Bliss with scraps leftover to tie some handspun with.

the pattern's here if someone wants it. $3.75 paypal downloadable

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

fiber Spun & rambling Vineyard here we come!

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Here's a skein of the roving PurlPower   sent me the other day I spun some up. It's approx 175 feet, 58.3yds,  32 gr,  3 ply. soft  and will become something soon....Am working on spinning up the rest should be able to get almost the same yardage maybe a little less not to much. I just might have to make her something since she doesn't spin yet....hmmmm.. really need to get this lady spinning soon!! She's such a sweet heart already sent me some Rowan Cork  extra as along with our swap package so she's just a spoiling me now.. When she's least expecting it  she'll have  a nice surprise too. She has patience of a saint and dealt with me right?!  ;o))))


At least she doesn't consider me SPAM PIA(pain in the ass) like some people who just ignore me and block me like a disease of virus and blame me and/or my poor little computer that they don't get my emails...hmmmmmmm  I'm used to it

I have to clear off all my bobbins for our trip to Marthas Vineyard this weekend for a spinning demo and stuff.. Who knows.. It's always fun over there.. taking the first ferry out. HobbyLoft, her mom, MaggknitsSweetJade and I... With wheels in tow.. Wonder if they'll try to charge us for a vehicle rate with our wheels. I'm going to try to conceil mine and all my stuff in a HUGE duffel bag case on wheels.. Much easier with the traveling

Just hope the weather holds out for us.. So far so good... but ti's still only mid week ya know hump day!! All can change in the matter of mintues around here. Good Ole New England forcast.One side of the house could be bright and sunny the other damp, raining with thunder & lightening. No Joke I seen it sleet and sun at the same time but different side of the house.. So we'd sit by the driveway instead when the hails coming......


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Icky & RAOK Mail Today!

Well I just got my mail and icky I was assigned for JURY DUTY!!! Why do I always get picked like clockwork every 3 years to the day I swear!! I save the 2 best ones for last after opening the icky bills tossing the junk junk

I was totally surprised by this one for sure! NO warning nothing!!   This is what was inside the package all wrapped pretty and I handmade envelope out of magazine page so kwel!
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After opening them all check this out!  The card was made by purlpower and needlefelted the design so cool a lovely note inside. The PO has lost a package a while ago but the first package had most everything and 4 extra skeins of cork that she RAK'd that I wasn't expecting. The missing package may still show up if it was held by customs for some reason or damaged they wait for so many days, weeks or months who knows how thats determined but I've seen packages show up as far as 2 months or so.

We're enjoying a cup of  lovley Organic Jasmine Green Tea. Smells wonderful too! It's tea time and delightful amazing mouth watering rich flavored flakiest milk chocolate. Hmmm This is good!!!!  Meanwhile,  fondling the Rowan Big Wool! (not sure how one gets sick of Rowan yarns?!! I think it's my soul mate yarns!)  I've always been wanting to play with some BIG WOOL!  ;o)))   After I need to take a break from the same ole white merino hanging off my wheel to spin some lovely dyed roving here... Hmmm I'm stuck it could be a merino blend I think. Thank you so much Helen for all the kind words and thoughfulness you certianly made my day!

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Then I recieved a RAK from Deb aren't these neat and so smoothly polished. Very neat! Thank you so very much! These will be on needles before the nights over... Working on 2 clapotis's and already thinking of 2 or 3 more.. YIKES!! Yep I'm crazy!!
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To think I was going to post some works in progress... Good thing I was hesitant about that idea.. Maybe later this week or weekend

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Cool Stitch Markers!

Recived another package today from a SMSP (stitch marker secert pal) Swap. She sent not only stitch markes but a neat book thong (aka~a book mark) I beleive the book thong she made in all square knot by table knitting or I-cord hard to say.... I could be wrong , also a neat postcard from Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.. Yes!  I like them and will be using them shortly! 
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Here's  a close up of these cool markers. Neat shells and the detail even eyes on the sea horses.. very kwel!! There adorable! Thank you very much SMSP!!
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can't wait to find out who all my pals are too.....The way I did it was put all names by a number in a hat then had the kids pulled out numbers then matched and assigned numbers to each person so mine are secret pals too.....If I did some investigating I could figure it out but I won't I'll be waiting to the end like the others it'll be fun!

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!

Monday, August 08, 2005

It's a Cocktail Monkey Bag (Black Kitty bag)

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A Cocktail Monkey Bag (Black Kitty bag)It's all done except I thnk I'm going to sew in black lining with an inside pocket later in the week.I used a hemp/cotton blend because I did't want it so stiff and eyelash I carried along the top a couple inches. I also made it higher about 9-10 inches instead of the 6" the pattern called for. It a real nice size...My DDs both liked it.. WOW!! (coming from a 17 y/o!!)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mail waiting for me! No Bills Today!!

Elaine from Wooly Bear Ltd was so very generous and sent me these for socks...WOOHOO!! Aren't they lovely all silky cotton poly blends.. Yummy. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to casting on
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Then Dreamy sent me this looks like a cute sock monkey right??   Wrong!!
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It's a cool postcard knitted!!! Where does one find such fun cards??

 then my first package arrive from the Stitch Marker Swap1  How neat &  exciting!!
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Wool and Wool/Silk Skeins

This I did with some wool roving and sari silk together, was playing around to see what it'd become.. A neat novelty yarn  about 26 yards triple plied.  I didn't like the singles but now thats it's plied I think it may grow on me but what to do with it???
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Some wool triple plied skein and tied ready to be handpainted soon....will probably become socks someday or send it off as  a RAOK to someone........
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Mini Spinning Bee

This we had to spin as fast as we could.. It was fun! Interesting but fun! Only one drive band snap and not'e my results... ;o(( Isn't the tag cute Maggie has a stamp for the wheel but drew the bees herself sooo cute!......I spun about 86+yards here. The winner spun 112 yards. We were spinning against a timer for 45 mintues..
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I did win this basket of goodies! Shetland top, tussan/linen, rayon, borders gift card, a wooden sheep, 2 spinning wheel stamps and ink pad , over 14oz of fiber!!
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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Soap Sacks Busy! Whats next?

Been busy knitting soap sacks for an order, here's about 22 . they hold a big bar of soap or you can use them for soap scraps with herbs or for herbs and hang over the spout while filling the tub for a tranquill bath
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Now look what they came out with now..Hostess Charlie and the Chocolate factory ~ Chocolicious Wonka Cakes YES purple frosting top with orange swirly things and purple creamy filling!!
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Now here's my latest pattern for a soon to be on the needles project!! 


Yes, Eris from the Girl from Auntie Now it's a combo of 2 patterns in one you can make either or both V neck cardigan or pullover. Since Vogue worked up quickly and nicely. This one of course would be great in wool but can also look good in a cotton, silk or some other great fiber blend to show off the beautiful cabled design...... Oh and BTW ~ just to for warn you if your going to purchase it and/or print it out be sure to have lots of paper in the printer and INK! It's 40 pages! I took a shower got dressed and it was still printing!
Now on the prawl for the perfect yarn!  Like I don't have enough projects or yarn........NOPE!! Seriously NO!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Eyelet Socks

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 my DD she picked out the yarn, silja hot pink used size US 2 needles Dpn altered the pattern from Vogue Knitting Socks Two on the go! Now my little man wants his socks and NOW! He'll get them just not right this minute like he thinks. Very demanding child

now to finish the Rowan cardigan sweater for her to match before school starts at the end of the month.....

Monday, August 01, 2005

SP5 Strikes again!

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Yep another package arrived at the doorstep just minutes ago!! 2 skeins of lovely sock yarn from Knit Picks sock garden 'pansy', dark chocolate and a bar of  Texas Bluebonnet soap from Austin Soap!!

Thank you Secret Pal!