Monday, August 22, 2005

Back from the Island Fair!

Had a Great weekend! The weather was awesome we had alots of fun over at Marthas Vineyard. I Island was totally packed with people I think the count was up to 81000 people visited the fair. we had  a blast spinning all day wish we stayed to the end but we had to catch a ride from locals to the ferry and stand in line for the boat to take us back to the mainland..Half the fun was getting there and we were all very tired by the end of the day. I made lots of new friends, fibery friends. Everyone was great! Looking forward to going over more often to spin with the people on the island every montht hey get together I hope to make it as much as possible..They were just so much fun & pleasant to be around. Relaxing, non-stressful. Who could ask for a better weekend then that and even the fiber gifts.. WOOHOOO!! Gotta love fibery friend.....I was so busy that I forgot to take my camera out of my bag, I did bring it......LOL As much talking The only downside of the day was the dog show spooking the alpacas in our tent.They did eventually calm done oh the Llamas went home because of the dogs, bummer but left some fiber gift behind.. WONDERFUL FIBER!  Yes, we had a huge tent with alpacas, sheep & goats to keep us company along with lots of spinners, weavers & knitters. Very nice, sharing, caring and helpful folks! (and in MA??)

as I did I still managed to get alot done. Heres a pair of LynnH socks that I did over the weekend. I used US 4 DPN needles using a wonderful cotton blend yarn Bertagna Filati fashion. Love the pattern for these type of socks the sole is purls so you have a better fit & feeling on the inside when wearing with a shoe/clog or hanging around. A very well written pattern and can be done with any type of yarn or gauge..Wonderful! Did I mention it's a free pattern too. Six pages but nice to use again and again.

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thanks for the link to the socklets, I shall definitely be making a pair of those one day. I love the colours of yours and what do you know, the free pattern is in my shoe size, it must be fate!

I um, posted you the final part of your consolation prize today but in my fibro fog forgot to put the card in with it, so be on the look out for a package over the next week or so. Don't make a fuss about it - I maintain that you deserve it because you spent so much on posting soaps to me. So there!

Jennifer said...

Socks look lovely and sounds like you had a great time!

Sherry W said...

Hey soapy thanks for the link, I was looking for a pair of footies!

Amelia said...

Those little socks look very comfy. They've bumped the aircon up over here so I could do with a pair of those.