Friday, August 26, 2005

SP5 Reveils & Strikes Again

Here's my final package from my (blogger) SP5

YEP! More chocolate! I sure have been spoiled with chocolate lately....hmmm

Schoeller Stahl socka yarn, my first set of size 2 Brittany needles..can't wait to cast on, dark chocolate bar and chocolate dipped biscuit sticks... looks like I'll be snacking and casting on tonight

Thank you Reina! You've been wonderful!  and check this out..........
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 the sock yarn matches my new car!! I traded in my green minivan for this last week!! Great color isn't it!!  lol Too weird I had  the same color Ford Explorer about 3/4 years ago traded it in for a green minivan then traded the van (which btw I hated!) for this......Must be the awesome color! Who knows. You've been wonderful, thoughtful, sincere and dedicted SP.. I had lots of fun sending mine off and receiving yours.
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~ {{{HUGS}}}

also what lovely cards, too!


Organic Homen said...
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Jennifer said...

What great SP gifts! I had such a nice experience with blogger sp5.

Reina said...

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it! (My new blog addy is yaaaaay! :)