Wednesday, August 17, 2005

fiber Spun & rambling Vineyard here we come!

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Here's a skein of the roving PurlPower   sent me the other day I spun some up. It's approx 175 feet, 58.3yds,  32 gr,  3 ply. soft  and will become something soon....Am working on spinning up the rest should be able to get almost the same yardage maybe a little less not to much. I just might have to make her something since she doesn't spin yet....hmmmm.. really need to get this lady spinning soon!! She's such a sweet heart already sent me some Rowan Cork  extra as along with our swap package so she's just a spoiling me now.. When she's least expecting it  she'll have  a nice surprise too. She has patience of a saint and dealt with me right?!  ;o))))


At least she doesn't consider me SPAM PIA(pain in the ass) like some people who just ignore me and block me like a disease of virus and blame me and/or my poor little computer that they don't get my emails...hmmmmmmm  I'm used to it

I have to clear off all my bobbins for our trip to Marthas Vineyard this weekend for a spinning demo and stuff.. Who knows.. It's always fun over there.. taking the first ferry out. HobbyLoft, her mom, MaggknitsSweetJade and I... With wheels in tow.. Wonder if they'll try to charge us for a vehicle rate with our wheels. I'm going to try to conceil mine and all my stuff in a HUGE duffel bag case on wheels.. Much easier with the traveling

Just hope the weather holds out for us.. So far so good... but ti's still only mid week ya know hump day!! All can change in the matter of mintues around here. Good Ole New England forcast.One side of the house could be bright and sunny the other damp, raining with thunder & lightening. No Joke I seen it sleet and sun at the same time but different side of the house.. So we'd sit by the driveway instead when the hails coming......


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OMG! it looks amazing all spun up! But please, you shouldn't send me anything because you have nothing to apologise for! I'm so pleased you have been able to use the roving. I bought it at Woolfest with you in mind but it took me a long while to feel well enough to sort out parcels and things. Have a great time at the spinnging demo, it sounds great. I am still waiting for my boss's wife to invite me round to learn on her wheel, she's a doctor so is very busy, but I am hopeful to get there before Christmas!