Thursday, August 04, 2005

Soap Sacks Busy! Whats next?

Been busy knitting soap sacks for an order, here's about 22 . they hold a big bar of soap or you can use them for soap scraps with herbs or for herbs and hang over the spout while filling the tub for a tranquill bath
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Now look what they came out with now..Hostess Charlie and the Chocolate factory ~ Chocolicious Wonka Cakes YES purple frosting top with orange swirly things and purple creamy filling!!
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Now here's my latest pattern for a soon to be on the needles project!! 


Yes, Eris from the Girl from Auntie Now it's a combo of 2 patterns in one you can make either or both V neck cardigan or pullover. Since Vogue worked up quickly and nicely. This one of course would be great in wool but can also look good in a cotton, silk or some other great fiber blend to show off the beautiful cabled design...... Oh and BTW ~ just to for warn you if your going to purchase it and/or print it out be sure to have lots of paper in the printer and INK! It's 40 pages! I took a shower got dressed and it was still printing!
Now on the prawl for the perfect yarn!  Like I don't have enough projects or yarn........NOPE!! Seriously NO!


Jennifer said...

40 Pages!!! Holy Moley! It's a beautiful sweater though.

Martita said...

I liked Rogue better as a cardigan but I like Eris (?) better as a pullover. It looks prettier without that zipper down the middle, I think.

Cheryl said...

I'm in love with both the cardigan and the sweater. And like you, I can not take on any more tempting as it may be!