Monday, August 29, 2005

Look what arrived today! I'm Being spoiled now!!

Geez! I thought we weren't going to see mail today since it was way past 5:00pm! Anyway purlpower package! I sure was surprised as ever!! wasn't expecting any package from the UK today thats for sure. Besides my ink cartridges and bills looksie what arrived all wrapped it was like Christmas! (my birthday isn't for a couple weeks)    It sure was an early present for me! and SUPER DUPER FAST SHIPPING TOO!! Your card should be going to to you shortly I had to sign it
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OT OH!! Yes it's chocolate 2 bars too!! YUMMY!! Box of Darjeeling Tea (the champagne of teas) wonderful soft mystery wool that drafts very easily, such a dream on my wheel, which is calling out to me now... Help! where are you this stuff is hanging waiting for some attention! Sure is very soft, I'm spinning so very smooth, thin & even too. Wait to you see, I don't want to jinks and show it off until I ply this one Then a skein plus maybe another one wounded of Point 5 by Colinette, I'm guessing maybe fruit coulis Its gourgeous wool thats for sure thick/thin now to figure out what to make with clues as to what would be worthy of such nice yarn.. Although I could buy more to make a sweater jacket. It's wonderful wool thats for sure. I'm soooo spoiled this stuff sell for $22-23+ per skein around the US. I'm trying to bid on a couple skeins on Ebay now! I haven't seen such nice yarn like this since my very first  couple skeins of my own handspun and I don't think I can spin like that anymore, people did warn me too, I knitted up a pair of socks with my yarn I made and there the best warmest pair of socks that I own!
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I think I have a good friend over there in the UK!!?? I have to figure out something special so she won't forget me and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.....Now I need to teach myself how to spin like that again...Speaking of which my wheel is yelling at me to come back now.......;o)))))))

Looking forward to tea & chocolate tomorrow for sure.. What a treat!! WOOOOHOOO!

thank you so much now are you sure your not my SP too?? Love ya!! Lots of purl power!!

You've got to be one of the sweetest people on knitty....

This was great after I long week - weekend and day! I missed hte fair yesterday I'm soo bummed it was the last day,too! I haven't done very much but go back and forth to the chiropractor everyday I've been hurting so bad, this is a new experience well see giving it time as they say.. I'll try anything once maybe twice if it's good. thats my favorite last saying/quote....but I think Mae West had it first, well my time it's me!! ;o))


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I'm so pleased this package arrived so soon! I have learnt my lesson and am only sending packages by Signed For from now on. It is worth the extra shipping costs for the peace of mind. I forgot to put a note in the box explaining what everything is! The Colinette adds up to 2 skeins in total which should be enough for 2 hats or a small scarf, or you might just enjoy stroking it like a pet! The teal coloured wool is merino, I think, and I got that at Woolfest from Scottish Fibres, there's a link to them on my blog. And you know that this 'spoiling' as you call it is really just making amends for the post having lost your package all those weeks ago!
Good for you trying the chiropractor, although it can hurt, I have been finding it very beneficial. There are different types of chiropractory though, do you know what type your's is practising?
Now, when exactly is your birthday?