Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stitch Marker Swap Questionaire

Do you prefer shorter or more dangling type of markers?

both for diferent projects

Is there any kind of markers that you would absolutely NOT want to recieve?

nothing that will catch my yarn

Colors you like most?

with markers I'm not fussy I like them all of course espeically ones that are unique

Colors you like least?

can't think of any

Would you prefer markers for smaller or larger sized needles?

either but mostly US 0 - 15 I only have one larger I think, but not used very often...

Do you want your sender to reveil themselves when there shipped or at a later date?
and How would you like to find out if at all?

will be at the end

Anything that you like your sender to know that would be helpful for them

I do collect nautical things especially lighthouse, tiny socks, chocolates of course...

more shopping before coming home!

We hit a farm stand for some of Ohio's grown sweet corn, Tennesse's BIG HUGE tomatoes, and real roll butter!  Can you imagine $8 a roll for butter!!!  YUM!!! Sooo good and watch out cholesterol , gallbladder here I come!..
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Upon arrival into the driveway sometime after midnight look what was waiting for me!!


602 yards per ball!! so cute and cuddly! What should I do with these guys?? Who knows but I like them and just had to have them.. Maybe more clapotis in the future who knows..

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why am I Drilling Holes in Golf Balls for???

A game my SIL made before we went out there. It's so neat made with PVC, golf balls & rope or clothesline!!

We had alot of playing it check it out! Heres some nice directions with great step by step photos

Who knew that PVC could be so much fun. check out the homepage of the title link and you can make a hole entire yard of easy to break down things and easy to store in a shed of bags until the next season.

It also sold at Ladder Golf a nicer version with wood for $59.95 or enter the contest to win a set
some call it Bolo Ball, Ladder Golf, Hill Billie horseshoes, etc.

Please email me if you'd like to sign up for the contest/newsletter because I get a free entry for each person I refer directly just send me your email addy please...

I'm getting so impatient trying to feed the rope through the golf balls!!!! errrrr! if you could see me doing this it's a sight for sure!! So was sitting out front of our house n the ground drilling holes in the golf balls for 2 days right up until dark when I couldn't see anymore!! DH refused to help me there, I'm on my own!! He wouldn't even give me the drill or bits for it because he thinks I'm dangerous and will hurt myself or him so he won't hold the balls for me either..
Can't be worse then me mowing the grass at 8:30-9:00pm at

Hey I'm typing now so NO I didn't drill myself yet!! LOL Pretty please save my knitting fingers..........;o)))))

Shopping on Vacation!

Just a little though took a couple trips to a shop called 'Birds of a Feather'
I almost took pictures of the enitre store but them it's take me a week to just download pictures maybe a month!! It's in an old barn. HUGE barn at that!! Can you beleive I spent an entire evening from like 6pm-10pm or longer that night can't remember the actual time I left!! They had a knit gathering 1st annual ice cream social!! You had to bring a topping to get in the door. They even had some Kaulua! Yumm!! I was a bit nervous being in a state thats flat!! Dark, I dont' think they beleive in street lights or much electricity out there except for 4way intersections by corn fields, rocks and lots of flat land, tall grass, etc.!! I just poked around checking out allthe goodies, didn't even get to see everything!! I sure can't wait to get back there to that store! The service is top notch the BEST!! so friendly willing to help anyway they can, and to a poor lost out of state culture shocked someone as myself! ;o))

Caroline is the best! She's only been knitting a year and her skills are so much more! she's wonderful and the most friendiest person I've ever met. She even transfered all my stitches of 2 socks on 2 circulars onto one circular for me while 10 other things and helping me look for things too!! Who does that??

Anyway most important had to pick up some sock, they didn't have much at the time because they just finished a magic loop sock class.. bummer!!! Just my dumb luck!  I thought the green colorway was perfect for Jeannie Townsend's Cascading Leaves pattern.. The bright colors for a friend..shhhh can say her name in case she reads my blog.......LOL

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Then I thought hmm this stuff is so awesome enough yardage I can get a pair of socks from this soy silk yarn! The shetland lace, well who knows just thought it'd look nice in a basket in my stash....1000yds.....I'm sure it'll become something someday........

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Then another woman who teaches bead knitting classes,  was wearing a beautiful knitted black scarf in beads!! hmmm Now I have to try it, but before investing in a larger project I'm going to try either  a small bag, necklace or bracelet.  She was so wonderufl and even gave me some free patterns too! I already have the needles there beads threaded on cotton thread that you knit with either scakel or addi needles size 000 or 0000!! ekkkkks!! I'm not sure but I up for the challenge, just hope I have the patience..........

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One afternoon my MIL was helping me pick some yarn for a sweater, she's sick of seeing me in black and blah colors she said, so we found some tealish color in Cascade 200, it was goign to be in Barlett but it was to itchy for me......

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The pattern on the right is what the Teal Cascade  yarn will become , "Lara' it's a Debbie Bliss pattern from a book they said but didn't have it and only had the store copy which they graciously gave to me....(I heard them talking about it quietly in a corner to give it to me because they'd never see me again!)  hmmmm Ok little do they know. I'll be heading back there sooner then they think... we maybe moving out that way in a couple years so I'll become a regular there for sure.. they'll have to close the store to get rid of me then!!!

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Love the Fiber Trend pattern and the samples they had were absolutely beautiful! I just had to get the patterns, two versions what a bonus!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We otta there now

A quick view leaving the park over the bridge on the highway beautiful view of Lake Erie!
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Kinda looks like the ocean doesn't it?! hmmm and the highway is all cement all the roads are no asfault!? No black tar roads at all!

Ending the Ride

Isn't he or her pretty cute?
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A little tug of war with a carrot never hurt  anybody
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 during the second drive though someone told us that one of the zebras took alittle kids arm/hand tore some fingers off a couple years ago.
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He might be a little hungry Watch out!!My little man so badly wanted to pat and feed the albino!!A little weary hubby helped him out!
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now this little guy was nest to one window another one on the other front window and a HERD in front so we couldn't move for quite sometime... a couple were literly sandwiching our van in and we couldn't even try to move without damaging our van! So I did I got brave and opened my window and feed the poor thing a carrot..Well first I hoaked him a bit through the window. When I opended it Katie my little girl jumped on the floor and under the dash!! Don't think she liked him. Did manage to get a little video clip of me feeding him then eventually tossing the corrot further away so we could drive along. We were holding up traffic or should I say Caution Bison crossing I mean hold ups!!

I just wanted to get out and give thema haircut!! The poor things it was like 98 degree out! All that fiber within hands reach!! and Boy Oh Boy! Can you imagine holding one of them down for shearing!!! YIKES!!!! Now wonder there fuzz is so darn expensive and boy is it sooo lucious soft and warm... So much better then cashmere..
The gift shops was selling ostrich eggs and no fiber from any animals!!! Whats up with that I had to ask of course so dispointed

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bye bye bison!! no more..heeeeeheeeee she was doing the little wave to him now.

We have about lots picture of this but didn't want to use all the bandwith this month on them now would we. We'd have no yarn porn.....LOL

Sweet friendly little birdy!!

I found a nice little bird to feed so friendly, too!
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Now my husband on the other hand disagreed about the nice little sweet birds to feed, he did tried but it sure was peaking at him hard, strong and a little to close that he was yelling at my to roll the window up with that long snakey looking head in  the van, at one poiint it had it's head in-between us at the middle consule in the front seat..Where's my little man?? He was sitting on his lap trying to pat the bird!! I think he pushed him on the floor under the dashboard at this time.....Can't imagine why!?? The poor things just wanted some pellets!!
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Healthy appetites

Give me food!!!! Or I'll bite I bet is what hes saying to himself!!
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The Alpacas weren't like the ones you'd expect to see like the ones at a Sheep & Wool festival thats for sure!!! First they stood in our way before they'd move we had to way carrots along the glass to get the to move and they did!Right to us....
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He was showing teeth I wasn't opening the window for this one... Jealous things going on between him and the others.. no way!!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Wild Ride!


A trip through a Wildlife Africain Safari Ride that is!! I have to start off with a close up view of this thing!!!! Yes it's out of order but look at the size of this Bison's head at the passenger window  of my mini van!! My little gril was bit scared of it so I had to put the window up, she her face in the bottom corner.....heeeeeheeeeeheee

Now at the gate upon entering they tell you NOT to open the windows until you pass the first little building and through the next double gate....Lots of moose, reindeers mostly??? then of course you get 1 free bucket of food and at each gate you have to pass through they sell carrots at $3 & $5 per bag!! We stopped at a local farm stand and I bought 2 2 or 3 LB bags and my husband thought I had wasted money on the second bag that we only needed the one bag.. YEAH RIGHT!! Ok Here we go............Oh and one more thing well rule! Windows have to be all the way up or all the way down, they do bite they said!! Also if they want the food or carrots then drop them they will climb into your vechicle if you dont give it to them and if your windows are down and your not droping pellets on the ground for them they will try to get in your vehicle!! hmmm Lets see how this goes

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See  the head is larger then my window!! Wait to see what happened later with him!!  LOL

Begging for food.........We loked for the lonely ones to feed.....and the smaller ones our plan anyway.........
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My little man helping the big man..... He had no fear let me tell you! Not this little man anyway! Wacth out later with the big man!!  heeeeheee
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OT OH!!!!! We're having a slight dely These things whatever they are won't get out of the way and certainly won't let us say no food!!
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Monday, July 25, 2005

See what else was waiting for me!!

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Peatbogfaery yet another blog had sent this to me from a contest she had about her temp job

I just Love the colors so cool!! Thank you so much!

Surprise you got yarn!

What a GREAT surprise a neighbor who had wanted my Booga Bag before I left I gave it to her then SURPRISE when I returned home she had bought these for me and brought them over last night to me!! WOOHOO!! Love it!
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more fun things to come this week!! Stay tuned for a close up adventure, thats for sure!! No more hints then that...............

First Kids had to cool off!

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My little man had to cool off with his Great Uncle Don! (from Alabama) Still a bit unsure
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My little girl with her Uncle Ken at his house with the cousins
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Hubby had to have a shot of re-living one of his childhood activities I guess...
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Yes chickens in the yard very active ones at that....The roosters we nosisey all throughout the day of course and what an ugly bread of chickens some of them looked as though they were plucked you could see some of there breast meat tats for sure.. I was told that's the type of breed... They looked sick to us.

Highest Points East & West of the Mississippi

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Right through the highest points East & West of the Mississippi! The temp went from 86 degrees to 42 degrees in the matter of seconds  then poured like you wouldn't believe!! Ears popping and everything! Not going home this way that's for sure, a different navagator will be in charge. The rest stops had high rattlesnake signs use caution.. Now who'd want to stop there for lunch??

It was a very pretty ride anyway

Who's Navigating?!

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Look whos navagating!!! Our 5 y/o "Will we ever get there??"

On Our Drive

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Here we are heading over the Zappen Tee Bridge..........Called Maggie along the way and spoke to her hubby a bit around this point. They were heading up north as we drove west last weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back but I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by slipstitch so I'd thought I'd post it before I start uploading some pictures of our driving......

So, there's two sets of questions: (meme) I think its a double tag!! now I have to tag 3 people I guess. So who do I pick??? Well here it goes, Maggknits, purlpower & sgomitolando

What were you doing 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, yesterday, and today, and tomorrow?

10 years ago I was in finishing up my degrees in biotech/pre-med, working as a lab mgr at a plating shop through school & part time with a lab running gels, HPLC chromotography, DNA fingerprinting etc, working long hours and raising a beautiful 7 year old daughter on my own in my spare time..... and got very ill and was on a ventilator for a few weeks so I never got that degree. Didn't know I'd be here to tell about it. I think I was enjoying my time talking with the angels......Long story anyway......Been disabled since.

5 years ago I was taking care of my second baby (hospitalized often) with a 'VSD' (hole in the heart)but falling in love with her we bonded especially with all the extra attention

1 year ago hmmm I was very sick again and spent May/June & part of July in the hospital

yesterday I was driving back from the mid-west from visiting the in-laws. 14 hours!!

today been doing laundry, deleting emails that I don't need to read, cleaning house, spray painting & drilling holes in golf balls, unpacking, cooking, resting I call it that anyway, hmm a tiny bit of knitting must do a little each day reading some junk mail and playing wiht the kids in between.

Tomorrow I have to finish drilling my holes in my golf balls. I did 16 and need to drill holes in 8 more.... Nope I can't tell you why until it's completed!!! Other than that I have no idea..... My husbands last day off of his vacation for a while so maybe taking it easy who knows what tomorrow will bring around here.

and heres the second part

5 snacks I enjoy: chocolate, buckeyes, cream cheese chocolate frosted brownies, pretzels & chocolate covered strawberries

5 bands and singers for which I know most of their stuff: Journey, Shania Twain, Elvis, Dolly & Dixie chicks

What would I do with 100,000,000? Pay off debt purchase a house and invest

5 locations I'd run away to: Aruba, London, Italy, Nova Scotia/Montreol & Hawaii

5 bad habits: biting fingers, smoking, yelling when I'm upset with my hubby absolutely drives him mad!! staying up late at night, knitting to much.... that really isn't a bad thing is it????

Friday, July 15, 2005

Off we go!!

Just about all packed and ready to go, in about 4 hours we'll be on the road....I'll probably drive first until day light then I can sit and knit with DH driving for a while. I like to drive though on road trips. I think it's half the fun.. Actually probably my best part of the trip will be the driving!!
Mil doesn't have a computer so I'm not sure I'll be online at all until the end of July!! My mil is so sweet, she does all the cooking for everyone. She needs a break at some point too! I have a list of shops I hope to check out a few of them anyway....Hopefully Magic Farm I think it's called the largest Alpaca farm in the country I was told.. Who knows??.......I'll be missing the blogger world.. Dont' do to much without me now.....LOL Oh and our very own Maggie will also be on the road in the morning too.... When we both return I'm sure will have lots for everyone to read and see...

Happy blogging everyone! Catch up when I return

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fenway Park Boston Red Sox vs NY Yankees

First we stop buy for a new shirt.....
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I had Manny Ramirez then said forgot it!!!! I had to have Varitek! I couldn't get my hands on a Shilling's shirt that I originally wanted!
Image hosted by

The catcher played well thats for sure!!  They were winning in the begining and going strong, getting those outs, 1, 2, 3!!!  Not sure what happened went through 3 pictures then!

Look who came out for the last inning! With everyone standing, jumping and screaming...Then of course our mascots the green monster and snoopy dancing on the top of the dug out boxes gettting evryone oging, the more poeple drank the more it got louder and exciting.. isn't it fun watching other people also right outside the grandstand they had a band playing and one of the rookies can't remember his name #61 put out a album the night before and lauched it at the Avalon club, worried he was a bit hang over from it but he still pitched and not that great either!! he must've had way to many hmmmm???..........

Image hosted by

Yes, guys! It's Curt Schilling! I wish he came out earlier in the game!! You should've seen all the extra Bostonn Police officers on the field too!! WOW!! Although weve been on high security alert orange I beleive the last I heard on the news. I think it was Curt coming out on the field it was more and more......Fans were gettign wild!! Besides everytime the Yankees are in town there seems to be more fights and riots break out....

Image hosted by

Yes Damin & Manny did horrible they kept getting out! Although Manny did catch a fly ball!!YAHOO! Another thing why in the world does he wear his uniform 6 sizes to big, what ever happen to the cutsie men in the tight uniforms looking good, that was always my favorite part of the games

Image hosted by

here's my sock in progress at the game!Along with the guy in front of us head!!!!! Those darn lights go in the way didn't they!
Image hosted by

Still at bat sticking out again!!!!!! Manny not having a good night thats for sure..

The sauages & chicken teriaki sandwichs were good as always!! Bear $6 a pop and I had frozen strawberry dacqari's  YUMMY!! It was hot and humid needed them but a headache crept up on me... $35 to park.. OUCH!!! Music was good, crown was fun! Had a good nite anyway except a couple of them in the season ticket holder seats where we sat of course inthe grandstand....Along with Yankee fans!! Woman TRASHY TRASHY MOUTHS!! OH MY!! Thought I could be bad!! WOOOHOO!!! This one took the PRIZE for that!!!! I had to turn aorund to see if it truly was a woman that I heard a few times!! Talk of the sections.. Didn't catch any fouls oh well I did at the Yankee stadium last year so I have  a ball from one of their games

I know... Another Project!

Image hosted by

Yep!! I know another project in the works....You just can't have enough going.. I mean one never knows what you'll be in the mood to work on at which time of day.....Besides a nie cute older lady said to me last year in a LYS  as long as you have projects on the needles you will NOT die!! Now mind you she was 96 years old, too!! Still buying her yarn and knitting away...hmmmmmmm She certainly modivated me and I'll never forget her and her spunk thats for sure!

Well this will be a Soleil if I don't run out of yarn.....on my 3rd skein already.. Loving this one....Maybe will have to pack her up too for our trip out to the midwest. Where leaving tomorrow night about 3ish am the kids can still sleep for part of the ride before we hear I'm bored....Are we there yet???!  I need to go potty!! (of course after leaving a rest stop) I'm hungry...I'm thuristy!... I want to be there already!!  My butt hurts! My ears hurt!!! I don't like this movie anymore, I want a different one!! Ohhh the whining!!! I can hear already!

Now I have packed some essentials that were a must 3 bags of yarn, needles, projects, extra needles, tape measures, sissors, markers, books, new projects, more needles, box a yarn, wheel, a bag of fiber to spin, anything of importance I'm thinking of and running out of time. I'm removing a seat from my mini van for my goodies.... When I'm not driving I'll have my own little corner to veg and do my thing when not yelling at my husbands driving.....LOL I hope I have enough time to play with everything I plan to....

Off to Fenway Park for a few hours, relax without any kids, whining and all that stuff! which project to take to the ball park??? hmm tough decisons here...


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lace Project.....

Now if this isn't driving me mad and bad enough in a silk/merino laceweight using Zephyr in sage
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I had to start another one, too with a mohair/wool blend!
Image hosted by

At least this one's looking like something quicker.....Endless stitching and stitching night after night, day after day!

I have to make sure I have enough midlessly knitting projects to take with me. Heading on the road  to go visit the in-laws Friday and will be gone for 10 days or so, so maybe I'll work on it more will have to see what happens.  My husbands vacation, I'll be wondering off to LYS and whatever else I come across, maybe Alpaca farm if it's not hours away.............Anyone know what they are yet??

Monday, July 11, 2005

Nicholette finally has buttons!

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This is from the Berroco Tropical Mix brochure #173-1 'Nicholette

that my dear friend Charice

had from years ago and she didn't want to be bothered with the counting and striping pattern, so she gave it to me yarn, pattern even rooled msot of the skeins into balls already. What a sweetie! Well I knit it up very quickly but ran out of on of the yarns at the top right shoulder. I've been searching and begging anywhere and everywhere. Even Berroco didn't even have a few yards.... So I tried to spin and spin to match the consistancy and coloring but no luck there either. I came closet with some Irish bleached linen I spun . Only needed to do about 6 short rows so I hope it's not to bad......but it's been sitting around awaiting for the perfect buttons.. As luck would have it I did a swap with slipstitch and she surprised rak'd  me with 4 butttons (mother of pearl) that were a perfect match!  Thanks to both ladies we have another top!

Now do we where it, give it back to Charice, gift....hmmm

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Harlow House Annual Breakfast Spin

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The Annual Harlow House breakfast was today and the guild is invited to spin on the lawns....Even thgouh the house is closed it still gets lots of visitors, there seemed to be a steady flow of traffic of people. Maggie dressed in costume, not I or Charolette! I managed to spin a bobbin, then started to spin a little silk.....Couldn't really concentrate with everything going on at once. Tony (Maggie's husband) showed up with cigar boxes!!

Image hosted by

What a sweetie! I feel so bad, he wouldn't take any money for them from me and Maggie ended up with one more..... Thank you guys! I never get the good ones when I go.... He's so good to Maggie and all of us. He took more pictures I think. He wasn't letting me dodge them all though I did try! We were on a slight inclince and sinking grounds.... See the bench in front of my wheel??? I sat on it for a second and fell... After all day telling other people not to sit on it because it's covering a sink hole. I listen well don't I??  It turned out to be an exciting event... With al the scrambled eggs, fish cakes, muffins, baked beans, jelly, relishes, coffee, & teas for the menu. Then there were the famous Pilgrims (from the Plimoth Plantation) roaming around socializing with all the guests, then you didn't want to leave without your wildflower coarsarge or blocked weave yourself a bracelet or watch us amazing spinners! The weather was beautiful we had some shade... so not bad at alll....

Sunday, July 03, 2005

A fish & Cloverleaf sock

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Here's a fish for my  fish blanket! I have no idea how it'll turn out I'm using whatever scraps and leftovers I have.  I don't usually have much left over but it doesn't take very much for each fish. So it otta be interesting thats for sure. Thinking of doing some striping with smaller amounts of leftover for clown fish
Image hosted by

Here's a cloverleaf sock I made out of Lang cotton blend yarn. This pattern is for little girls but I knitted mine for an adult size. Cast on 60 sts for it using size '0' DPN.   It took a long time with all the lace work it's a beautilful sock pattern though. It has a wedge toe and comfortable for sure. Working on the mate for it, i'm sure it'll be worth the extra amount of time for these......