Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fenway Park Boston Red Sox vs NY Yankees

First we stop buy for a new shirt.....
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I had Manny Ramirez then said forgot it!!!! I had to have Varitek! I couldn't get my hands on a Shilling's shirt that I originally wanted!
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The catcher played well thats for sure!!  They were winning in the begining and going strong, getting those outs, 1, 2, 3!!!  Not sure what happened went through 3 pictures then!

Look who came out for the last inning! With everyone standing, jumping and screaming...Then of course our mascots the green monster and snoopy dancing on the top of the dug out boxes gettting evryone oging, the more poeple drank the more it got louder and exciting.. isn't it fun watching other people also right outside the grandstand they had a band playing and one of the rookies can't remember his name #61 put out a album the night before and lauched it at the Avalon club, worried he was a bit hang over from it but he still pitched and not that great either!! he must've had way to many hmmmm???..........

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Yes, guys! It's Curt Schilling! I wish he came out earlier in the game!! You should've seen all the extra Bostonn Police officers on the field too!! WOW!! Although weve been on high security alert orange I beleive the last I heard on the news. I think it was Curt coming out on the field it was more and more......Fans were gettign wild!! Besides everytime the Yankees are in town there seems to be more fights and riots break out....

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Yes Damin & Manny did horrible they kept getting out! Although Manny did catch a fly ball!!YAHOO! Another thing why in the world does he wear his uniform 6 sizes to big, what ever happen to the cutsie men in the tight uniforms looking good, that was always my favorite part of the games

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here's my sock in progress at the game!Along with the guy in front of us head!!!!! Those darn lights go in the way didn't they!
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Still at bat sticking out again!!!!!! Manny not having a good night thats for sure..

The sauages & chicken teriaki sandwichs were good as always!! Bear $6 a pop and I had frozen strawberry dacqari's  YUMMY!! It was hot and humid needed them but a headache crept up on me... $35 to park.. OUCH!!! Music was good, crown was fun! Had a good nite anyway except a couple of them in the season ticket holder seats where we sat of course inthe grandstand....Along with Yankee fans!! Woman TRASHY TRASHY MOUTHS!! OH MY!! Thought I could be bad!! WOOOHOO!!! This one took the PRIZE for that!!!! I had to turn aorund to see if it truly was a woman that I heard a few times!! Talk of the sections.. Didn't catch any fouls oh well I did at the Yankee stadium last year so I have  a ball from one of their games


Martita said...

Here's the thing about Manny Ramirez that kills me: we get so excited when he catches a fly ball. It's his freaking job! It should be a no-brainer, but Manny's such an airhead dunce that Red Sox nation is all proud and pleased when he manages to pull it together. If he couldn't hit, he'd be bagging groceries somewhere.

Have a great vacation, by the way! See you in a couple of weeks-I'll have to remember to bring Shawl #1. Starting #2 tonight...

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!