Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Wild Ride!


A trip through a Wildlife Africain Safari Ride that is!! I have to start off with a close up view of this thing!!!! Yes it's out of order but look at the size of this Bison's head at the passenger window  of my mini van!! My little gril was bit scared of it so I had to put the window up, she her face in the bottom corner.....heeeeeheeeeeheee

Now at the gate upon entering they tell you NOT to open the windows until you pass the first little building and through the next double gate....Lots of moose, reindeers mostly??? then of course you get 1 free bucket of food and at each gate you have to pass through they sell carrots at $3 & $5 per bag!! We stopped at a local farm stand and I bought 2 2 or 3 LB bags and my husband thought I had wasted money on the second bag that we only needed the one bag.. YEAH RIGHT!! Ok Here we go............Oh and one more thing well rule! Windows have to be all the way up or all the way down, they do bite they said!! Also if they want the food or carrots then drop them they will climb into your vechicle if you dont give it to them and if your windows are down and your not droping pellets on the ground for them they will try to get in your vehicle!! hmmm Lets see how this goes

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See  the head is larger then my window!! Wait to see what happened later with him!!  LOL

Begging for food.........We loked for the lonely ones to feed.....and the smaller ones our plan anyway.........
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My little man helping the big man..... He had no fear let me tell you! Not this little man anyway! Wacth out later with the big man!!  heeeeheee
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OT OH!!!!! We're having a slight dely These things whatever they are won't get out of the way and certainly won't let us say no food!!
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Martita said...

Where the hell are you?! I want to go. Looks like fun!