Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shopping on Vacation!

Just a little though took a couple trips to a shop called 'Birds of a Feather'
I almost took pictures of the enitre store but them it's take me a week to just download pictures maybe a month!! It's in an old barn. HUGE barn at that!! Can you beleive I spent an entire evening from like 6pm-10pm or longer that night can't remember the actual time I left!! They had a knit gathering 1st annual ice cream social!! You had to bring a topping to get in the door. They even had some Kaulua! Yumm!! I was a bit nervous being in a state thats flat!! Dark, I dont' think they beleive in street lights or much electricity out there except for 4way intersections by corn fields, rocks and lots of flat land, tall grass, etc.!! I just poked around checking out allthe goodies, didn't even get to see everything!! I sure can't wait to get back there to that store! The service is top notch the BEST!! so friendly willing to help anyway they can, and to a poor lost out of state culture shocked someone as myself! ;o))

Caroline is the best! She's only been knitting a year and her skills are so much more! she's wonderful and the most friendiest person I've ever met. She even transfered all my stitches of 2 socks on 2 circulars onto one circular for me while 10 other things and helping me look for things too!! Who does that??

Anyway most important had to pick up some sock, they didn't have much at the time because they just finished a magic loop sock class.. bummer!!! Just my dumb luck!  I thought the green colorway was perfect for Jeannie Townsend's Cascading Leaves pattern.. The bright colors for a friend..shhhh can say her name in case she reads my blog.......LOL

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Then I thought hmm this stuff is so awesome enough yardage I can get a pair of socks from this soy silk yarn! The shetland lace, well who knows just thought it'd look nice in a basket in my stash....1000yds.....I'm sure it'll become something someday........

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Then another woman who teaches bead knitting classes,  was wearing a beautiful knitted black scarf in beads!! hmmm Now I have to try it, but before investing in a larger project I'm going to try either  a small bag, necklace or bracelet.  She was so wonderufl and even gave me some free patterns too! I already have the needles there beads threaded on cotton thread that you knit with either scakel or addi needles size 000 or 0000!! ekkkkks!! I'm not sure but I up for the challenge, just hope I have the patience..........

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One afternoon my MIL was helping me pick some yarn for a sweater, she's sick of seeing me in black and blah colors she said, so we found some tealish color in Cascade 200, it was goign to be in Barlett but it was to itchy for me......

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The pattern on the right is what the Teal Cascade  yarn will become , "Lara' it's a Debbie Bliss pattern from a book they said but didn't have it and only had the store copy which they graciously gave to me....(I heard them talking about it quietly in a corner to give it to me because they'd never see me again!)  hmmmm Ok little do they know. I'll be heading back there sooner then they think... we maybe moving out that way in a couple years so I'll become a regular there for sure.. they'll have to close the store to get rid of me then!!!

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Love the Fiber Trend pattern and the samples they had were absolutely beautiful! I just had to get the patterns, two versions what a bonus!!

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beautiful stuff! I especially like the cascade and the soy silk and would love to know how you get on making the soy silk into socks, will it have any elasticity?