Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UFO 'Mimi' & Surprise I WON!!!

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Here's 'Mimi' in hot Pink Sirdar my 5 y.o can't wait until she's done....It's in moss seed stitch, a heavy fabric and hard on the hands so it's been slow going....I hope to have it done before her first day of Kindergarden in August! I think I should make her a pair of socks  to match in hot pink!! She'll love it! I'm sure she'll stitck out and never be forgotten.......LOL I hope she doesn't start trading her clothes like her teenage sister does........

The pattern is from Rowan Pipsqueaks book

Now loo at what I got in the mail yesterday!! So excited, the first contest I've ever won!

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Isn't it  just beautiful!! It a big enough bead to use as a keychain and a stitch marker, I can't loose! I hate to have it banging around on my keychain I don't want to crack it or something. I may use it as an embellishment on  a purse or something. It sure will be treasured. Kim designs and makes them with propane and oxogen torches I guess and melts them from glass rods.. what Talent!! I was tickled pink to have won such a thing off her blog I ordered some sheepy stitch markers as a treat for myself... If you decide to order a set please mention me as your referral!


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Socks on Circs & Blocking?!

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I defiantely decided that I prefer my socks done separately on 4 or 5 DPNs!! I started these a couple months ago and dam! It doesn't feel like I'm making much progress. Considering I can knit a pair in  a week for rmyself without trying! I keep telling myself but theres 2.... I tend to wonder if I maybe should not have used such colorful yarn on the circs but I dont know.. Still just having to grab this needle end to knit with that needle then again then to the other needle back to the first needle and grab the correct ball of yarn.. It just is a tangled mess!! No matter which way or even switching sides my balls continue to tangle up on me... I only work on them when I'm bored with other projects and or playing with the kids.. hmmm seems like a good excuse to put down the knitting and play barbies or checkers anything!! Even loose at video games sound nice at times.

Ok now I have 1 pair of sock blockers that I couldn't wait to get but still trying to figure something out??

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Ok I stretched a pair of finished socks on the blockers sprayed them, let dry just hanging around. First I thought these are made for a giants feet not mine!!  so now the purpose?

to stretch out socks? take pretty pictures so patterned socks show off the pattern in more detail, so they don't curl, to check to see if you remembered to pick up an extra stitch along the gussets and make sure you don't have that little pesky hole??

Well after all my years in knitting, I don't swatch or block anything so this is a first. Swatching I see being a total waste of my time if I'm using a sorta correct weight of yarn and wing it with the sized needles. However, I do check my guage now and then while in progress so what's the real point of wasting more precious knitting time swatching and blocking something?? What is this why?? Do double check what you think you should do? Why not do what you feel is right in your heart and what you want?? I swatch some sweaterhs but knitting a pair of socks.  I guess  If I really love the socks I'll just have to make a sweater or something to match them then!

So I block my socks then put them in the drawer wear them wash them hand to dry and the blockers wait for another pair of socks.. I guess some would have a pair of blockers for each pair of socks they own...!! I could them them all flat in my drawers instead and keep them stretch until I wear them but then. I'd need to make sure I have plenty of blockers on hand for the new socks too? Well I just had to have them!! Kinda like my addiction to yarn and fiber! Just have to have more right! Now I need more sock blockers, all sizes & shapes, short & tall...Anyway have any metal hangers this can get way to expensive looking for all these blockers Got Blockers anyone?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Ballet T-Shirt

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My latest project that I'mm have done fairly quickly. It's going to be the a Ballet T-Shirt from the book Loop-D-Loop pg 48. I'm using mercerized cotton double stranded on size 13 needles. Working the large size and hoping for the best.......Looking great so far! It's worked from the neck line down, I'm just starting to divide for the raglan decreases/increases for the sleeves. It's worked all in one piece on circs and finishing will be only to weave in ends...  I like that! 

Please note I don't recommend using bamboo or addis and I am using my Denise Needles ont his one and a good thing This is my 4th attempt!! The last cord too! I yarn is heavy and creating a strong fabric, so I don't want to bend my addis or warp and/or break my bamboo so I'm using these....Low and behold when it snapped on me right at the end of the cord and tip in the middle of knitting the tip got stuck inside the needle.. Only time knitting started me before and I nearly jumped out of my skin trying to figure what happened as all my sts are rolling away on me! I immediatly called Denise toll free number and Yeah!! I have new cords and needles on the way.. btw these are the newest version of her needles I order before the holidays but waited months for the new case mold and needles molds to be replaced remade and made all up to date stuff!! Cool though They apologized and must've been a manufacturing defect for sure they said it does happen on occasion but not to often.. Just my luck! Great thing that lifetime guarantee. They did this is one of the very reason why they have the lifetime warranty....I bet if it happens agian it will be to me!!

Aren't my new stitch markers kwel! Thank goodness I had done a swap with Ali she made them for me and there the only ones that fit the larger needles today I was going out of my mind looking for some in my box that would fit! She's so sweet to made them for me. Wonder if she knew I'd be needing them so soon... Thanks Ali with no #s..(from the knittyboards)

 I included the link for the book at Crafters Choice which has it on sale for $23.99. If you don't have it order now. If you join please use my name I'll get a free book from my wish list.....You only obligation after your 4 free books for joining is to purchase 2 more over 2 years.. How easy is that to do!!??If you don't want to join and want the book, I'll be happy to order it for you I take PAYPAL /CCs   just send me a note and we can work out the details

I'm also still working on a couple private orders which I'm hoping to have complete in the next couple weeks... AS long as I don't get side tracked I've been maganging my time wisely with knitting hours for business and personal.....So far it's working out and fun!

The kids and I have been taking morning walks, or the ride there bikes, I get to walk more.....

Taking it easy, my son is being treated aggressivly for acute asthma attacks and wheezing, we don't even know if he has asthma or allergies yet. The specialist can't see him until the end of July/Aug for testing so these meds are time comsuming.In the meantime he's in a cautious zone. 5 meds all which contian steriods so they warned me he maybe a wild child for a while!! They weren't kidding!!! Litterly bouncing off the walls, the side of the house, swing sets you name!!! So in-between I read At Knits End by yarn halot!! OMG I'm almost done what will I do for my sanity!!


Thursday, June 23, 2005

X-Back Completed!

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Here's my X-Back.......It was so much fun to knit! I love the pattern, it's very easy. I'm thinking of making another one soon, with a different yarn......I had to kick my kitty off it she's been sleeping on it playing with ever since it's be done. She never went near it while I was working on it but now all of a sudden  she seems to think its her's. At one point I think she was tryign to put it on herself.... I tried it on the kids took a few pictures but chopped off parts here and there so it didn't work so all there is is this crummy photo instead sorry!

If you haven't started one yet. Sure to get one on those needles!! You won't regret it!



Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is this a Scam??


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bison (buffalo) Handspun Sample

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This months meeting one of our guild members was so very genersous and gave us all a small sample of bison . It's a wonderufl fiber for sure. So easy to spin what a dream!!!

This is what I got from the sample.. Ohh Laa Laa move over cashmere make room for the buffalos! Can you believe this is $20 an ounce! OUCH!! The buffalo bison just stomped all over me!

Completed Chutes & Ladders

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Here they are complete! This new camera is driving be completely mad!! Why can't I buy one that I just point and hsot thats it perfect picture?? Sorry I'm still practicing. This is the third one.

Six Sock knitalong is great! I  love the patterns and the idea of having plenty of time to finish them and be enter into contects. What a wonderful group of  ladies! I've been working oin having a few pairs complete to send of to the CIC project. This pattern I must say was really fun to work up and surely you didn't want to put them down.....

Friday, June 17, 2005

X-Back Progress

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Well her it is, my X-Back progress..... Just working on the neckline and will be starting the back soon.. Almost there!WOOHOO! Maybe I'll even get to wear it this summer.. If we ever have one.  It's a beautiful ribbon netting type of yarn  from Tawain that my friend Lin brought back with her. Her sister bought it at some sort of warehouse of something. Tooo bad I wish we could get more. I love it! It knits nicely, no spilting and makes a wonderful fabric.  Now I hope I have enough to finish it!!! I will one way of the other, even if I have to shorten it and show off some belly. I will deifiantley make it work I thought this yarns was crying to become the X-back so it will have to work right!

Dell finally sent the missing software from my new PC so now that the front page showed up today by fed-ex I can re-build my website! I have to start from scratch. So be patient with me... Colonial Soaps will be back online agian soon! I hope! I'm new at this doing it myself,. I contracted the work out previously but this time I really want to learn myself and I can keep on with current updates,etc. I'm a learning as I go  with this

Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Secret Pal Rocks!

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WOOOOHOOO!! Beside bills in todays mail I was so touched....My secret pal is so AWESOME! First I must admit she definately caught me off guard thats for sure and what pleasant surprises......I wasn't sure of hwat it was I ordered? Ebay? Swap package froma trade soemwhere? a RAK? (nope.... I don't get RAKs)

I haven't been able to locate Yarn Harlot's book At Knit's End! Guess what I'l be doing later after the kiddos get to bed!! Relax curled up with a great book when your not knitting or maybe I can manage both at the same time. If I can knit & drive why not!  

Look what else! Absolutely beautiful charms for my own personal favorite nautical stitch markers. Whic by the way I love nautical things, and the pliers YEAH no more tweezers nad whatelse I grab atthe moment when making stitch markers, now I should be able to crank them out even faster and more professional. Anyone need any.......She must've made the card too, I recognize the die cuts. I've been scrapbooking for years, not very fast though between my soaping and knitting I don't get much time for scrapbooking as I like although I get to a few crop times per year so I can get a few pages done then. Now to top it off a wonderful box of truffles.. YES Chocolate!

Thank you so much my secret pal! I have no favorite since I LOVE them all!! You Rock!!

I'll post some stitch markers as soon as I finish them.


Felted Clogs are done!

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Well  here they are finally, a 2 day project that turned into 6 month long project! Lets just say I got very side tracked after the holiday season. The Fiber Trend Adult felted Clog! I had to make a pair single stranded, I usually knit them doubled or tripled. I had this thought they'd be thinner and not as warm so better for the spring & summer months... duh??  It's still wool! I used merino wool, I just love the way it felts and the fabric turns out. I lowered the heel and no bumbers of course. I did make the bumbers onec and I think its a personal thing. Now I just have to remember. there slippers not shoes to run around outside with all the time! Driving?? Dunkin Donuts Coffee runs!! Now if I can do all that then they could last a while? How long should felted clog slippers last anyway?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chutes & Ladders Socks in Progress

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Finally I remembered to post a progress photo!  I just turned the heel, should complete tonight before I head to bed. I'm continuing the pattern all the way down to the toe. Working with 100% wool, red on US3 DPN needles. Great socks for the CIC project. You can join the Six Sock Knit- along that start re-started again for the pattern as well as many others. the Socknitter also send in socks too you can join us here for even more great sock patterns, resources, projects, and more. I'm already thinking of how I'd like to do a second pair of this pattern.. It's nice, easy works up quick......Still lots of time to join us, get in now for the contests! Boy do I hope I have all the links working correctly. Please let me know if not.

I finshed another pair of felted clogs today there blocking and drying! YEAH!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It finally arrived!

YEAH!! It finally arrived my new scarf kit from the International Rowan Club  I can't stop fondling this yarn!! It's so lushious! Still awaiting patiently for my kit to arrive from the Debbie Bliss Club that will have red alpaca silk yarn... I'm in heaven!   Anyone who doesn't like your kits please contact me ASAP!! I'll gladly take it off your hands, of course, I can send you soemthing in return
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My 5 y/o just had to have her own bag of course, a quick knit with some novelty yarn, ribbon that has her name printed on it then sewn a button. she loves but now wants felted bags and larger ones, like a different one for each outfit like her older sister my lovely 17 y/o. Ya know the type.
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This past weekends events & New Spinners advice!

My adopted momMaggie had hosted a wonderful blogger gathering. I would've loved to go early and help do preparations but of course I had to goto a graduation about an hour north of us then left there early to get back ASAP but run into the weekend traffic and was late. I missed alot of the fun with Benedetta & meeting Curlypurl but I still had some fun with the other gals of course. Claudia was everything I expected and more... She was a blast and I picked her brain, too! Of course I had to feed her some mudslide before she left and her dessrt was absolutely YUMMY! Something called apricot jam linzertorte made with crushed nuts she also decorated with little bunnies ont op sooo cute. Don't let her fool she she can bake! Magie cooked 1/2 the night and all day for us with picked shreaded pork in BBQ sauce topped with homemade cole slw on a bun... I took some home with me. I used to cook it years ago but oh MY I need to get her recipes! That lady is AWESOME I tell ya! Wehn she has a gathering you don't want to miss it again really! The Margaritas are always good, to. They go with everything don't they??
our Ms Melanie was there to a new spinner with lots of questions and desires...Another one comes over to the dark side with us.... Martha who doesn't have a blog currently and Kellee who made some southern Brunswick stew which orginatees from Georgia not the Carolinas in case anyone is wondering. Wonderful stew very filling, too! HSe also let me play with some wonder BFL and her louet wheel, one which I've never tried and it was an older model but yet spun absolutely wonderful.. I'm in love with her HUGE bobbins!Lin was on call with work so had to stay closer to home & her work we were missing her, since she is now pregnant, too! Of course our beloved Charice had better plans........A drop spindle class in VT Not sure who else didn't show since I hadn't met them all yet. Which is OK looking forward to possible meeting more at Ms. Melanies blogger party later this month...Which will all be watching for Claudia to drive by on her bike in a race. I want to have one later this summer... I'm thinking sometime in August.

The sad part was that we had cameras and out ready to use but none of us took any pictures with them........hmmm must've been all those frozen margaritas must've gave them all a brain freeze or something then the great foods had them all full before I showed up. I had nothing to do with it....;o))

As a party favor will got to tkae some wonderful soaps she made. Margarita!!

As requested was that I post some advice and a short funny story (keep in mind at the time it wasn't so funny) for all new spinners who haven't a clue where to get fiber to spin!

Picture this, never seeing or touching a wheel before then getting introduced to the fine arts of fiber one day at a soapmakers gather, then though an email then going to a local guild event day. Maggie was kind enough to make me a CD spindle and give me a lesson. Then I seen and met these guild members spinning on the lawn in public! some greasy, smelly icky stuff laid out of the grass.. eww I thought what is this all about??? I had to sign up, get invloved with these dressed up people in 1600 century costumes and in all kinds of my own research about fiber arts. Now before the research I had to have all kinds of equipment, tools and stuff to play and learn as I go, I prefer the visual learning hands on experinces at best! During this I had read a post by Maggie for two wheels so I check them out, online I loved the look and options of the Ashford Traveller not knowing anythign aout what the options are.. So I called her immediately and said I'll take that one and my friend Lin will take the other don't worry and how soon can we pick them up... She wasn't going to be around but at a fair so off we went to pick it them up and calling Lin on the way to tell her about her new purchase...heeeheeeeheee Between the two of us we learned everything we need to and order all kinds of tools and things not really having a clue what to do with anything. Some things we thoguht we a waste of money but wanted to try anyway so we made them...... So not having any more patients to talk with someone and embarssed to ask some. I headed to Wal-Marts, JO-Anns, AC Moore, hobby shops, LYS you name it I went shopping. Guess what I was a quest for fibers all the samples that Ihad I spun up on the drop spindle the night I got it so I had nothing to try out on my new wheel. I went all over spent the whole day looking high and low every where! With not alot of sales assistance and people looking at me oddly, strangely and like I was nuts so I offered as to why I wanted fiber.. I wonder what they were saying behind my back after that! Anyway the only things you can find out there are pure cotton balls and polyfill fiber..and batting which I pulled apart to spin.
So this is what I was learning to spin with I spun on both the spindle first then my wheel. I imediately called Maggie that evening to tell how how much I spun and learned and how I couldn't find that smelly greasy type of fiber to spin?? I was so excited I made all this yarn and needed to ask some more questions about plying. She went right along with me then showed up at my door the next morning first thing too! With a garbage bag just about full of stuff....(she was in a hurry and had to run) hmm I wondered why?? Well she said I'm worried that you'll be saving dryer lint?? I hesitated a second only a second and said OH OH !! I can spin that stuff, so I thought to myself maybe other save there dryer lint to. Who would've thought?? The one thing in my house I never thought of....heeeheeeheee Yes 've been saving my dyer lint since, now thinkning of sorting it by colors, haven't decided yet. (Another story another time) So I called Lin to come over and pick through the goodies Maggie brought and to share. So we share all the colorful bags then the icky smelly stuff?? Ew weren't to sure what to do it didnt' look the same and it was stinky! She Lin offer to take it and figure out how to clean it and make it some nice fluffy stuff and I did something elses for research, can't remember. In the meantime I had to spin it all try the plying thing had lots of little extra balls of singles...I kept all these first yarns in a basket that Maggie had left. Oh yes she left a basket with a pair of hand carders. At the time I had no clue really. Senn pictures on line.
So back to the putter I went and the phone off my shoulder with Lin EVERYDAY DAY EVERY HOUR day/night wheat ever. We were both on different websites and we shared all we could find. We figure it all out, learned all kinds of historys, people to buy rovings, all the different types, you name it!
Can't remember how we found out but we did about Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool fesitval and we went last year also we went tolocal fairs the smaller ones and state fairs picked up or left our info with people who had sheep.
Anyway we probably learned so much with these experinces we jumped right in with both feet and found out everything we could! In my nature I guess I have to know everything about what I'm getting myself into.....It took alot of time and energy but we probably have the knowledge and experience for someone who has learned though many years in such a short time....

to finsh up here because I could go on and on all day about this.!! So the short of this is to let you newer people know some advice
Not a good idea to ask in local stores and shops about fiber.. Nope no no!
the other is don't worry about asking stupid questions no question is stupid only the unasked ones are and everyone in the hobby are pretty much happy to help you get started and learn from them. TRUST ME ON THIS!! I only gave you the short details here on how I know...
Don't ever ASSUME anything ask because you 'd make an ass out of U & me!

Since all of this we started a spinning and knitting group though yahoo with lots of information and great reliable resources in the database. a direct link to join can be found along my side bar. Hope to see you all there. You can also send an email to

Monday, June 13, 2005

Great Swaps!

The last month or so I decided I needed to finally have a stash of some sort. I used to only buy yarn as I was using it or if I had a project I wanted to start I jsut went the a LYS, I never really bought yarns without knowing what I was ogign to do with it. I can't beleive what I've been missing, is so much fun! So I've stopped being such a lurker around knitty and start posting stuff I have or don't need and have been participating in lots of swaps. I also signed up with the RAK there too and they've been amzing!! Everyone is wonderful, friendly, Haven't had any flakes yet! (but then again I haven't received all my packages yet either) There so nice to talk too. I met someone local to have tea with and chat about our knitty obsessions!!!  ;o))  If you haven't taken part in the board yet I do HIGHLY recommend it! What a great place lots of resources, sales events, besides patterns other pattern resources as well, KAL, Swaps, RAKS, general chaty, just  a whole lot of fun! Very pleasant place to be  ;o))))I know that I could buy most of these things myself yes, but it's so much more fun swapping with people and getting to know other knitters, spinners & bloggers. All who of course undertsand the addiction, desires, frustration or whatever. So basically every one as something in common, I think thats why everyones gets along....

This may not be everything but alot of it, some were eaten or already used, haven't received some yet either, but It's been exciting to great my postal person every day!  So here we go 

Ok check this out I did a swap with 'himeyknitty2' for this software. Very cool! fill in the blanks type for socks, any gauge, any yarn, show size, variety of heel edges, stitches, repeating pattern options, choose 4 or 5 DPN or circs, mix and match toes, cuff to tow or toe to cuff, photots of techniques for socks,  print or even save to your PDA! How much fun willl I have now..... Love it! Now I need to look for the sweater wizard....;o))))))
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Oh now of course my goodies here, I know I've got ALOT more but I ate or drank them before I got to a take a picture I'm sorry!!  heeeeheeeeheee

but thanks for helping my addiction to'megera', 'faerynuff', 'cinnamontree', 'westozcaat' & 'wyldeyez'!  YUMMY!! So I'm sad to report no I didn't share every much, it just didn't have a chance..... I even hid some, now I have one bar of chocolate that I hid so well that I can't find it!!!! HELP!!!! I don't want fondue somewhere it shouldn't be... YUK!! Oh well I guess I'll have to look for me from whoever is willing , offering or swapping these days. I'm runnning very low since this picture is a days supply of my daily nutrition.. Those who know me well enough know that good food is bad for me and YUMMY foods are GOOD for me!!! Have to have them.... ;o))) It keeps me going and that's my life I live on them.. NO!  I'm not kidding either!! Some people may think I inhale it or have a hidden IV set up on me.......

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I've received some wonderful magazines,books for my collection, postcards, note cards, sock patterns, a set of bamboo striaght needles with fabric case, yarn bras, sts markers, circular needle,  peg counter, black kittys for the monkey bag in my case a kitty bag. swaps from 'slipstitch', 'ali with no #s', 'knitter1967', 'megera', 'cass' 'gibbous', 'bluecanary', 'midge079', 'blazfglori', &  'hbrogan'
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yarns of course and my kitty had to be in the picture yarn stacked around her bed OH NO!! She surely wasn't going to object or even budge!!  ;o))  we have cottons, belnds, luxury, sock yarns, wool, thick, chunky, novelty, very cool stuff and I have some in the works and plans for most of it! Well these are more wonderful swappers 'fridayschild928', 'saintjay', 'purlpower', 'george', 'megera', 'ceci', 'lspst8', 'dancinmom75',  'kdavies', 'joi', 'lumay', 'dirtypurls', 'chadzturtledove2',  & 'wyldeyez'

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I have more projects on needles so I work a little of this and that or whatever I'm in the mood for at the time or start a new one. No more running to the LYS's all the time, but I'm sure I can still find reason to do that, but at least I won't be spending as much any more.. Well in theory anyway......

Well I certainly enjoy receiving my mail each day! Except for the bills of course, leave those for hubby and I get the good stuff.. I wonder what I see today.....

Friday, June 10, 2005

Local Blogger Party Dessert! w/Recipe

Ok so it's not my chocolate truffle, I'm sorry I really had an extremely busy 3 weeks with parties, my husbands surprise party, cooking, cleaning, knitting, shopping, kids, school meetings, appointments, loads fo yard work, again and again! The green film and caterpillers, inch worms and there doodoo is so gross, not to mention all those icky gypsy moths that came from the lab in Boston and making it's way down the south shore has gotten worse then ever!!!!

Anyway in-between it all I just finished tomorrow dessert for Maggie's! I will be a bit late have to go north west for a bit., I will be heading up there eariler for the graduation party so I can make it back to pick up our YUMMY dessert. It's in my truffle bowl!!  ;o)) Do I get points for that one???!!!  heeheeehee Does it look good??
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heres the recipe for those who'd like it or can't be with

mix 1 contianer of cool-whip with a package of your favorite Jello

add 1 can of mandarin oranges a can of crushed pineapple and 1 package of colored mini marshmellows blend well place in refreigerator to set


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Desparatly Seeking..........

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Well you know they always say to make sure you have plenty of yarn here's a good example of what not to do!! I have 90% of a summer top done awaiting buttons and 1/4 part of the top front part and what do ya know!! YEPPERS!! I 'm in desparte need and hope that some older knitters may save there extra little ends, balls, sks of old yanrs that possible someone outt here maybe aboe to help me out!!! I'll even dance in the street naked if I have too!!!1    LOL Now that'd be a site a frightening one at that!!!  LOL

I do know what it is It's Berroco Tribeca, it hasn't been around in about 10 years I'm guessing!!! So please please if you have a little in your stash. Please check you may and not realize it!  ;o))). Please contact me ASAP!! I so wanted to wear this top  when I head on out trip to the midwest next month!!  I can't even find something close enough to replace it  ;o(

Actually I had enough according the to pattern and the gauge but apparently not!! I wonder if there was a typo on the pattenr booklet!  I've already spoken to the company and they don't even have a yard  anyway. They checked and double checked for me and this was my best bet to ask other knitters!!   SO now I'm begging, pleading, OH NO will be whining possible crying over this! Anyway out there please can you help!?? I'd be happy to buy it off you, swap for something else that I may have that you may like even a bar of handcrafted luxury soap or cream?? Anything! Of course I could include some chocolate if you like!!  ;o)) Trust me that means ALOT I dont' part with chocolate once it's in my hands. This will defiatetly be a special occasion

This is what's is looking like (view previous post)