Thursday, June 16, 2005

Felted Clogs are done!

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Well  here they are finally, a 2 day project that turned into 6 month long project! Lets just say I got very side tracked after the holiday season. The Fiber Trend Adult felted Clog! I had to make a pair single stranded, I usually knit them doubled or tripled. I had this thought they'd be thinner and not as warm so better for the spring & summer months... duh??  It's still wool! I used merino wool, I just love the way it felts and the fabric turns out. I lowered the heel and no bumbers of course. I did make the bumbers onec and I think its a personal thing. Now I just have to remember. there slippers not shoes to run around outside with all the time! Driving?? Dunkin Donuts Coffee runs!! Now if I can do all that then they could last a while? How long should felted clog slippers last anyway?

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