Friday, June 17, 2005

X-Back Progress

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Well her it is, my X-Back progress..... Just working on the neckline and will be starting the back soon.. Almost there!WOOHOO! Maybe I'll even get to wear it this summer.. If we ever have one.  It's a beautiful ribbon netting type of yarn  from Tawain that my friend Lin brought back with her. Her sister bought it at some sort of warehouse of something. Tooo bad I wish we could get more. I love it! It knits nicely, no spilting and makes a wonderful fabric.  Now I hope I have enough to finish it!!! I will one way of the other, even if I have to shorten it and show off some belly. I will deifiantley make it work I thought this yarns was crying to become the X-back so it will have to work right!

Dell finally sent the missing software from my new PC so now that the front page showed up today by fed-ex I can re-build my website! I have to start from scratch. So be patient with me... Colonial Soaps will be back online agian soon! I hope! I'm new at this doing it myself,. I contracted the work out previously but this time I really want to learn myself and I can keep on with current updates,etc. I'm a learning as I go  with this

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