Sunday, June 26, 2005

Socks on Circs & Blocking?!

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I defiantely decided that I prefer my socks done separately on 4 or 5 DPNs!! I started these a couple months ago and dam! It doesn't feel like I'm making much progress. Considering I can knit a pair in  a week for rmyself without trying! I keep telling myself but theres 2.... I tend to wonder if I maybe should not have used such colorful yarn on the circs but I dont know.. Still just having to grab this needle end to knit with that needle then again then to the other needle back to the first needle and grab the correct ball of yarn.. It just is a tangled mess!! No matter which way or even switching sides my balls continue to tangle up on me... I only work on them when I'm bored with other projects and or playing with the kids.. hmmm seems like a good excuse to put down the knitting and play barbies or checkers anything!! Even loose at video games sound nice at times.

Ok now I have 1 pair of sock blockers that I couldn't wait to get but still trying to figure something out??

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Ok I stretched a pair of finished socks on the blockers sprayed them, let dry just hanging around. First I thought these are made for a giants feet not mine!!  so now the purpose?

to stretch out socks? take pretty pictures so patterned socks show off the pattern in more detail, so they don't curl, to check to see if you remembered to pick up an extra stitch along the gussets and make sure you don't have that little pesky hole??

Well after all my years in knitting, I don't swatch or block anything so this is a first. Swatching I see being a total waste of my time if I'm using a sorta correct weight of yarn and wing it with the sized needles. However, I do check my guage now and then while in progress so what's the real point of wasting more precious knitting time swatching and blocking something?? What is this why?? Do double check what you think you should do? Why not do what you feel is right in your heart and what you want?? I swatch some sweaterhs but knitting a pair of socks.  I guess  If I really love the socks I'll just have to make a sweater or something to match them then!

So I block my socks then put them in the drawer wear them wash them hand to dry and the blockers wait for another pair of socks.. I guess some would have a pair of blockers for each pair of socks they own...!! I could them them all flat in my drawers instead and keep them stretch until I wear them but then. I'd need to make sure I have plenty of blockers on hand for the new socks too? Well I just had to have them!! Kinda like my addiction to yarn and fiber! Just have to have more right! Now I need more sock blockers, all sizes & shapes, short & tall...Anyway have any metal hangers this can get way to expensive looking for all these blockers Got Blockers anyone?

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Martha said...

I'm with you on socks on circular needles. I still can't figure out how it works, and I can definitely see how it could become a baffling, tangled mess. DPNs rule!