Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Secret Pal Rocks!

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WOOOOHOOO!! Beside bills in todays mail I was so touched....My secret pal is so AWESOME! First I must admit she definately caught me off guard thats for sure and what pleasant surprises......I wasn't sure of hwat it was I ordered? Ebay? Swap package froma trade soemwhere? a RAK? (nope.... I don't get RAKs)

I haven't been able to locate Yarn Harlot's book At Knit's End! Guess what I'l be doing later after the kiddos get to bed!! Relax curled up with a great book when your not knitting or maybe I can manage both at the same time. If I can knit & drive why not!  

Look what else! Absolutely beautiful charms for my own personal favorite nautical stitch markers. Whic by the way I love nautical things, and the pliers YEAH no more tweezers nad whatelse I grab atthe moment when making stitch markers, now I should be able to crank them out even faster and more professional. Anyone need any.......She must've made the card too, I recognize the die cuts. I've been scrapbooking for years, not very fast though between my soaping and knitting I don't get much time for scrapbooking as I like although I get to a few crop times per year so I can get a few pages done then. Now to top it off a wonderful box of truffles.. YES Chocolate!

Thank you so much my secret pal! I have no favorite since I LOVE them all!! You Rock!!

I'll post some stitch markers as soon as I finish them.


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YourSecretPal said...

Oh good! I'm so glad you liked it all! :) I was a little afraid since it's not really knitting related, persay. Hope the chocolates are tasty!