Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some Fair Activites

My daughter's favorite thing to do at the fair is work with the barn crew.. A friend of mine manages the spinning/weaving building and her kids take care of their sheep, alpaca, chickens, etc. So while I sit and spin for the day/night my daughters rather give up the rest of the fair to help them...
She loves this part handing out baby chicks for people to hold

she did take a break and ventured to the rides for a few with my husband and went on this clue what it's called, lots of harness, straps, ropes,etc

then I guess you get lifted up

and jump, and jump some more higher and higher, she didn't try any flips though...

then hubby took her on this rollercoater and had her putting her hands up in the air...She actually did this one twice before heading back to the barn for the night

from 7- 9 or 10pm everynight theres a concert
here we have Strawberry Fields

last night was the Oak Ridge Boys, and I was so busy I forgot to snap some photos

Friday, July 27, 2007

State Fair Week

What does one do when spending day after day night after night at a local state fair?

Well in between first I was saved by Zonda her leftover sock yarn to I could actually knit 3 rows and graft the toe on a sock and finally another finished pair! Thank you so much for being so kind!!

so first spun some mystery wool and opps forgot to clear off that bobbin didn't

then worked on this pink linen/rayon stuff spun & plied

next up I started another bobbin with this merino from Yarn Botanika in Cape Cod Colorway

then another bobbin with brwon sheep , ohhh love this stuff spun up.. The colors are great!

Ok I missed out on getting alot of stuff in on time this year but did get a couple skeins and a needle feted novelty item in.. Received 2 1st place and 1 3rd...
This is the last weekend for this fair. Going back this afternoon for the day/night with the Oak Ridge Boys playing across the way from the spinning/weaving makes for the night to go faster....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cascade Fixation Ankle Socks

This was a result of my weekend knitting.. Would you believe it, I have to do 3 more rows of decreasing the toe and graft it , but look not enough yarn!! errr! Hate when that happens, I ripped twice but apparently didn't go down enough before re-knitting... So frustrating.. putting in the basket now of UFOs!!

Zonda baby to the rescue!! Woohooo!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If anyone could I knew it'd be you wasn't' sure if you kept all your leftovers....YEAH!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful day at the beach!

Beautiful day at the beach!
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I'm so burnt!! It isn't funny!! totally fried, hurts to walk, sit, lay down, everything!! I haven't burnt in years!! Usually I just get tanned and then darker and darker a little pink and again but like like a lobster!!

Christopher wanted to dig a BIG hole... he loves digging holes, filling with water, and digging some more..

he likes to jump those waves too, he'll bend over to pick up a rock, shell or something and a little wave will come right over he's head, he flips... it's so funny and of course I forget the camera and had a tough time finding the phone buried in the bag....we're so close to so many beaches/ponds,etc that I don't' always think of the kodak moments

Kaitlyn found a starfish she thought she could take home for her small goldfish tank...hmm I don't' think so but she did share and let her brother hold it for a bit... hmmm which is a rarity! and nope he didn't bury it!!

Hey to bad pictures for a cell phone camera.....;o)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Yellow Taxi Socks

Big Yellow Taxi Socks
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Thanks to a swap with Bad Amy on the knitty's coffeeshop. She found me a skein of Louet Gems to finish my socks!!

size 1 needles,
Yarn-Louet Gems in Cherry Red along with some leftover regia.
Pattern Big Yellow Taxi
Book -SiriusKnitting: Friendly Sock Books 1 and 2
Friendly Socks II
Designer -Becky Yoder

Friday, July 13, 2007

Errrr!! Zonda LOL More Yarn PoRn!

Oh Zonda your can be so bad with your Yarn Porn!!, I had to see my PCP today and took a little detour to the LYS where Dani works at The Black Sheep Knitting Co... Great shop too they are all so very nice in there! Just amazing service! The owner asked if I'd be interested in coming in to do a spinning demo and teaching some drop spindle..I gave her my info to call and set up with me...of course they carry her beautiful yarns!! So I couldn't resist buying more ......They didn't have any of the new colors so I held off on her but acquired these instead

That New Jitterbug by Colinette Bright Charcoal I just couldn't resist the last skein picked it up twice and had to have it!! Your so bad so showing me that color on your blog too....Like I needed it right? YEP!! I most certainly do!!! heehee Gotta love these colors together.. You know that Dusk was awful tempting too, seen someone knitting some... ooooh!

Another great yarn I couldn't resist this colorway either.....Crazy Woman Bearfoot by Mountain Colors

Of course now I have a set of empty needles , tough decision which to start off with!! hmmmm

OMG No WAY!!! That Cocoa Kiss is a defiante must have!!! It's listed at the store I was at but they didn't have any, I would've snatched it up too! ;o))

Monday, July 09, 2007

Couldn't Resist Sunshine!

You know I have all kinds of dyes and could dye myself but lately I don't have any time and for me I'd much rather spin & knit, to me much more enjoyable then dying....
Zonda had turned me onto Sunshine Yarns from Dani a while ago and I swore I'd never shop on those etsy shops...but I
Just couldn't resist some new colors from Dani over at Sunshine Yarns present for the

Colorado Sunset....Lots of colors.. Can you imagine a sunset with those colors here on Cape Cod on the East coast?? DH has taken me out on the boat to watch sunsets (years ago) and some of the most absolute gorgeous one I've ever seen with but this must be more beautiful! One of our neighbors is from out west (CO)and say they are the most beautiful he's ever seen..

other side

a little closer view pretty accurate color on my screen here too

ohhh & ahhh over Indie.. How could anyone resist.. Don't you just love chocolate and the different shades of browns & pink together

she included a free gift sample of this Wool Wash called Soak too.. can't wait to try it

No patterns in mind yet, I just received the yarn over the weekend and still petting and admiring....debating on what to knit with them...Of course socks! ;o)) any one have any thoughts or ideas?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Yarn PoRn

Been spinning whenever I get a little time here and there

Came out with 2oz sk 3ply 167 yards soft merino neat shade changes throughout

going to work on another skein in this lovely hand dyed grays roving for another sk to make maybe hmm socks?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe forth!! raining here!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Been very ill Update

very frustrated.
I had a lover biopsy when I had my gall bladder out a couple weeks ago.. The bx has been back for over a week and I keep getting a bunch of BS from the DRs offices.. First I called to find out my results and they had a very uninformative resident call me who wouldn't give me much info except
we'd like to have you go to the liver transplant center and see them.
I asked very specifically about different illness, diseases cancer, etc. he wouldn't say no negative or positive??? well why not?

So I hang up and call the center for an appointment and they said I'd be lucky to get in by Oct. Ok no problem

Then minutes later they call me and said the DR decided to open some time for you in July can you come up then?? well yeah!! I kinda need my liver.

Then a couple days ago the surgeons office calls me back to change my follow up appointment and ask about setting up a date for 5 pieces of my liver to be taken from various areas to confirm diagnosis?? WHAT?? What diagnosis? oh not sure until we can confirm the extent of the damage??? What diagnosis and damage??
Why and what can they be leaving out.. I refused to set up any more surgeries, treatments or anything until someone tells me what this fishing expedition is all about and what they want to confirm and see what??

I thought I had some rights to my care?
and before any tells me to go elsewhere.. I am going to see the head of the liver center transplant surgeon in Boston.. worlds renown and actually all my regular DRs and specialists are in the same hospitals.....but right now I'm not feeling very confident and my recovering hasn't gone all that well so far. Already been back in the hospital over night over the weekend... Not fun at all!
Right now the DRs is currently keeping on morphine the end of the week will be 3 weeks... I know this isn't normal..continued low grade temps.. I keep being told I'm having a gall bladder attack now?? They took the darn thing out??
Just so nauseated, ill, a lump in my throat that wont' go away! errrr! So very frustrated

Am going to have a busy month especially the next couple weeks also some appointments with my son too. He may have to come off his meds, it's making him a very angry mean kid.. We're looking into a service dog for him with the epilepsy & behavior issues but they want $9500 we have to go to training for a couple weeks... which is to be expected but still.. Fundraising for that kind of money for one person isn't easy and still keep up with other stuff....Way behind of medical payments...Just trying to stay a float with medicines and living expenses...I spoke with the school and the principal is going to hire someone for him to stay with in school, classes and stuff starting September. So glad the school is working with us regarding him being in a regular school and at the same time trying not to label him.... One less thing off my mind for the moment
Now trying to juggle appointments in order of importance?? Kids first but I need my liver too....hmmmm errrrr!
Haver had a few short moments to spin a little makes me feel a little better & relax a bit...phewwww! Have to have some fiber in my life right?! LOL