Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful day at the beach!

Beautiful day at the beach!
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I'm so burnt!! It isn't funny!! totally fried, hurts to walk, sit, lay down, everything!! I haven't burnt in years!! Usually I just get tanned and then darker and darker a little pink and again but like like a lobster!!

Christopher wanted to dig a BIG hole... he loves digging holes, filling with water, and digging some more..

he likes to jump those waves too, he'll bend over to pick up a rock, shell or something and a little wave will come right over he's head, he flips... it's so funny and of course I forget the camera and had a tough time finding the phone buried in the bag....we're so close to so many beaches/ponds,etc that I don't' always think of the kodak moments

Kaitlyn found a starfish she thought she could take home for her small goldfish tank...hmm I don't' think so but she did share and let her brother hold it for a bit... hmmm which is a rarity! and nope he didn't bury it!!

Hey to bad pictures for a cell phone camera.....;o)

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Batty said...

That looks like so much fun! Playing in the sand was always my favorite thing to do.