Friday, July 27, 2007

State Fair Week

What does one do when spending day after day night after night at a local state fair?

Well in between first I was saved by Zonda her leftover sock yarn to I could actually knit 3 rows and graft the toe on a sock and finally another finished pair! Thank you so much for being so kind!!

so first spun some mystery wool and opps forgot to clear off that bobbin didn't

then worked on this pink linen/rayon stuff spun & plied

next up I started another bobbin with this merino from Yarn Botanika in Cape Cod Colorway

then another bobbin with brwon sheep , ohhh love this stuff spun up.. The colors are great!

Ok I missed out on getting alot of stuff in on time this year but did get a couple skeins and a needle feted novelty item in.. Received 2 1st place and 1 3rd...
This is the last weekend for this fair. Going back this afternoon for the day/night with the Oak Ridge Boys playing across the way from the spinning/weaving makes for the night to go faster....


Woman who knits said...

I love those socks! They look great. All the fiber is just turned out great.

Zonda said...

Yay! Glad you had enough! :) Nice handspun there!

Batty said...

Thank goodness! Running out of yarn is bad, I'm glad zonda saved you.

That's so me gorgeous spinning.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I always think about entering something in the fair, but chicken out.