Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

So sorry for neglecting my blog the past couple months. Lots of things going on

Since August when Cheer leading/Football season started. I haven't had time to breathe.. Been on the go all day and practices all week long and games every weekend... So tired by the time we get home usually between 7:3o-9:00pm, make dinner and bed......Totally wiped.. Was doing dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon at first and eating early but that was for the birds!

My daughter's team is a traveling team no less, and we made it into the playoffs!!

last month we had to add my sons birthday, black eye and cousins wedding into the season which was interesting and really no time to sleep that weekend.

this he woke up with and boy did it make HUGE problems, 1 he has a seep disorder, Restless leg Syndrome, Central Apnea and a seizure disorder that is sleep induced & epilepsy so it's not unusual for him to wake up with injuries.. Give you a one guess what the school thought when he showed up with this.. YIKES! He was questioned 7 times by them different people and he didn't know what happened he went to bed it wasn't there then woke up with it.... anyway the school had such far fetched ideas it wasn't funny! I was questioned by authorities about my husband beating me and my children to he gave it to him then me???
then he was questioned again by a social worker and the principal and I happened to be at the school volunteering that day in the copy room/office. I walked around the corner and my son was coming out of the office with them, he tried to run to me with his arms out to hug me and the principal tried to stop him with her arm across his neck and came home looking like this (nevertheless school picture day) She left marks on him his forehead and neck.....

Now we've been to a few meetings at the school superintendent and now they are going to schedule a big meeting with all the districts department heads, superintendents of each dept and her for what to do about it.. then I get to give my input and requests at the time.....
I reported her and she's very upset kicked me out of the school, I'm not allowed there unless invited and the staff including special needs and teachers aren't even allowed to speak with me about my son at all.. All info has to be through the superintendent...
I seriously want her fired for it!! I spoke with an attorney and the DRS are all on our side and have no concerns of either myself nor my husband for any type of abuse.. She's screwed! and the school has provided me with all pertinent info for a law suit.... actually assaulting him, misrepresenting his behaviors and without vital info for the DRs essential which lead to a misdiagnosis by the school for ADD/HD and treatment of narcotics the past year and half so he can be doped and they can have a better day for this condition he doesn't have through any medical well as a harassment suit...... SO between advocates, lawyers and other meetings and a TON of research too about disability & special education laws. I haven't had much time to sleep let alone anything else...
it's a continued ongoing process and am looking forward to the outcome....
we did manage a small birthday party for him with a few friends in between 2 football games bought a cake and put a mask on nit didn't have time to make one myself. I was very disappointed with it but it a worked out. He loves Star Wars
him and his friends enjoyed some bowing and video games too. then we went back for a nighttime game the day after my cousin wedding, myself and especially my husband were it bit
The league found out a couple weeks ago that I knit & crochet and requested some items to sell as part of the fundraising program and want that to be on ongoing thing that I head up for them... Hey it gets me a discount of the registration too.... Yeah!
the games get very cold in the bleachers and scarves are good. Started out with my daughters I made.. So now I'm teachers those who want to learn and a couple parents who just recently picked up the knit stitch so only can do garter stitch to make them. As long as we only use black, teal & white I have full creativity, scarves, socks, earrings, hats, mittens/gloves and will be reimbursed for my costs only unless donated yarn or items of course... I have to turn in receipts.. but the leagues receives all the profits.. Works out since it costs me over $300+ for my cheerleader and more if my son plays football next season.. The will use him as a water boy and mascot.. I don't want him going head to head with other kids since it's full contact!
so if anyone wants to help me out let me know how and if you can.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Events

since cheerleading started and then my wonderufl daughter had a badly sprained ankle and small crack in the bone on the top of her left foot, I've had to cater to her the past few weeks and her on these crutches. Lucky she didn't break her neck with them.... so I hardly had much time to knit. I was only able to get 1 sock done for cousins wedding shower over the weekend. So she opened the one sock.. Was totally hilarious thats for sure! She did stumble a little as to why she would get 1 oh well will have to wait to see the close up photos......

made these lovely biscuits for breakfast... Yummmmmy! I know a pretty basic recipe but a little twist.. Yes baking with using tea!!

I posted the recipe for voting this week polls close Aug 31
If you don't' mind heading on over here to vote click here

As always thanks for your support!

If you'd like to try a sample cup or 2 of this lovely tea I will send you some just send me an email

someone gave them to me, I was polite and said thank you
now does anyone know what these things are? and what to do with them??

Monday, July 28, 2008

Staying Cool Today (it's a bit humid)

22 days of being smoke free. I rewarded myself at 2 weeks and ordered some neat cups.
My new cups arrived today from Northwest Glass

enjoying some oolong tea in my new really cool cup! (very surprisingly lightweight too) in between my Monday ritual of cleaning laundry and reorganizing stuff, we're still trying to clear room in the basement to start framing and putting up sheet rock (progress of that another day)

this morning had to return library books with the kids, they checked out more, I checked out a movie Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts, DH is working late tonight. Will possible work on this long very boring sock. st st with EOP heel

did I mention is very long!! and boring! lol well after 3 pairs you could see someone getting a bit bored right?
here is a closer view of the heel and my oolong. 2nd infusion already this afternoon
will definitely continue to infuse these leaves over and over again, each cup has a slightly different flavor (very flavorful) with each infusion you don't see beautiful coloring like this with tea bags
going to prepare some type of dinner to go with this wonderful sweet delicate lite flavor! A champagne of oolongs....
WOW! Amazing my taste buds and the flavors I can taste!!

I do think I may order some more for my upcoming birthday, why not is going to be a BIG one!!! I'm not a HUGE drinker but I think this year I want to get DRUNK and FORGET THE WHOLE THING!!
The best part of these glasses is that your not suppose to need to use a coaster they don't sweat and works for both hot and cold.. Now if I find there not breakable they'd be perfect! however they don't seem to be that fragile at all. I would feel comfortable giving my children one to use on the tile table.....seriously this will be a true test!! I only order s et of 2 for now to try....they come in 3, 6 & 12 oz...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Please Vote for Me!

well actually my recipe
that is....very Yummy!

A Lemon Sonata Dessert!

Voting polls are now open from today until the end of the month!

Thanks again for all your support!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hanging out Keeping Cool!

Just been hanging out keeping cool! Beach & pool.. Pool and Beach!! The humidity is awful! Have plenty of freshly made Iced Tea! enjoy some a/c.... drink some iced tea, make more.....

exhaustion!! Absolutely! The sun and even humidity does kick butt!!!

The kids sure keep you busy during the summer months...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodbye days 6&7 Hell week! Good morning to week 2

Yikes! I can't believe I made it through the day 6 let alone 7!
Had to go back to the DRs office on Saturday morning to follow up from Thursday!
Got up when my husband was listening to the news (6am) about a gas truck that tipped over on hwy 128 early in the morning. So up coffee shower, get the kids up lets go!! Told them they could eat a cereal bar in the car and go back to sleep if they wanted too but we needed to leave asap!
They were surprising well behaved on the way up in the car, went by the accident the hwy southbound (heading home) was closed for several miles! about a good 30 minute stretch as I could tell. Which pretty much looked like all day to me!! Plenty of trucks digging up the road, the side, dirt, trees etc. Flat beds taking away fried cars!! Literly TOTALLY FRIED NOTHING BUT THE BOTTOM FRAME TOTALLY TORCHED LEFT!! It was a site. All I could think of if how I was going to get home, another ways I could take would take me a long outta the way routes but at least 2 hours out of the way!! Lucky me!!
Get to the DRs, the kids were great! The DR kinda said your screwed you can go this way or that way but either way your screwed!! Thanks!! ALT: we could stay their at his office for the day! NOT!!

All this just to read a stupid TB test which was negative but they didn't' believe me and my DR was on call and would meet me at the office on Saturday!! not to mention he wants to repeat it in case it's a false reading? Are they for real?!!! I lived up that way most of my life and can't seem to find a DR around where I live to be my PCP!! So I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to them for the most ridiculous things sometimes that are so unnecessary! I think they just like to see me...
The cape to me is like rural America!
I barely made it back to get my daughter to cousins birthday party, a little late, almost 2pm so thought I'd take my son out for some fun to an arcade which he's addicted to video games at 6 I think!! He turned me down to that miniature golf, bowling.. He wanted to go to Blockbuster picked out a game to play at home and a couple movies for his sister... How sweet! He really wanted that game! A Spongebob game that he thinks is funny!
Back to get my daughter first... We got there in time for cake & presents.. the kids played in the pool and bouncy thing.. My son pouted out front because he picked the wrong game it was for an Xbox and we have PS. Would even come out to the backyard! Finally they hung up a pinata thing !!! Ohhh a weapon, even though it was a bunch of little girls I asked my son if he wanted to hit it!! He couldn't run out back fast enough!!after all the party kids left my cousins and I decided to BBQ it was getting late and we were hungry! My son wanted to go in the big pool not the little pool! I wont let my kids in without an adult because they don't know how to swim. It's one of those bigger type ones with the deck built around it, stairs inside the shallow end, volley ball near deep end...
Called my husband to bring some food and bathing suit over...
about 7 or so we cooked ate cleaned up! We all had leftover fireworks so went to the pond at the end of the road to finished lighting them off and get rid of the evidence!! (illegal in this state)
needless to say with all these people and a bunch of smokers between neighbors, friends and family showing up and 1/2 of them smoke! It was a extreme tough day (day 6)
yesterday day 7 not so bad, I tried to sleep late which is hard for me, but so exhausted I did rest and watch movies. My DH exchanged the game for my son so he played and daddy and our little girl hung outside swimming the pool and lots of yard work! Pheww! I don't need to do it today! YIPPIE!!
Day 8 Errands & LOts of laundry! mostly towels!! ope this week will get a little easier!

I've been playing around with different teas and made some really good blends everyone seems to enjoy! Been making them hot but pouring over pitcher of ice with a little splendor the perfect ice tea!

here's the link

and a $5 gift certificate for those who would like to try themselves! Enjoy! just enter your email in the space
and the gift certificate will be emailed right to your inbox with code to use right away or save for another day

  • Saturday, June 28, 2008

    Whats new

    Well I have to have surgery again on my nose, they need to repair & reconstruct the septum.. The DR will only do this type of surgery if I quit smoking at least 30 days prior and after.. Which I'd like to have in the past then restarted.

    I found this new program and ways to re-learn life to help quit which seem to have helped alot of people
    Call Ex!

    here's my web page

    I have quit yet, theres other steps first, tacking when trying to separate the urge and wait 5-10 minutes longer then you normally would before lighting up and recognizing what your doing and why then within a week or two they say your ready to pick an actual real quit date. Also realizing that after your done with a cigarette, the stress, worries, and whatever is still there.. Also learned that nicotine does NOT cause cancer! Who knew!

    I just joined and hoping this will be more successful, my kids are totally motivated and remind me everyday of what the DR said....besides them being a great motivation so is breathing through my nose again not waking up gaging and stuff!
    I've quit so 3 years then started again quit for months then started again, so I'm trying to be positive about this I know I can!

    come on over if you have a chance, all the encouragement will and does help!

    Hopefully I'll be doing more knitting......;o))

    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Bad News! Good News! New Sock Design Coming!

    Bad news my computer & camera has been giving me troubles for weeks but all is looking good now!
    A fun knit tea swap from the sockathon list photos should work now that everything has been fixed. Will be up in the next day or so

    Son's surgery went OK, they had to incubate him and took longer then expected but good news he's healed nicely the DR said last week and he can now stick his tongue out!! Wooohooo!!! He also did in fact get promoted to the 1st grade!! YEAH!! Sept. 2nd back to school and all day!! What will I do??!!

    Introducing Twists & Turns!

    I designed a new sock and pattern is almost ready to be tested, am looking for someone who'd like to test knit it for me, must have knowledge of sock knitting in the round and cables, give me feedback, you'll be receiving the pattern for free in PDF format for your personal use only, no copying.

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    Son's Upcoming Surgery!

    this new insurance company isn't such a great plan but we're working hard with the DRs to make some stuff work for him.
    He's having some minor surgery in the morning but with the risk of the anesthesia and the neurological apnea theres a high risk that he may NOT wake up. Since it's minor surgery to clip his very bad tongue tie we can't put it off any longer.. he hasn't had any signs of a seizure in the past couple weeks which is good news! The anesthesiologist is going to give him a very short acting type of general that he should only be out for 6-8 minutes before starting to wake up so hope the ENT & the vascular surgeons both do plan on working very quickly and can coordinate it so they can do their magic in the allotted time!
    I told them that at 6 minutes I'll be pacing the floor outside the OR door and at 8 minutes if they don't call me back to be there for him when he starts coming too I'll be a raven lunatic!
    After hearing about Senator Ted Kennedy which our family has known , met and lived by them as a kid has had 1 seizure and has a cancerous brain tumor, and my son has dyplasia of the brain which they can't get to for a biopsy because of the length amount of time being under anesthesia and a strong possible he'd never wake up though the procedure they won't attempt a biopsy at this point. People wonder why I'm such a basket case, hovering and babying my little man....
    I can't help but be worried out of my mind!!
    We recently created a carepage for him that your welcome to visit, post to the message board and send virtual gifts
    here's the link and it's free.
    I have one for my illnesses too but have to update and will post the link another time...

    My husband is starting to realize the severity of whats going on......
    He's actually being nice now.......
    Will post as soon as possible afterwards.....

    So now I have a house full of kids, he has 5 friends over right now, I want to make sure he has a good day! YIKES! (I think I'm going to need some motrin!!)
    Also have to prepare for our annual Memorial BBQ this weekend too..
    If anyone knows of a way to have extra time in a day please let me know!

    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Tonight is the Extreme Makeover Home Edition with my family!

    Sorry I didn't post a reminder recently..
    Hope some of you caught it if not theres a version online at

    if your interested in viewing it. The Giunta Family!

    very sad story , you made need some tissue.


    On the home front Dh is realizing it's not possible to support us and himself somewhere else.....

    Thursday, May 01, 2008

    Life Changes!!

    well alot has been going on I'll be brief right now.
    My husband and his work decided on changing insurance and over the past month we've learned alot of the treatments aren't' covered for my son (nor myself). Been denied for alot of other services, he was off his meds for a short time but the drs are working on other, alternatives to get by until they can figure out another way and herbals have been added in the meantime....
    Both of us were scheduled for upcoming surgeries his minor but I've had to cancel mine and my DRS aren't sure of how to proceed with me before I become critical ill they have to do something or wait until then.
    My husband has informed me out of the blue that he is moving out and has decided on a quick divorce...Thanks for the support and will try to keep updating the best I can.

    Anyone interested in buying Celion Dion tickets? I paid $240 for 2 of them

    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Ohh Got these in time

    Going to surprise my DH this week for our anniversary with these

    he has no idea and really likes Celion Dion... We got together and always played her CDs dancing around the living room, you know way back when before
    $100 + each kinda crappy seats but well be these in August!!!

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Mail Deliveries!

    First up
    this AWESOME tea Kettle from Adagio
    with my own personal Signature Blend that I personally created! It's surprising very good too!
    It's very smooth soothing comforting and enjoyable while I sit relax watch TV knit or at my desk..... You can order yourself a can for $10 direct link also on my side bar as well as help yourself to a $5 Gift Certificate too!

    the post is a bit pricey but well worth it!

    some may not realize that you don't' always want to make teas with boiling water, temperature actually really does play a role in a great tasting cup of tea

    My favorite feature on this is this neat dial green for green, white & light oolong teas and the brown for black herbal and darker oolongs....
    Since I've really seriously noticed a difference in my tea! I HIGHLY recommend this kettle!

    also look the pretty label on the tin with the tea name & my name! I also uploaded the photo
    it's a nice blend (shh can't tell you my secret percentages....LOL) but I will tell you it's the perfect blend of a black (cream tea), chamomile and peppermint (and not over powering)
    As soon as I created this there were 2 orders...As some of you know this is just one avenue of earning points , also your own orders, referrals and gift certificate redemptions.. It's like getting back 10% of your own personal orders too.....You can trade in the points for teas or anything else they sell...I've been ordering from them for about 6-7 years now and is one of my favorite tea companies......right up there to #1

    I also received my new scale this week.. I needed a new one. my other one is mainly for my soap making measurements but doesn't go to these smaller amounts like this one.
    It's a My Weigh Palmscale 6.0the appropriate amount for a cup of tea is 2.5g of course each variety of tea doesn't all weigh the same as a teaspoon. Some volumes are much larger than others depending on the eight of the leaves/herbs......Also this is approx. the weight on a tea bag. Example: his is mine tea from above
    Here's the tea brewed after 4-5 minutes, yes this is also one of there teaware cups

    their a current promotion for spending over $50 besides free shipping they connected with another great tea company called Zarafina
    so with the order from Adagio they are offering FREE just pay them Shipping $5.95) through the link provided from Adagio at checkout (it is optional) a $40 value

    They arrived separately in this reusable or storage tin. Packed very very well

    Very cool saucer savings on the circle where the cup sits each piece is signed and numbered.
    even included lids. I'm looking forward to trying them....

    These really are so much prettier in person

    I also use alot of my teas for cooking replace water or liquids with stronger brewed tea for marinades and give lots of flavor to other food.... I have another blog where I've posted some of them.. I've also won a couple times with my recipes though Adagio on the Tea Chef site.
    Also they have a forum (teachat) similar to knitty......(where I'm also 'Soapy')

    Hope to see some of you over there

    Monday, April 07, 2008

    Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

    It's April and between all our birthdays & our anniversary this month not sure how much knitting time I'll be doing. Went on a mission to find the guitar pan and all the stuff I needed
    my daughter changed her mind a few times last week of what kind of cake she wanted...errrr!

    So it was settled and mom stayed up until wee hours to get this done Friday night for Saturday afternoon for our first BBQ party for the season! ;o))
    I was very tired and just couldn't get those strings straight.....
    she was excited, a couple of friends had mixed reactions ... both those girls also have invited my daughter to their parties next week..... mines the goofy one in the middle......also the tinniest of the 8 y/o

    I swear that 1 candle was NOT a trick candle but she had a tough time blowing it out, took about 3 or 4 times.....

    Monday, March 31, 2008

    WIP Progress on Sock Yarn Blanket

    actually yes seeing progress.....60" wide and just a out 12" length so far.....starting to use some yarns for the 2nd time around.....WOW! Sure is making progress but very very slowly....lots of stitches time and not to mention loads of sock yarns!

    so far I've only done larger square which you can see here in the purple/gray
    still needs lots of sock yarn but have some to keep me busy for a little while anyway

    Friday, March 28, 2008

    New Dish/Wash Cloths

    Hey better late then never! I know they don't' take no time but I've been so busy
    (the link for the monthly KAL is above click on the lighthouse for direct link to join)


    Here's my bunny cloth, knitted with a dark purple & white KOS yarn

    and football cloth knitted with a Lily sugar & cream ombre yarn

    getting ready to upload progress on my sock blanket this weekend too so come back to see those too...Actually really got some progress...;o))

    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Yummy Braids!

    this beautifully dyed domestic top roving from A Little Quacky! Very bouncy! Looking forward to getting on my wheel again very soon!here's a little closer view of its beauty! Very springy.. This girl here has severe spring fever and allergies in full swing!! This will make some beautiful yarn!
    I just couldn't seem to resist this stitch marker... Just too cute!

    Did I mention in my last post that you can get paid to go on vacations and travels, each member of of family too! Have a check waiting for you when you return home plus also write if off on your taxes too! Why not travel whole instead of retail!
    View a short demo here on how to

    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Updates to my Etsy Shop and more!

    We've all been home with the flu, only 1 trip to the hospital....of course with my son....
    He has and still is running VERY HIGH TEMPS!! Needless to say I haven't been sleeping to much or all that well, sore achy body, my bones are cold! I feel a sore throat coming. croupy cough...ewww!

    With all the sicknesses I've had some quiet time to make some mini sock earrings.

    Very addicting habit with those small leftover pieces that can't work for a square on my blanket....of course to match my socks too..;o))

    there a few pairs up for sale now $20 each pair included with FREE plastic easy grip stoppers

    also my husband & I had to re-evaluate on how where going to keep up and pay for the continued treatments and stuff regarding my son's medical care! So we started on on line business thats great, flexible and will work into me continuing to stay home to care for the kids and take care of all my sons medical expenses while he continues to work 2 full time jobs.....

    We were invited to take at close look at this opportunity and it works! We enjoy sharing the business with people and showing them how it works too.
    I understand it's not for everyone and so many can really benefit form it without even knowing of doing anything.

    Our goals is for him not have to work all the hours and have the extra income at the same time within our first year.

    Of course we also invite everyone to help us advertise our online website


    Please do keep in mind
    you don't have to purchase travel, not everyone travels, but click on the extras and check out so much more
    Ever purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle?? Please feel free to ask away and get a free code to print out and take to your dealership with you for extra savings, concert tickets, your local attractions, spa visits, car rentals, sport events, plays, musicals, golfing, skiing, send flowers though the site too, and so much more!

    If you'd like to see how this program works and how you can benefit too leave me your email address and I can send you more info and a short video to watch. You would also get a ton of tax savings even the join fee too is tax deductible! Fully accredited and lots of perks too!

    100% of ALL our profits from both my etsy shop and our business site all go to help benefit our son!

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Sock Blanket WIP

    as you can tell some progress since the last update......It sure is a Great little take along anywhere anytime type or project knitting the squares....

    hard to tell and to get the whole width/length into one photo

    so here's some closer views and the first larger square

    I haven't actually taken any measurements just yet but it fits on top of queen bed widthwise only and doesn't hang off at all....after I get more length I may add more width, haven't decided yet, so may squares!
    Will be a WIP for quite a while I think!

    I will never refuse anyones leftover sock yarns thats for sure!

    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Very Exciting News

    For my cousin and his family this week!
    Anyone recognize this bus??

    or perhaps this limo? look familiar at all? (you can see the pink coat reflection in the window, thats my little girl standing next to me, she's waiting to run between the camera crews.........We've been dodging them all the time, my son doesn't like them)

    see everyone in the blue shirts? (Hint! Hint!!) I have one now too!! ;o))

    Getting ready to 'MOVE THAT BUS!!!'

    here's the design team earlier today!
    still doing some finishing touches waiting for the family to arrive.
    (they were actually laying down sod and painting it at this point and tossing empty boxes out the back of the house and over the back yard fence into neighbors yards....
    The house the family won't really be staying in right now either.. They have to wait for the occupancy permit and they also said no one else can go int he house for 2 weeks......Lots of interviews going on and more shots with just the family. Some family members seen some of inside and some of us didn't want to yet....

    Lots of penguins and dinosaurs I will tell you.....

    here's where the family, workers, volunteers watched on the property while the family was going inside with Ty!! Theres was only 5000 people allowed then they didn't shuttle anyone else in so imagine with all the camera crew, productions workers, etc it was hard to see over everyone with the camera

    See the copper trim too... beautiful copper trim around the front door too!

    Here's their NEW home! (at the end of the day)

    We were very happy to be able to be there for the

    'MOVE THAT BUS!!!'

    only did that scene about 101 times!!!! lol

    Check out the above link click onto the lighthouse and you can view the story of my cousin Paul and his wife and children and then click on the above GALLERY link and it'll bring you to the hundreds of photos from through out the week!

    I must tell you all though being there in person is NOTHING compared the the shows highlights that air the night of the show...

    Yesterday they finished and reviled a new home in Warwick, RI which isn't to far from us either. So we didn't see much of Ty Pennington this week

    Even though I applied for us with my son, it's not very disappointing to see my cousins family was chosen!! very sad story. We were very happy they can be together now and start a new life.

    Show due to be aired May 11th season finale!