Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

So sorry for neglecting my blog the past couple months. Lots of things going on

Since August when Cheer leading/Football season started. I haven't had time to breathe.. Been on the go all day and practices all week long and games every weekend... So tired by the time we get home usually between 7:3o-9:00pm, make dinner and bed......Totally wiped.. Was doing dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon at first and eating early but that was for the birds!

My daughter's team is a traveling team no less, and we made it into the playoffs!!

last month we had to add my sons birthday, black eye and cousins wedding into the season which was interesting and really no time to sleep that weekend.

this he woke up with and boy did it make HUGE problems, 1 he has a seep disorder, Restless leg Syndrome, Central Apnea and a seizure disorder that is sleep induced & epilepsy so it's not unusual for him to wake up with injuries.. Give you a one guess what the school thought when he showed up with this.. YIKES! He was questioned 7 times by them different people and he didn't know what happened he went to bed it wasn't there then woke up with it.... anyway the school had such far fetched ideas it wasn't funny! I was questioned by authorities about my husband beating me and my children to he gave it to him then me???
then he was questioned again by a social worker and the principal and I happened to be at the school volunteering that day in the copy room/office. I walked around the corner and my son was coming out of the office with them, he tried to run to me with his arms out to hug me and the principal tried to stop him with her arm across his neck and came home looking like this (nevertheless school picture day) She left marks on him his forehead and neck.....

Now we've been to a few meetings at the school superintendent and now they are going to schedule a big meeting with all the districts department heads, superintendents of each dept and her for what to do about it.. then I get to give my input and requests at the time.....
I reported her and she's very upset kicked me out of the school, I'm not allowed there unless invited and the staff including special needs and teachers aren't even allowed to speak with me about my son at all.. All info has to be through the superintendent...
I seriously want her fired for it!! I spoke with an attorney and the DRS are all on our side and have no concerns of either myself nor my husband for any type of abuse.. She's screwed! and the school has provided me with all pertinent info for a law suit.... actually assaulting him, misrepresenting his behaviors and without vital info for the DRs essential which lead to a misdiagnosis by the school for ADD/HD and treatment of narcotics the past year and half so he can be doped and they can have a better day for this condition he doesn't have through any medical well as a harassment suit...... SO between advocates, lawyers and other meetings and a TON of research too about disability & special education laws. I haven't had much time to sleep let alone anything else...
it's a continued ongoing process and am looking forward to the outcome....
we did manage a small birthday party for him with a few friends in between 2 football games bought a cake and put a mask on nit didn't have time to make one myself. I was very disappointed with it but it a worked out. He loves Star Wars
him and his friends enjoyed some bowing and video games too. then we went back for a nighttime game the day after my cousin wedding, myself and especially my husband were it bit
The league found out a couple weeks ago that I knit & crochet and requested some items to sell as part of the fundraising program and want that to be on ongoing thing that I head up for them... Hey it gets me a discount of the registration too.... Yeah!
the games get very cold in the bleachers and scarves are good. Started out with my daughters I made.. So now I'm teachers those who want to learn and a couple parents who just recently picked up the knit stitch so only can do garter stitch to make them. As long as we only use black, teal & white I have full creativity, scarves, socks, earrings, hats, mittens/gloves and will be reimbursed for my costs only unless donated yarn or items of course... I have to turn in receipts.. but the leagues receives all the profits.. Works out since it costs me over $300+ for my cheerleader and more if my son plays football next season.. The will use him as a water boy and mascot.. I don't want him going head to head with other kids since it's full contact!
so if anyone wants to help me out let me know how and if you can.

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Batty said...

Wow, what a busy time. You certainly have a lot of stuff on your plate. Love the Darth Vader helmet cake, by the way. A helmet makes up for a lot of sins.