Monday, February 27, 2006

New Arrivals!

Yes, more sock yarns have landed! WOOOHOO! s skeins Briggs & Little Durasport in Ecru, 1 skein Durasport Oatmeal dyed in brick reds colorway and 2 skeins of Lorna Laces Shepard Sock yarn in Baby Stripes.....What a nice way to start off the week! ;o))

Sunday, February 26, 2006

My car!

Finally my car is done! I got the call from the dealership yesterday late afternoon! After several promises of getting it back weeks ago... Finally! Well first the water leaks where at the dash seams of the frame on the firewall, 3 of them then they ran tests again and found more along the firewall front & rear behind the wiper, cowl found a couple more leaks. Then it appear to have never been seeled by the heater box. They had to use two types of sealants inspect, water test again desinfectant and some other chemical to prevent mold, replace the entire spongey stuff under the interior rugs (was wet like the river) replaced the entire interior so basically my car was stripped sealed and resealed then put back together from scratch... Geezzz.. I wonder if my car was made on a Monday or Friday last year when it was made by the manufactuer? hmmmm I 've been told never to purchase a vehicle that was made on a Monday because the workers are to tired and/or hung over from the weekend and not on a Firday either because the workers work in a hurry half ass to get out of the factory quicker....Mine had to have been built on one of these days since the whole seal that keeps the metal frame together and give the vehicle the leway to trun and move as it's driven was forgotten!@! Isnt' that a comforting thought! NOT!! I've driven over 18000 miles last year since I bought it and from MA-OH and back too with my family, the KIDS! What if it ever fell apart on us! I can't even think about all the what if's and safety issues.. I'm not sure of them all and I didn't inquire! Just glad it's all back together in one piece and I don't have to drive a rental any more..... YEAH!Oh and the best part they gave me a FREE oil, filter & lube job.....a freebie because they had my car for so long..

Friday, February 24, 2006

More Stash Enhancements...

A couple skeins of Opal Silk & Parrot from Shelly, she soooo sweet!.....

amnd more STR only 2 are for me ~ 2 I have to send to the ever famous purlpower! ohhhh This is going to be soo hard packaging & sending them away.....LOL I know there going to a wonderful home! But I will miss them terribly!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trampoline Tiger Socks

Finished another pair of socks! It's the Fluted Banister Great pattern to make it's the second time I've used this pattern. The repeats are so easy to remember... Size 1 needles, cast on 72 & knits up very quickly. too.
This year my goal is to defiantly fill my own sock drawer for myself because I seem to gift so many I rob myself...Now awaiting for sock yarns to arrive.. YIPPEE! it's always exciting to recieve packages in the mail and of course my fav sock yarn! ;o))

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knit Picks Order Arrived!!

HORRAY My order is here, and it didn't take very long at all this time either....Yippie! Well but of course more sock yarns
2 skeins of Landscape 'Mesa'
2 skeins of Memories 'Yukon'
2 skeins of Parade 'Gumballs'
a ocupel sets of the tiny tiny needles, sharp things they are '0000' for some tiny socks have lots of leftover socks yarns that need to be little socks,or something right?
and of course a bag of color your own sock weight yarn.. all merino!
Is there a such limit of aquiring sock yarn? Is it ever enough? Naaaah! can't have enough sock yarns...Just wasn't sure if there was any rules about it or not?? ;o))))
edited: somethings will be going off to my SP...hint! hint!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knititng Olympics update another FO!

Another pair of socks for the Olympics!! YIPPIE! First I knitted the Shorties in the solid green color, now I just completed Ribbed Socks with Cascade Fixation effects in purple/lilac/green colorway..I think I have Spring Fever!! Hopefully spring will be here soon I'll be ready with my spring time socks for sure.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympics Socks Complete! YIPPEE!

YIPPEE!! I'm on a roll I started Sunday evening and finshed late last night with my Olympic socks!! It's Cascade Fixation Shortie pattern. Going for another with the Cascade Fixation...Hopefully! theres still plenty of time, but time isn't something I've had alot of these days

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Late Start for the Knitting Olympics

cast on late last night but got just past the cuff on socks working cuff to toe with cascade fixation.... looks as though we have a little snow and I'm to sore to shovel my way out so staying home ... maybe I'll get to work on these socks today..
Not a great picture but I wasn't going any further then opening at the back door in my PJs.. you see see the snow is up to that first beam of the back fence and still coming down. Good ole New England Nor'Easter

Tomorrow I'm suppose to bring my car back to the dealership to finish sealing up the frame leaks and replace all the interior...So hopefully the roads will be clear by morning. The storm arrived later then expected during the night sometime and is expected to continue throughout the day. Good thing we still have power.. We usually loose it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

SP7 Goodies!

fed Ex came by a little later then usual around the neighborhood and they landed right here, look inside. My Sp7 wrapped evrything in all pretty tissue papers.

Then looksie here my favorite Lindt Truffles a varirty package too.. How'd you know?? Who've you been talking too?? ;o))) YUMMY, then a tweety valentine heart of chocolate which is gone BtW! Soo bad! Then some great yarn from Germany Trekking XXL in lovely blue colorway.....then she made a little book of paper and envelope front/backj very neat....also she made this little hat with papers and had some amazing wooden buttons inside! A cute little book on lighthouse.. Pretty neat little book with LOTs of pictures with a little backround & some history along with quotes and it has a ribbon bookmark attached with a heavy little pewter lighthouse.. very neat!.. A pink tape maeasure that snaps closed.. Very cool mine the kids live to pick up and it unravels everytime....
Besides my Sp is from Ill maybe around the suburbs of Chicago I'm guessing, married to a sweet loving supportive DH, quite talented, works PT and goes to school.. hmmmm I wonder if we've meet online before?? She's defiantely very thoughtful in her emails, postcard and lovely package! She's defiantely put alot of thought and care into this package alone.
Thank you very much SP! {{{HUGS}}} Much appreciate all your thoughtfulness & kindness, you mentioned in your lovely handmade card that your late?? No NO!!!! Not at all!

Fiber Heaven!

OMG!! Can you imagine having this for a pet and lucious fiber!

Sockapalooza! Completed Socks!

Yeah! Complete! I can't wait to send them off but I'm suppose to wait until May 2d around there anyway so we all send them out at around the same time... Which is fine the down and put aside until it's time.. in the meantime people can wonder if they'll be for me or not? You just have to wait to find out! You can click on photo to enlarge.
I used a pattern from Bonkers Handpaints. It was lots of fun and I certainly would do the pattern again, already have the same colorway on the way since I really enjoyed working with it and like the way it looked I want a pair too! ;o)
Well I have other projects to finish up now I hope to anyway and blog stalk some other sockapalooza pals......

Monday, February 06, 2006

RAOKs & Splurges!

My Mail carrier just came to my door with a little bundle boxed up for me. Besides a couple swaps I also received some other goodies.....
First I received a little jar of Marmite from Isobel in the UK! She also included a couple pieces of candy but didn't make it to be photographed....Chocolate! Yeah right! It was good especially the flake bar...YUM! YUM! She was so very kind to send this to me just because I said I never heard of it nor tried it before.. Shes so sweet! I sent her some tea bisquits and mints hope she sees them shortly HUGE Thank you Isobel!

Also in todays mail was a RAOK from Tori on the FiberRaok list.... A couple packages of mounting paper & templates from Creative Memories..So COOL! Along with a nice card. She had no idea that I'm a Creative Memories junkie too!! LOL Thank you so much Tori!

Some Splurge purchasing My New Bodum teapot, it's a tea press, not sure if I'll like it, but mine keep breaking and I'm awaiting a new shipment from Adagio that I got this one for the time beeing. It was available to shop right away. Thinking I can make some sort of cozy for it too.

Then I totally forgot that I order this stuff.. What a surprise to recieve!! WOOHOO!
Baby Silk and Soft Cable Mobius Scarf pattern

and some Baby Cashmere for more socks....LOL I wonder if I wanted the silk for the socks and the cashmere for the scarf I don't know can't remember, it was a forgotten order..but there sure are both very YUMMY!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sockapalooza Socks in the works!

Hmm.....Now I wonder who will it be that gets these socks for the sockapalooza sock swap.... It's a toe up pattern with twisted ribbing. really kinda cool and lots of fun to knit with Knit Picks Handpainted Landscape Sock yarn in colorway Spring Prairie
Item No. 23842. This pattern would probably will great for any handpainted yarn. I really am liking the colorway way too myself... I need to order some more now I want to keep these but I'm out of luck because there a weee on the large size, to big for me!! heeehee Who can it be?? Is it you??? heeeheee - Have to wait til May I'll NEVER tell!!Maybe I could be bribed! Well,? I'm off to finished these lovely lovely socks now! WIll be finished real real soon! I like them way tomuch now sicne I have no address to ship them to yet I hope I can hang onto them and keep them out of my draw for the next 2 months! May seems to far away doesn't it!?

Tina's Long White Mittens

Finally Tina's mittens are completed I used the Carons Simply Soft Seasonal yarn. because she wanted the metallic strand going through it, Needles US sizes 2 & 3, simple 2x1 ribbing on the cuff and for the mitt. They go right up to a little before the elbow like 3/4 length...Shes been waiting since Christmas for these...I've been so far behind...but finished just in time since were suppose to be having some winter weather come Tuesday..Geez I hope not.. I hate the cold getting a cold now

Saturday, February 04, 2006

More Yarn!! STR!

Yippee! My STR yarn arrived from the fold to there new home.. The New Falcons Eye & Neptune! Great colorways. The Falcons eye will become Cascading leaves socks but not sure about the Neptune colorway just yet... Adding to the stash but will defiantely be used in the near future for sure....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Updates, HELP ME -Splurge buying and HUGE THANK YOU SP7!

Well since I've been taking a break from knitting a little bit, dont' get me wrong I still try to knit a little every day anyway...heeheee
Go figure not even a year old vehicle yet and has 2" deep puddles in the back on the floor and under the passenger side seat is dreanched? A couple weeks ago this started at first I thought one of the kids split a drink. I cleaned it.. a couple days later we go out in the morning again! More I thought well it rained maybe someone didn't put the window up all the way... A few days later again!??
I'm thinking I must be loosing my mid?? then thought well I forgot to lock it maybe someone vandlized it... hmmm again this week??? Nope I'm not losing my mind.... Then of course everyday the inside of my windows fog up and get icy on the inside mind you! yesterday I dropped in off at the dealership. They had a rental awaiting for me, a New Neon with 3900 miles on it.. Cool!!!
I phone them this afternoon to find out what was going on we all thought for sure it was the heating core... Well they said nope and they can't figure it out either but not to worry, they've been running water over it all day and still can't find out where or how the water is getting into the car?? The service manager even said that all the interior and rubs will have to be ripped out and replaces all under warranty!! Bumber to bumber for 36k miles... YEAH I only have 22K on it....They should even pick up the rental and get use to it because I'll probaly be in it through the weekend maybe longer.... YIKES!!!

This could only happen to me!! Whats the odds zero to ziltch!! Yep that'd be me!! I'm starting to really miss the car... I dont' like this one, only one door has the keyhole can't lock or unlock it from any door except the drivers??

I can't beleive they can't find where on earth the water is coming from? It's a 5 Star dealer too? I hope theres no mold growing and we catch it early enough and all fixed before that happens!

So of course me I go splurge buying.. for what I don't know not even sure what I was thinking either....Definatley completly out of character for me thats for sure
Check these out!
First a skein of some German yarn Iceland by Merks & kattens a wool/ary/poly blend really neat bulky yarn, skein of It's Kool and 2 skeins of Filali fantasia Jewel

then some online linie tweedy, Berroco Glace very cool! Baton Rouge and microfiber by Schachenmayr

then some more on linie smash and Bohemian in coppers

then some of htis not sure what I was thinking?? Not me at all!
Berroco Candy FX, KOS actually kinda neat really, Brazilia fantasy & a couple Adriafil Curioso Fantasy Looks at that YELLOW!

Then YES! YES! YES!! My Regina Silk arrived WOOHOO~! Socks on my mind I think for sure also got a pattern boolet from Regina Silk too the silk journal.. Has some really neat pattern in it I think I need to order more yarn...Theres a couple sock pattern, slippers, leg warmers, arm warmers, wristies, scaves, a couple fingerless mittens, hats, water bottle warmer really neat bookklet for only $2

I really need to get back to knitting before I go broke!! HELP!! Make me STOP! ROFLMAO!!

A Late but HUGE Thank you to my SP7 for the Really Cool Postcard of a Lotus Pond after a LONG day with the car dealership.. It was nice to come home to something other then bills the other thats for sure! ;o)) Looks like shes from IL....;o)) I wonder have we interacted online before?? Seriously you had such perfect timing! MANY THANKS FOR YOUR EMAILS TOO! ;o))

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I Finally have my sockapalOOOza sock pal

I get to knit more socks for someone... Wonder who'll it be??? I'll never tell! LOL