Sunday, February 12, 2006

Late Start for the Knitting Olympics

cast on late last night but got just past the cuff on socks working cuff to toe with cascade fixation.... looks as though we have a little snow and I'm to sore to shovel my way out so staying home ... maybe I'll get to work on these socks today..
Not a great picture but I wasn't going any further then opening at the back door in my PJs.. you see see the snow is up to that first beam of the back fence and still coming down. Good ole New England Nor'Easter

Tomorrow I'm suppose to bring my car back to the dealership to finish sealing up the frame leaks and replace all the interior...So hopefully the roads will be clear by morning. The storm arrived later then expected during the night sometime and is expected to continue throughout the day. Good thing we still have power.. We usually loose it.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like great weather to get lots done on your Olympic knitting! Hope you maintain power.