Sunday, February 26, 2006

My car!

Finally my car is done! I got the call from the dealership yesterday late afternoon! After several promises of getting it back weeks ago... Finally! Well first the water leaks where at the dash seams of the frame on the firewall, 3 of them then they ran tests again and found more along the firewall front & rear behind the wiper, cowl found a couple more leaks. Then it appear to have never been seeled by the heater box. They had to use two types of sealants inspect, water test again desinfectant and some other chemical to prevent mold, replace the entire spongey stuff under the interior rugs (was wet like the river) replaced the entire interior so basically my car was stripped sealed and resealed then put back together from scratch... Geezzz.. I wonder if my car was made on a Monday or Friday last year when it was made by the manufactuer? hmmmm I 've been told never to purchase a vehicle that was made on a Monday because the workers are to tired and/or hung over from the weekend and not on a Firday either because the workers work in a hurry half ass to get out of the factory quicker....Mine had to have been built on one of these days since the whole seal that keeps the metal frame together and give the vehicle the leway to trun and move as it's driven was forgotten!@! Isnt' that a comforting thought! NOT!! I've driven over 18000 miles last year since I bought it and from MA-OH and back too with my family, the KIDS! What if it ever fell apart on us! I can't even think about all the what if's and safety issues.. I'm not sure of them all and I didn't inquire! Just glad it's all back together in one piece and I don't have to drive a rental any more..... YEAH!Oh and the best part they gave me a FREE oil, filter & lube job.....a freebie because they had my car for so long..


Sedie said...

Yay! Isn't it nice to get your wheels back? I never knew to ask what day of the week the car was made, but thanks for that info, I'll definitely have to pay more attention. ;)

javede said...

Oh my god, I don't know that much about cars, but that sounds really dangerous! I hope they paid for it.
btw. nice stash enhancement ;-)