Friday, February 03, 2006

Updates, HELP ME -Splurge buying and HUGE THANK YOU SP7!

Well since I've been taking a break from knitting a little bit, dont' get me wrong I still try to knit a little every day anyway...heeheee
Go figure not even a year old vehicle yet and has 2" deep puddles in the back on the floor and under the passenger side seat is dreanched? A couple weeks ago this started at first I thought one of the kids split a drink. I cleaned it.. a couple days later we go out in the morning again! More I thought well it rained maybe someone didn't put the window up all the way... A few days later again!??
I'm thinking I must be loosing my mid?? then thought well I forgot to lock it maybe someone vandlized it... hmmm again this week??? Nope I'm not losing my mind.... Then of course everyday the inside of my windows fog up and get icy on the inside mind you! yesterday I dropped in off at the dealership. They had a rental awaiting for me, a New Neon with 3900 miles on it.. Cool!!!
I phone them this afternoon to find out what was going on we all thought for sure it was the heating core... Well they said nope and they can't figure it out either but not to worry, they've been running water over it all day and still can't find out where or how the water is getting into the car?? The service manager even said that all the interior and rubs will have to be ripped out and replaces all under warranty!! Bumber to bumber for 36k miles... YEAH I only have 22K on it....They should even pick up the rental and get use to it because I'll probaly be in it through the weekend maybe longer.... YIKES!!!

This could only happen to me!! Whats the odds zero to ziltch!! Yep that'd be me!! I'm starting to really miss the car... I dont' like this one, only one door has the keyhole can't lock or unlock it from any door except the drivers??

I can't beleive they can't find where on earth the water is coming from? It's a 5 Star dealer too? I hope theres no mold growing and we catch it early enough and all fixed before that happens!

So of course me I go splurge buying.. for what I don't know not even sure what I was thinking either....Definatley completly out of character for me thats for sure
Check these out!
First a skein of some German yarn Iceland by Merks & kattens a wool/ary/poly blend really neat bulky yarn, skein of It's Kool and 2 skeins of Filali fantasia Jewel

then some online linie tweedy, Berroco Glace very cool! Baton Rouge and microfiber by Schachenmayr

then some more on linie smash and Bohemian in coppers

then some of htis not sure what I was thinking?? Not me at all!
Berroco Candy FX, KOS actually kinda neat really, Brazilia fantasy & a couple Adriafil Curioso Fantasy Looks at that YELLOW!

Then YES! YES! YES!! My Regina Silk arrived WOOHOO~! Socks on my mind I think for sure also got a pattern boolet from Regina Silk too the silk journal.. Has some really neat pattern in it I think I need to order more yarn...Theres a couple sock pattern, slippers, leg warmers, arm warmers, wristies, scaves, a couple fingerless mittens, hats, water bottle warmer really neat bookklet for only $2

I really need to get back to knitting before I go broke!! HELP!! Make me STOP! ROFLMAO!!

A Late but HUGE Thank you to my SP7 for the Really Cool Postcard of a Lotus Pond after a LONG day with the car dealership.. It was nice to come home to something other then bills the other thats for sure! ;o)) Looks like shes from IL....;o)) I wonder have we interacted online before?? Seriously you had such perfect timing! MANY THANKS FOR YOUR EMAILS TOO! ;o))


Jennifer said...

What a haul! Great looking stuff especially that silk.

Sorka said...

oooooooooh silk!!
me want some!!

Our van has a similar problem and some century I need to take it in..
WE get sloshing lakes of water way in the back just behind the wheel well, where like the jack and stuff are. THen it freezes and we have iceburgs clunking around in there. So far we have just vacuumed it out with our wet dry shop vac. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, but I don't have the fogging up problem.