Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sockapalooza Socks in the works!

Hmm.....Now I wonder who will it be that gets these socks for the sockapalooza sock swap.... It's a toe up pattern with twisted ribbing. really kinda cool and lots of fun to knit with Knit Picks Handpainted Landscape Sock yarn in colorway Spring Prairie
Item No. 23842. This pattern would probably will great for any handpainted yarn. I really am liking the colorway way too myself... I need to order some more now I want to keep these but I'm out of luck because there a weee on the large size, to big for me!! heeehee Who can it be?? Is it you??? heeeheee - Have to wait til May I'll NEVER tell!!Maybe I could be bribed! Well,? I'm off to finished these lovely lovely socks now! WIll be finished real real soon! I like them way tomuch now sicne I have no address to ship them to yet I hope I can hang onto them and keep them out of my draw for the next 2 months! May seems to far away doesn't it!?


Ina said...

That was FAST!! Pretty socks!

Lisa said...

Your socks look great! I like the mittens with the long cuffs too. I hate it when the cold creeps up your arm, that won't be a problem with those mittens. I'm jealous of your new STR, although I do have the Falcon's Eye in my stash too. That stuff is just plain yummy!

alison said...

Wow, you've got to be the farthest along of all the pals! Looks great!

Dani said...

HOLY MOLY yyou are CRUISING thru those socks - you are gonna be done wayyyyyy ahead of schedule =) They look awesome - I agree the pattern works well with the colorway!

Can I ask where you got those sock blockers? They look very cool!



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