Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ohhh Look New STR Club Kit!

This New colorway is Pink Granite. They just keep out doing themselves. This one is definately a special one for sure!

Look it's like marble & granite such beauty

tones of creams/pinks

& the slate appears to marble beautifully together

see how it knits up. This is the pattern for it I think it's perfect called 'Marble Arches' with faux cables design

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ever lose a Dear Pet!?

I had a faithful dog until just before Christmas I had to put her down because she was very jealous of my first born child, she started attacking her. So when my daughter was 8 months old that was it. The vet said she was getting old and her jealous outbursts are causing her or will cause cause medical issues. So the decision was made we had to say good-bye to our dear family pet. She was like my baby growing up and about to turn 14 years old. The Vet did say she could live another 4-5 years but don't' take the chance because of the safety of the baby and the risk of causing a problem for the dog.

I stayed with her for hours after the injection was given. Drove her to the pet cemetery on my lap in a snow storm to say another good-bye.
It's been 18 years since I lost my beloved trusting friend who was like my baby. I miss her dearly~the reason for the story. I seen on one of my groups someone posted about this beautiful poem about Rainbow Bridge and I'd love to share it with all of you. (click here) Have some tissues ready!

Til this day I never got another dog but my daughter did get a kitty 8 years ago. Still I'd like to get another dog sometime in the future. When is a right time? One never knows

but in the meantime we just love the kitty......of course when shes in the mood for some lovin & attention... There's nothing like a family dog.....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Book Sneak Preview & Raffle!

Friendly Sock Compilation, Vol II: A-Z and more

Designers: Debra Barker, Debra Chinn, Michelle Fischer,
Bonnie Franz, Kathy Nehrenz, Joan Macleod, Jeanie Townsend, Linda Walsh, Charlton Wilbur, Nancy Wild, KyleAnn Williams, Becky Yoder, Claudia Tietze, Linda Walsh, and Laura Andersson (editor)

This is by no means ALL the socks, but I thought you might like to see!

Book 2, mailing 12-21-06 is $28 and $4.50 priority ship. It will be about 150 pages, with 38 patterns from 16 different designers some you know or are familar with. As well, there are helpful articles on topics such as how to use handspun in that new pattern you bought!

As before, the book will have plastic covers over cardstock covers, spiral binding to lay flat, and full color.

Pricing: Book 1, $24 and $4.50 priority ship
Book 2, $28 and $4.50 priority ship.

Special offer: if you order both books together, then you can
have free shipping (a $9 value) or 20% off book 1. Which actually the free ship deal saves you more money!

Send paypal to: drlaura@siriusknitting.com
publication date and first shipments 12/21/06 or to pay by money order please contact me for info

we're also working on gift cards in case you want to send something
special to let your loved one know their book is coming.

please note: anyone who has one of the 100 numbered copies of Bk 1 has
the option to receive that same number for book 2

Don't forget to mention your ordering through my blog post in the comment section to receive a small gift with your order! and will also be placed into a special raffle for the upcoming New Year! Please note that drawing(s) & odds of winning depending on amount of entries

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Yummy Nutty Praline Pancakes!

Well if you like pancakes I hope you'll have a chance to try mine!
yes there rich, filling and very yummy!!
I have all kinds of variations of this but put this one up for tests and everyone who comes by our house on a weekend morning has to try at least one pancake.....lol
When we used to go camping I made breakfast and of course always my recesses pancakes and peanut butter were at the top of the list..
I hope you enjoy as much as our family & friends do!
Please stop over to the Tea Chef and vote if you like my recipe!

The Recipe~

Nutty Pancakes

a great gourmet nutty pancake with praline syrup

Prep Time: 10mins prep to 30-45 minutes cooking
Serving Size: 8-12

a 32 oz box buttermilk pancake mix
1/2 18 ox jar peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)
2 cups very strong brewed Li Zi Nutcracker tea
1/2 cup milk (optional)
3 TBS granulated sugar


top with
praline syrup
sprinkle powdered sugar

mix well pancake batter, peanut butter, brewed tea, sugar, milk if desired adding little bits of water until a creamy brownie like batter consistency
for thicker fluffier pancakes use a little less water and for thinner pancakes use a little more

ladle onto lightly sprayed griddle cook until golden brown flip over until golden brown serve warm with praline syrup or your favorite topping.

Lightly dust with powered sugar if desired

If you don't eat as much they do freeze very well in bags so later you can take out a microwave 1, 2 or however many you like at a time. I sometimes make a couple batches at once and freeze the whole month

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Surprisingly Spoilage by My Sock-ret Pal Secret Knitter

First when I seen this package, I couldn't figure out when I ordered from One Planet Yarn & Fiber?

Inside I found a note saying 'Just one of the many goodies to come, I hope you enjoy'
which by the way I most definitely will! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY SECRET KNITTER!! {{HUGS}} Can't wait to find out who you are!

I'm totally speechless! First not only is packaging so neat which I love it already! So very generous and totally spoiling me for sure!!!! I'm still floored! I have the BEST Sockret Pal secret knitter EVER!

see all the lovely goodies she spoiled me with.....ahhh so luscious!

Look into bag #1 from Yarn Botanika, The Traveler - Sock Kit includes ~
fabric sock bag
1 skein of handpainted yarn
1 set of bamboo DPNS size 3

ok ok the yarn!
It's superwash merino/tencel fingering weight approx. 400yds colorway Manhattan, oh so very soft. I can't wait to knit this up for myself...

the sock bag matches and

it's reversible! How cool is that!! Not only that it has a snap for the handle and a toggle pull closer with a rivet for extra security.. Wouldn't want to loose any sock projects in our travels now would we!

next up also from Yarn Botanika in bag #2 4 oz 100% merino handpainted roving in Cape Cod Cranberry..very pretty colors

in bag #3 also from Yarn Botanika another beautiful braid of 4 oz of handpainted roving merino/silk 80/20 in Twilight

I really love it all! Amazing! I couldn't of picked out better colors myself!! Wonder how she knows me so well, but she warned me that all her secret pals love her too!!! Great communication & absolutley add me to the list of another happy loving secret pals! Thank you!!! I'm so lucky!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I know I owe some Yarn PrON

so without further ado!

here we go all sock yarns.......
(click on photos to enlarge)

Scheepjes I don't like yellows really but thought this was neat

Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard



OK I know not yarn pron but she's in the fiber family right?!

isn't she sweet just watching the yarn photo session patiently waiting for her chance.....lol See the ears up at attention!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I actually finished these a week or so ago, just haven't got a chance to post them yet.

Regia jaquard yarn, size 1 DPNs, just plain ole ribbed socks but a favorite to wear. They always fit so comfortable, no slouching or anything on the gusset or top of foot. Just a comfey snug fit! Great gift!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Burn Tests for Yarn


Wool Burns steadily, slight sizzle, clouds of blue-grey smoke on
removal from flame, leaves ash and crisp black bead.
Odour of burnt hair

Cotton Burns steadily, forms grey or black ash. Odour of burnt paper.

Silk Burns steadily, slight sizzle, crisp black inflated mass
Odour of burnt hair.

Mohair Burns uickly with slight sizzling, clouds of blue-grey smoke on
removal from flame, leaves crisp black inflated mass.
Odour of
burnt hair.

Viscose Burns quickly, not self-extinguishing. Odour of burnt paper.

Nylon Shrinks from flame, melts forming rounded fawn-coloured bead,
drips and froths. Liquid ignites and burns with hissing.
Odour of celery

Terylene Shrinks from flame, softens and melts forming fawn-coloured
bead, drips.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Knitty Blog Assignment & Yarn Pr@n Friday

Assignment this week is medicine cabinets the 's' is plural so I'll have to show a little peak of some here and there. Not sure what's the bigger stash someone with several chronic illnesses and kids too or yarn & fibers? That's definately a million dollar question for sure!
here's some in the bathroom cabinet mostly DH shaving stuff

the medicine linen closet shelf

part of the linen closet floor, a small corner really, but since closet is deep there is a couple humidifiers behind the nebulizers

of course more harsher stuff I keep a closer eye on is in the kitchen where I spend 90% of the time when we're home I do keep even stronger stuff high up on the bedroom closet shelf... We wont go there... fiber yarn and who knows what else under all the clothes....heeehee I do have more other places.... but no one will know.....lol

Some misc yarns nothing spectacular! It's all yarn right? LOL
LYS going out of business and this is all that was left for sock yarns so I couldn't resist and with all kinds of new swaps coming up you know how it goes.....

was working on a new design and not sure about this yarn so I think it'll be going to the frog pond! I like the yarn but just not for this design.. oh well back to the ole drawing board.....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Taste for Fall?

DH played a golf tournament yesterday and won some of the raffles. Besides 2 gift certificate to restaurants, one for a local family owned steak/pasta house and the other a nicer fancy Greek restaurant about 1/2 hour away or so.
Then he brought these home too, for me of course....LOL
Great taste for fall aren't they....heehee

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pre Orders Friendlys Sock Vol 2 A-Z

Announcing an upcoming New book "Friendly Socks, Vol. 2: A to Z", a compilation
of sock patterns by 16 designers [including myself]. The book
will be approximately 150 pages, with 38 sock patterns, and related
it will be full size [8.5 x 11 in] with clear plastic covers over color
cardstock covers, spiral binding, and full color pictures for the patterns.
the book will retail for $28, with choice of media mail shipping for $2.50
or priority shipping for $4.50. paypal, US-funded money orders are accepted.
the initial deliveries will commence 12/21/06.

we are taking preorders [contact drlaura@siriusknitting.com or
proflaura@firststepinternet.com. the first 100 orders
will receive signed & numbered copies, with preference going to those who
had the number for book #1.

copies of book #1 are also still available [at $24 and ship].
pictures available at http://siriusknitting.blogspot.com and on the yahoo
group "friendlysocks".

Here's a little sneak peak of some patterns you'll find inside

First up not an ordinary sock as it looks, but can't tell you the name it'll give the surprise away~! This one is by me and as a Bonus you may also find an article about it too inside...

this one is by Jeanne Townsend (a NEW not seen before for book only)

another one by myself using STR in the Lucy colorway, you'll also find it in a solid as well

ohhh a knee high sock by Nancy Wild

a really cute one by Laura Andersson (aka as the editor & publisher)

another one of mine this one was a special project that someone asked me to do and it's a surprise... I guess you'll have to wait until you get the book

Don't' hesitate and be one of the first to reserve and receive your copies!! Tell Laura you seen the sneak peaks on my blog and receive a little extra special something from me with your order...;o))

Monday, October 16, 2006

Finally the New Mattress Set Arrived!

Atfer years of complaining about my mattress. I finally broke down and got us a new mattress set!!
It was delivered on Friday, still having back problems and body pains but thats most likely more the fibro & osteo, not much we can do about that. Been especially having a flare the past week or so, thats why I've been MIA!
Good news after 8 years of my DH snoring the past couple nights I haven't' heard him at all!! YEAH!!
I got the queen size and a great price considering what the regular price it. Check out more details HERE
and the cashmere cover...Suppose to keep you warm at night....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

CSI #1 Worldwide! & Yarn Porn Friday!

DH came home with a cool pullover blue hooded sweatshirt..... Of course I love the shows and watch them faithfully CSI-NY & CSI- Miami are my favorite and of course NCIS too.. However the networks have the CSI on Thursday evening at the same time as Grey's Anatomy so I miss that one this season..

but unfortunately this CSI shirt isn't CSI from Channel 4 but.... My DH (his the general manager) of this dealership and they were just recently named by CSI surveys and they earned a top award in the business and it's called CSI....Rating #1 in Customer Satisfaction with the Customer Satisfaction Award.

then lookie here what is it? It's a new yarn & so very very soft!

heres a swatch with it.......So nice to knit with too.....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Someone Had a Birthday Party today!

my youngest is turning 5 y.o this week but we had a party today. 11 kids didn't show but the ones that did had a blast. Hard to believe my baby is growing up so fast and my first one graduated earlier this year and the youngest is off to pre-schoool!! ;o(((( I want to cry I can't have anymore...

It was a AWESOME day and the first time in his 5 years that the day of his party the weather was on our side in the mid 70s usually it always rains! So we pulled htis back yard party off the the past 2 days of planning and prep waited to hear the famous New England weather!! ( Planning for 2 weeks rain or shine but cooking under a huge umbrella if it rained, which we'd do anytime of year anyways sun, rain, cold, snow sleet....) then the party would've been cramped int he house.. We live in a 3 bedroom ranch.... phewwww! It turned out to be perfect!

I've been shopping and cooking the past few days enough food to feed a small army! the menu had Steak tips, jamician shrimp, burgers, hot dags, chicken, honey BBQ wingettes, meatballs, ribs, my famous spagetti salad, corn on the cob, chips & dips, tortilla chips and hot dips, my homemade baked beans, cocktail hot dogs with my tea, jelly & BBQ cocktail sauce, brushetta, scallops wrapped in bacon then of course
heres a few highlights. A little disappointed with so much leftovers with 11 kids and 6 adults and 5 teens missing. All & all everything went very smoothly. Certainly no one left hungry thats for sure!!! lol
This is one gal who doesn't do small very well sometimes.....
first my oldest and youngest blowing out the candle of his cake. He likes baseball almost as much as Spiderman and last year was spider man so this year was baseball.

Of course have to have a baseball pinata! (I swear it weighed close to 15 pounds! of candy & toys and it still wasn't filled!!!!) I used 3 ~ 5 + pound bags of stuff!

look this little one barely could reach but did a good job

then she got assistance

these kids can certainly swing a bat

I know mine definaately can he swang so hard it split in half and I missed the photo moment it happened so fast and kids ran to fill their party bags of toys and candy!

A the end of the night before he went to bed I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. he said his cake mommy!So sweet!

I cake was delicious!
between the bases is brownies with peanut butter frosting I made

of course not a baseball diamond but our version of a sort of retangular... Unique for sure!
the grass is white cake and the baseball is filled and layered with whipped creme and chocolate pudding

Friday, October 06, 2006

Yarn Porn

Love this skein of Trekking XXL! WOOOhooo Socks for me finally!

and finally have 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Bamboo

isn't it purty! More socks for me.
Companies are now selling 100% silk panties & socks for skiers to keep them warm so why not 100% bamboo for my cold feet! ;o))